Excerpt from the Alamance Gleaner
Contributed by Nora Jackson

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Nora Jackson

The Alamance Gleaner - October 16, 1913
At her home near Long's Chapel, Mrs. Cheek, wife of Mr. George Cheek,
died Oct. 13, aged about 65 years. The interment was at Long's Chapel the day
following. She is survived by her husband and several children.
The Alamance Gleaner - October 28, 1914
Mr. Albert Henderson and Miss Beatrice Andrews, both of Graham were
united in marriage at the home of T. P. Bradshaw, Esq. the officiating
Magistrate, at 3 o'clock last Saturday afternoon, Oct. 23rd.
Last Saturday evening at 9 o'clock at the Methodist Protestant parsonage
in Burlington, Rev. G. L. Curry united in marriage Mr. Henry Wrenn and Miss
Bertha Hughes of Altamahaw. A party of friends in autos came along with them
and witnessed the ceremony.
Samuel II., the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cheek, who lives two
miles southeast of Graham, died yesterday morning after nearly a month's
painful illness. Little Samuel was born Dec. 19th, 1909, and was 5 years, 10
months and 8 days old at the time of his death. The funeral was held at the
home and the interment was in Linwood cemetery this morning at 10 o'clock.
The Alamance Gleaner - October 14, 1915
The body of Arthur Boon, who died Monday at Chester, S. C., arrived here
Tuesday and was carried to the home of his father, Mr. Alex Boon, near
Saxapahaw. The interment was at Moore's Chapel.
Mrs. Margaret Guthrie, widow of the late G. C. Guthrie died at her home
at Newlin's Mill in Newlin township Sunday morning. The interment was at
Moore's Chapel Monday. Mrs. Guthrie was 73 years old last March. Her last
sickness was her only sickness during her life. This good woman is survived
by four daughters and two sons. Mrs. Jas. P. Harden, who lives just south of
Graham is one of the daughters of the deceased. The survivors have the
sympathy of a large circle of friends in their bereavement.
Mr. Levin W. Holt Dead.
After an illness of several months and confinement to his room for more
than a month, Mr. Levin W. Holt died at his home two miles west of Graham
Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock, aged 59 years and a few months. Mr. Holt was
one of the county's best citizens--quiet and unobtrusive, but earnest and
straightforward. His funeral was conducted by his pastor, Rev. G. L. Curry,
from the M. P. church in Burlington at 1:30 p. m. yesterday and the interment
was at Pine Hill cemetery. His widow and five children, three sons and two
daughters, survive. He was a brother of Rev. J. W. Holt near Burlington, Mr.
Lafayette Holt, Mrs. J. M. Fix and Mrs. J. Bedford Thompson of Burlington and
Mr. McBride Holt of Graham.
A close friend pays the following just tribute to him:
"While we are in the midst of life we are in the midst of death." Death
is such a complete change that it causes us to be still and silent and to
think. In thinking, our minds gather up the memories along the pathway of the
past. The earliest recollection I have of our deceased friend, Bro. Holt, is
that of meeting him at a Sunday School Convention in one of the county's most
remote townships. That was several years ago, but I remember his earnestness
and his zeal in the work. This zeal never for once abated. It never faltered
nor failed. In season and out of season and out of season Bro. Holt was found
working for the County Sunday School Association and its cause. Several times
he was elected its president. All the time, whether president or private
pupil, he did what he could. He often said, "I fear we don't realize the good
we may do through the Sunday School Association." He helped to make the last
program for the County Convention. He was not at all well at that time. He
excused himself before the program was quite finished because of ill feeling
and said, "I really should not have come." Sick or well he worked for the
Sunday school cause. He came to see me about three times about getting me to
take up the work. He was so eager for the work to go forward. I do not know
what he knew, but I little thought that the shoulders that were dropping the
mantle of our County Sunday School President were so soon to be laid to rest.
But as a man lives so he dies. Men come into the world and live and die and
pass out, but their works do follow them. In the field of the organized
Sunday school Bro. Holt has helped to build a work that will follow him and
