We now have our first volunteer to do lookups for Alamance County.   If any of you have books or time and can volunteer to help with this please contact me.

Leigh has volunteered to do LOOKUPS for the 1850 census.

has volunteered to do LOOKUPS for you, please read her request below.

"I am willing to do lookups for people searching for family members in Alamance Co., NC  from 1850 to present for marriage and death records.   Will also do lookups in the 1850 NC & VA Census.  I will need the full name(s) of individuals and which year that you wish me to search.  Please do not send more than three names at a time."  

Shannon has volunteered to go to area CEMETERIES to search for tombstones.  Please know what cemetery you are looking for and don't ask for general search's such as (all (names) in Alamance County)...

Carol has volunteered to do LOOKUPS in the "North Carolina Bastardy Bonds" book. (Her grandma was a Setser)

 We have a new volunteer to help with lookups A Big thanks to Lisa Gregory -
	Click on email address and enter on email form  Email address for Lisa Gregory

Added Sept. 28, 2003

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