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Alamance County
Civil War Casualties

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The following Alamance County residents were military causalties of the Civil War. The basic list was provided by the Alamance County Managers Office, Graham, NC and reflects the names of soldiers who were killed in action, missing in action, or died of battlefield wounds. The list is being supplemented by the names of other soldiers who may have not been listed, or died of disease while in the military. These soldiers are indicated by an asterisk(*). Names with a link point to cemetery information.

A brief military biographical sketch for many of these soldiers may be found in "North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865, A Roster", Volumes 1 through 13, compiled by Louis H. Maynard, published by North Carolina Historical Commission, 1968. These rosters are organized by unit.

Most of these soldiers were members of one of the following units:

1st Regiment, Companies B and E
2nd Regiment, Company B
6th Regiment, Companies C, D, E, F, and K
8th Regiment, Company I
13th Regiment, Companies D and E
14th Regiment, Companies G and H
15th Regiment, Companies H and I



Jacob Adams
John H. Adams *
W. B. Adams
Calvin Albright
George M.G. Albright
Henry C. Albright
John S. Albright
Joseph A. Albright
Lawrence Albright
Samuel A. Albright
Sauren Albright
James P. Aldridge *
E. M. Allen
Joseph Y. Allen *
William J. Allen *
Lea Allison
Thomas Allred
Cadwallader J. Andrews *
Calvander Andrews
Henry R. Andrews *
S. Andrews
W.G. Andrews *
Jacob Anthony
Alferd A. Atkins
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George Barker
Daniel L. Barnett
Henry M. Barnell
Andrew Barton *
George H. Barton *
Joseph H. Bason *
Jackson Beard
Richard A. Beard *
William Bintle
Iowa Bishop *
William B. Boggs
George A. Bradshaw, Private, Co. F, 6th Regiment, NC Troops,
Graham G. Bradshaw *
James D. Bradshaw
James N. Bradshaw,
Charles A. Branch
Thomas J. Brannock
Eli B. Branson, Jr.
John Braxton
Henry M. Brown
John Burns *
John W. Byrd *
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Zimiri Canter
Charles Capps *
H. Capps
John M. Capps *
William L. Carson
Robert J. Chatham
Enoch Clapp *
George Clapp
Tubal Clapp
Wesley Clapp *
William Clements
Henry M. Clendenin
Robert J. Clendenin *
William Clendenin *
Willis H. Coble
James M. Coley *
Ethridge Cook
B. H. Corbett
Levi Crawford *
James A. Crutchfield
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Henry Daneby
Pleasant Daniel
Henry Danielly
John Danielly *
William J. Danielly
John M. Davidson
Martin V. DeShong *
Samuel J. Dickey
Robert L. Donnell
John R. K. Durham *
P. S. Ector
G. W. Haywood Evans *
Job Evans
R. L. Evans
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William Falkner *
William Faucett
William H. Faucett
Robert J. Faucett *
Thomas R. Faucett *
John W. Faucette
Oscar D. Fogleman
Thomas G. Fonville
R. B. Fooshee *
Jon F. Foster
Peter Z. Foust
James Fowler
Radford Fredrick
Joseph Freeland
William J. Freeland
John C. Freeman
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Addison Garner *
George R. Garrison
William J. Garrison
Felty Gerringer
Henry Gerringer
James A Gibson *
John A. Gibson *
Thomas E. Gibson
Jesse Gilliam
Robert Mebane Graham *
William Graham
Joseph S. Grinstead *
William H. Guthrie
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James Haley
James Hall
John M. Halstead
J. M. Harder
James R. Harder
Anderson M. Hard
John W. Harris
Foster Hatch
David Hatchell
James J. Hatchell
James J. Hatchett
Julius Hatchett
Wyatt Heart *
James J. Hicks
Jesse Hicks
Daniel C. Holt *
Granville S. Holt
Jeremiah Holt
Jeremiah M. Holt
Wilkins Holt
M. V. Hopkins