be more lasting than any monument of marble.
As a brother in service, I drop a tear because we have lost a friend and
helper; I rejoice because his going is his gain.
Mr. Thomas J. Griffin Dead.
Mr. Thomas J. Griffin died at his home, two and a half miles southeast of
Graham, last Friday afternoon, Oct. 8th, at 4 o'clock, after a long and
tedious illness. Mr. Griffin was a native of Chatham county and moved to
Alamance about twenty years ago from his former home near Pittsboro. The
funeral services were held at the home Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock by his
Pastor, Rev. J. W. Goodman, and the interment was in Linwood cemetery at this
place at 3 p. m. He was buried with Masonic honors, the service being
conducted by Thos. M. Holt Lodge of Graham of which he was a member, assisted
by Beula Lodge of Burlington and Bingham Lodge of Mebane.
Mr. Griffin was 70 years old last August. He was a Confederate veteran
and a member of Co. H. 65th N. C. Regiment. He always took great interest in
everything connected with the veterans. The Daughters of the Confederacy of
Graham placed a beautiful wreath of flowers on his grave as a mark of esteem.
Mr. Griffin was a high-toned and highly esteemed christian gentleman. His
widow and six children survive him. The daughters are Mrs. E. P. McClure of
Graham and Mrs. J. E. Franks, near Raleigh, and of the sons Robert lived on
the farm with his father. The other sons are C. E., L. M. and C. R. Griffin,
of whom one lives in Pittsburg, Pa., another in Toledo, Ohio, and the other
on the Pacific coast.
The Alamance Gleaner - December 30, 1915
Mr. Y. B. Warren died Monday at his home in McCray, aged 74 years last
August. He had been in failing health for several years. His wife died a
number of years ago and there were no children. He leaves a handsome estate
in lands and personal effects. He was an industrious and highly respected
citizen. He was reared in Caswell county.
Mr. Wm. H. Fogleman, who lived in the Battle Ground section and was
carried to St. Leo's for an operation, died Monday night under the operation.
He was about 70 years of age. He is survived by his widow, three sons and two
daughters. Mess. T. D. and J. M. Fogleman of Burlington are among the
children. Deceased was a brother-in-law of Mr. W. F. R. Clapp of this place
and a highly respected citizen. The burial was at Brick church.
Mr. Riley Sutton, one of the county's substantial and most highly
respected citizens, died last Saturday at his home near Ossipee in the
"Fork", as the section between the rivers has been called for years. The
burial was at Bethlehem of which church he had been a member for more than
half a century. He was around four score years of age.
The Alamance Gleaner - December 10, 1918
Mrs. Lillie B. Small, wife of Mr. Grover Small, died here of pneumonia at
the Hotel Graham last Thursday evening about 8 o'clock, aged 39 years. Her
husband, two children, a boy and a girl, four brothers and three sisters
survive her. The interment was at Pine Hill Cemetery, Burlington.
Miss Nora Geneva Freeman died here on Wednesday of last week of
influenza, aged 29 years. She was a member of the Baptist church and the
funeral services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. L. U. Weston. The burial
was near Mebane.
Mr. R. O. Hargis, Aged Citizen, Dies in Coble Township.
On Wednesday this week, Mr. R. O. Hargis died at his home in Coble
township, aged about 82 years. Mr. Hargis was a veteran of the Civil War and
was a member of the Co. K. 54th Regt. The interment took place to-day at Mt.
Herman. Deceased is survived by several sons and daughters.
He was a highly respected citizen.
Funeral of Mrs. Clendenin.
The burial of Mrs. J. N. H. Clendenin was in New Providence Cemetery, and
not in Linwood Cemetery as stated last week. Among those coming from a
distance to attend the funeral were her brothers, Dr. W. S. Long of Chapel
Hill, Dr. D. A. Long of Statesville; her son, Geo. L. Clendenin of
Lincolnton, her daughters, Mrs. J. F. Peterson of Hickory and Mrs. N. G.
Newman of Elon College. Others in attendance were Rev. C. M. Lance of
Whiteville, Revs. J. C. and N. G. Newman, Drs. W. A. Harper and W. P.
Lawrence of Elon College, Dr. W. W. Staley of Suffolk, Va. Among the
pall-bearers were three sons-in-law, Revs. C. M. Lance and N. G. Newman and
Mr. Chas. C. Thompson. Numerous tributes of beautiful flowers covered the grave.

