Burlington Times-News July 31, 1929
Company F Reunion Set for August 17
Reunion Will Be Held on the Grounds of Burlington Country Club

The original military company of this city, Company F, Burlington Light Infantry,
will hold a reunion Saturday August 17 according to plans perfected at a meeting
called last night by Captain E. C. Holt named Chairman by acclamation.

According to the plans at this time, the reunion will be held on the grounds of the
Burlington County Club. Capt. Holt and John M. Coble were named a committee to
raise funds to provide a barbecue and Brunswick stew. Captain A. M. Carroll of
Company A, 120th Infantry, was named secretary and will get in touch with as many
of the old members as possible in an effort to have them present for the meeting,
the purpose of which is to commemorate the organization of the National Guard
in this city, and to perpetuate the memory of those who have stood muster at the
gates of eternity, both in civilian and military life.

A special program will be arranged for the meeting. The following original
members were present for the meeting: John M. Coble, W. H. Carroll, A. A. Apple,
A. Cheek, W. P. Isley, John Kinney, Lee Murray, E. C. Holt, C. C. Neal, W. G. Ray,
R. A. Moore, E. H. Murray, D. H. White, and M. E. L. Holt (illegible), also representatives
of the present company.

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