Anderson Horner *
Daniel Huffines *
Adam Huffman
John Huffman
John D. Huffman
George Hughes *
John E. Hughes
Ruffin Hughes *
Edward Hurdle *
George Hurdle *
William J. Hurdle
Andrew J. Hutchins
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Alferd Iseley
Lewis C. Iseley
William Iseley
Austin Isley
Benjamin Isley
Alferd Isley
Alferd James *
John Yancy Johnston *
Levi Jones *
Thomas J. Jones *
Daniel M. Keck
Anderson King
C. W. King *
William E. King *
Clingman Kinney *
Mebane Kinney
Jordan H. Kirkpatrick
James M. Lackey
Orren Lamb
William M. Lankford
Alson Leonard *
James W. Lewis
Taylor Linnen
B. N. Long
John A. Long
Joseph G. Long
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Mathew Markham
L. Allen Martin
James M. Mathis *
James M. Matthews
Daniel May
John H. Maynard
Calvin McAdams
James McKeel *
Oliver McPherson
Bartlett Yancey Mebane
Allen Minnis *
Thomas J. Minnis
Alexander Mitchell
Eli M. Mitchell
Henry C. Mitchell
William G. Mitchell
James M. Moize *
Eli M. Moore *
George W. Moore
Harrison Moore
Solomon Moore
William P. Morton *
John Moser
Alcey Murray *
J. F. Murray
John A. Murray
John W. Murray *
Madison Murray
William M. Murray
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George M. Nease *
A. S. Nelson
James D. Netherly
Robert T. Nethery *
William E. Newlin
William Newman
William M. Nix
Herod Noah
Nathaniel Norwood
George W. Palmer
Lewis M. Patton
Matthew Patton *
William Patton
James M. Payne
James W. Pender *
John J. Pettigrew
Robert Pettigrew
Benjamin R. Phillips
Thomas M. Phillips *
John F. Pickard
James Pickett *
Eli Price *
James C. Price
John Price *
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William R. Ramsey *
William A. Rascoe
John Ray
John S. Ray
Daniel R. Rich
James A. Rich *
Amos Richardson
Fredrick Richardson
James A. Rippey
James H. Roberson
Merritt M. Roberson *
William G. Roberson *
S. M. Robertson
James H. Rogers *
Daniel M. Roney *
Henry Roseman
Benjamin Ross
David C. Ross
Joseph G. Ross
John S. Rumbley,
John W. Russell
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George Sams
Josh Schaefer
D. T. Sellars
Daniel C. Sharp
Daniel E. Sharp
David Sharp *
Milton H. Sharp
Anderson M. Sharpe
Cornelius Shaw *
James P. Shaw *
Jacob Shepard
Samuel Shepard
John Shoffner
Michael Shoffner
Chesley Simpson
Edward D. Simpson
Hardy Simpson *
James Simpson
John E. Simpson
Martin V. Simpson
Morgan Simpson
Thomas I. Squires *
Daniel S. Staley
John Stanford
John P. Stanford
Moses Stanford
Emsley Steel
Shady Steel *
James P. Steele *
William A. Steele
James P. Stewart
George W. Stinson
Robert J. Stockard *
Samuel C. Stockard
Joel J. Stout *
William Strayhorn *
Samuel Stuart/Stewart
John H. P. Summers
Chesley W. Sutton
John F. Sutton
Lindsey Sutton
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Mason Tarpley
W. P. Tate *
William R. Tate *
Joseph Taylor
George Thompson
Isaac Thompson
James S. Thompson, Private, Co. A, 73rd Regiment, NC Troops,
John A. Thompson
John H. Thompson
Joseph H. Thompson
Oliver N. Thompson
S. C. Thompson
Samuel Lafayette Thompson *, Private, Co. A, 73rd Regiment, NC Troops,
William Thompson
Absalom Tickle
George R. Tickle
George S. Tickle
Julius Tickle
Simeon Tickle
James M. Troxler
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James M. Wacker
Anderson Way
Robert A. Weeden
Simpson A. Weitzel
Eli Weldon
George B. Wells
Thomas Whisenhunt
James Henry White *
William P. White
Joseph A. Whiteley *
Milton Whitsell *
Simpson R. Whitsell *
Thomas J. Wicker
William Wiley
Henry H. Wilkins *
Bedford Williams *
Luther J. Williams *
Handy S. Wood
George Workman
Fredrick Wyatt
Samuel Young
James Younger *
Joseph H. Younger *
Samuel Haywood Younger *
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