Modern Progress, 1915

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 Front Page Modern Progress


Whitehead Hosiery Mills, Inc.
J. M. Tisdale - Staple and Fancy Grocer
Ausley Brothers, Robert and Edwin Ausley, Barbers
Burlington Motor Co. Ralph C. Iseley, Proprietor
Burlington Steam Bakery
S. Allen Horne
Sanitary Steam Pressing Works -
O. G. Faucette and J. D. Moody, Proprietors
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History of Alamance County


J. J. May & Son - Bottlers of Soft Drinks and Ice Cream Manufacturers
John R. Hoffman - Attorney at Law
Piedmont Hotel - L. I. Young, Proprietor
Graham, North Carolina, The Model City
E. T. Horne - Dealers in Bicycles, Motorcycles and Bicycle Sundries.
J. B. Robertson - Superintendent of Schools
William Ira Ward, Mayor of Graham
Charles D. Johnson, Register of Deeds
Parks & Jeffreys - Contractors and Builders of Stone and Brick Works
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J. Ed Moore
R. F. Williams
H. G. Kime
J. M. Meacham
John M. Cook
A. L. Davis
J. Ben Farrell
R. W. Steward
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National Bank of Alamance - J. L. Scott, President
Sam T. Johnston - Member of Board of Commissioners
Hayes Drug Company - Mr. Pearly A. Hayes, Proprietor and Roy Long, President and Manager
W. H. Holt - Member of Board of Commissioners
A. J. Thompson - County Treasurer
T. C. Montgomery - Manager Southern Express
R. G. Foster - Secretary and Treasurer of Graham
W. H. Boswell - Chief of Police
Citizens Bank of Graham - W. J. Nicks, President,
W. S. Vestal, Vice President, T. H. Nifang, Cashier.
Green and McClure - Dealers in Furniture, Undertakers and Embalmers.
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Hon. John H. Vernon
W. C. Douglass
F. J.  Strader
W. L. Thornburg
J. M. Anglin
L. M. Squires
Jesse Page Spoon, D. V. S.
Wayne Arlington Hornaday, D. V. S.
Jesse Page Spoon, D.V. S.
The Keystone Finishing Mills -
J. M. Browning
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Graham Ice Company
Graham Water Company
Phil S. Dixon, Merchant Tailor
J. T. Black and Brother
Pickard & Albright -
Dealers in Fresh Meats, Fish and Oysters.
Rich and Wilson - Funeral Directors and Embalmers
A. B. Nicholson - Contractor and Builder
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H. Goldstein
Corney D. Whitsell
I. J. Mazur
H. C. Stout
James Wesley Cates
M. C. Price
J. G. Rogers
Burlington Coffin Company
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J. M. Crawford & Son - Dealers in Gents' Furnishings, Ladies' and Children's Shoes
Misses A. & L. Freeland - Dealers in Millinery, Notions and Ladies' Furnishings Goods.
Mebane, North Carolina, The Manufacturing City
W. S Crawford, Mayor of Mebane
Nelson-Cooper Lumber & Furniture Co. - A. B. Fitch, Secretary, Treasurer and General Manager.
Continental Chair Manufacturing Co. - W. E. White, President, R.J. Long, Vice President
Tilos C. Carter - Attorney at Law.
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James P, Montgomery
J. L. Scott
R. F. Durant
Hotel Morrow
J. M. Coble
Dr. J. M. Shoffner, V. S.
M. B. Lindsey
Prof. Albert H. King
E. May
J. L. Patillo
O. F. Crowson
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Hon. T. M. Cheek
U. S. Ray
Smith & Miles - R. C. Smith & M. B. Miles
Felix F. Smith
Mebane Motor Car Co.
Miles-Nicholson Lumber Co.
A Story of Gibsonville
Gibsonville Drug Co.
Lee A. Wharton
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W. L. Burke
William S. Coulter
D. H. White
Curtis-Thornton Company
Burlington Show Case Works
Standard Grocery Company
C. F.  Neese, Jeweler and Optician
Palace Cafe -
R. L. Meacham and
M. E. Coble Proprietors
Hotel Ward -
Mrs. E. M. Ward, Proprietress
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D. M. Davidson
Gibsonville Telephone Company
S. M. Stephens
E. L. Daughtry
A. B. Owen
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Alamance Loan and Trust Company
Piedmont Railway and Electric Company
City Barber Shop
Freeman Drug Company
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