The Alamance Gleaner - December 19, 1918
Mrs. Fannie A. Williamson Dead.
About 3 o'clock yesterday morning, Dec. 18, 1918, Mrs. Fannie A.
Williamson died here at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. W. Menefee. She was
in the 82nd year of her age, having been born the 14th day of July, 1837. She
had been ill and almost helpless for nearly two years.
Mrs. Williamson was the widow of Dr. John L. Williamson and a daughter of
Edwin M. Holt, the pioneer cotton manufacturer in the South. She was the
eldest sister of the late Gov. Thos. M. Holt. She is survived by two
brothers, Mr. L. Banks Holt of Graham and Lawrence S. Holt of Washington,
D.C.; one sister, Mrs. Jas. N. Williamson of Graham, one daughter, Mrs. J. W.
Menefee of Graham, and five sons, Mess. Ed H. and L. Banks Williamson of
Fayetteville, J. Walter Williamson of Wilmington, Finley L. Williamson of
Burlington and Lawrence A. Williamson of Graham. All the sons with their
wives were present at the funeral, and a number of relatives from a distance
were present.
The funeral services were held from the residence at 3:30 this afternoon,
conducted by Dr. E. C. Murray of Alamance church, her former pastor, and the
interment was in the family plot in Linwood Cemetery. Beautiful floral
tributes completely covered the grave.
The large family connection in this and other States will regret to hear of Mrs. Williamson's death.

The Alamance Gleaner - January 2, 1919

Substantial Citizen and Prosperous Farmer.
Burlington, Dec. 28.--Mr. Job H. Walker, whose home is eight miles north
of here, in the Union Ridge section of the county, died at 3:30 o'clock this
morning of heart disease. Mr. Walker was stricken suddenly on the afternoon
of Christmas day, just after he had completed a very hearty dinner, with a
serious attack of acute indigestion. Medical help was secured immediately and
relief given, but his heart had become involved. On Thursday he seemed much
better, and on Friday he had so far improved that his friends and physician
felt that his recovery was assured.
After midnight Friday night those by his bedside noted that he was quite
restless, and at 3:30 in the morning his breathing became suddenly labored.
Five minutes later the end came.
Mr. Walker was one of the most substantial citizens and progressive
farmers in the county. He has lived in the county on his present farm all his
life, and numbered his friends by the hundreds.
Mr. Walker is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. W. A. Harper of
Elon College, and Mrs. M. L. Holton of Union Ridge, and three sons, Mess. H.
H. and R. L. Walker of Union Ridge, and Rev. John Mack Walker of Marliaton,
W. Va. One daughter, Mrs. John Leath died several years ago.
Mr. Walker was an elder in the Stoney Creek Presbyterian church and for
many years Sunday School Superintendent there. His funeral will be held from
that church tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock and the interment will be in the
church cemetery, where several generations of his ancestors rest.
Mr. Walker was born Feb. 2, 1852, and died Dec. 28, 1919, being the
youngest child of Harrison Walker and Elizabeth Foster. He was the last
surviving offspring of this union.
The pall-bearers were L. E. Walker, Alvis Pearson, Arey Barnett, George
Garrison, Charles Garrison and Lindsay Garrison.
The funeral service was preached by Rev. W. P. Sample, his pastor, who
was assisted in the service by Revs. J. W. Holt, A. F. Isley, and N. G. Newman, D. D.

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