Will of James Dickey of Orange County
Provided by Tim Mitchell of Wellington, New Zealand

Here is the 1804 will of James Dickey recorded in Orange Co. I believe he would have been living in what is now Alamance Co as he leaves 300 acres of land "whereon I live" to his son James whose will is recorded in Alamance Co. James Sr was possibly the son of William Dickey and Margaret Wilson and born in Delaware sometime about 1736. According to records I haven't verified he married Catherine Means in Wilmington, Delaware at Old Swedes Church on 12 Sept 1755.

The will is exactly as written:

In The Name of God Amene this Eight day of January In Year of owr Lord one thousand Eight hundred & fore, I being verey Weak in body but in Perfect mind & memory & Nowing that it is apointed for all men once to Die; & such of this worlly Esteate as god has blese me with I give & bequeth in folowing maner, firs I Recommend my Sole to god ho give it Nothing Douting but I Shall Receve it at the great day and my body to be bured in Cristen lick maner at discreshen of my Exactors; first I give to my beloved wife Cattren two beds & furniter & all the houshold furniter & fore milch cows and one mear Named Snip & Sadle & six hed of Sheep & Twelve hed of hogs & forteen hed of Gees; and for NaGers to Seport hur & Stoock During hur lifetime, then Edy and frank to Decend to my beloved Son James Dicky; & Three hundred ackers of Land whereon I live and my Smith tools & my waggon & geers & Six hed of Sheep}      I give unto my Doughter Rechel Burd fore Silver Dolers}      I give unto my Doughter Hester Cantrill fore Silver Dolers}      I give unto my Doughter Hanah Linch fore Silver Dolers}      I give unto my son son Saml Dickey one hundred & fifty ackers of Land lying & being in County of Caswell & a Nager Named daff I give unto my son William Dickey one hundred & fifty ackers of Land lying & being in Caswell and a Nagero Child Named Neley}      & I give unto my Doughter Susana Linch one milch cow}      I give & beqieth to Nancy Cantril one mare Named Spider saddel & bridel bed & furniter & Chist & six hed of Sheep and a milch cow}            & all this property that I give to my wife Cattren at hur Deces to be be sold & Devided among my Children Equely the Loom & gears to be sold with the Rest at hur Decse}      and aney of my Sons that undertaks to Settel my bisnes what is over Discharging my Detes I give them or him for thire truble N:B I give a yearling Colt to my wife Cattrin & thre calfs I constitute my two sons to be my Exactitors Saml Dicky & W:m Dicky and I Disanul all willes or Testimoney but this it being my last will & testimoney whereunto I Set my hand and seale the Day & Yeare above Ritten Sined in the presents of us.

Saml Ector Jurat

Lavana Garison                     James Dickie

(hur mark) Exm qualifd

(I don't know what N:B refers to - but that is what is written)

(A codicil to the will of James Dickey Jr's will in 1849 grants the Negro Edy the right to choose the place where he(?) will live. Perhaps that is the same Edy granted to him in his father's will.)

Added May 9, 2002
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