The Magnolia Cemetery of Elon, North Carolina
Recorded by Betsy Watson Wall of Elon NC 27244
In memory of
Mr. Robert Lee Wall and Mrs. Theo Martin Wall
(In-laws of Betsy Watson Wall)

Data may be used by non-commercial entities only. These recordings are for the purpose of Genealogy and the records are not legally binding. All markers and tombstones are of individual preference. Neither The Town of Elon, nor the Elon University are linked with these recordings. The recordings taken on site at the Magnolia Cemetery, in most instances, and is in alphabetical order for the convenience of research. For corrections, please contact after the legend has been studied. This is a Labor of Love. Correct information is a sincere wish.

Magnolia Cemetery is located in the Town of Elon, NC. The state road nearest to the cemetery is Highway 100, and N. Oak Avenue feeds into Highway 100. The third block from Highway 100 on N. Oak Avenue, across the railroad is the location of the Magnolia Cemetery. The marked cemetery is visible from the street, and is flanked with Magnolia trees. The lighted American flag flies at all times. The cemetery parallels the railroad.

The Magnolia Cemetery is owned by the Town of Elon (formerly Elon College) and was built in 1900. (There are burials earlier than 1900 recorded.) The cemetery is located on Oak Avenue in Elon, County of Alamance, and State of NC. Excellent care is provided for the grounds. Tombstones, markers, and mausoleums are permitted.

Many walks of life are interred here. Veterans of Sp. Am, Civil, World War I & II, Korean, and Viet Nam are recorded, as well as, educators, ministers, infants, business people, and other dear ones. There are not any birthplaces listed on the stones at this cemetery, therefore, the field BIRTHPLACE is removed from the report.


LEGEND: Dau=daughter, Hus=husband, Wif=wife, s/w spouses or other relatives-sharing the same tombstone, + = Christian symbol, ? = Not readable, Maus =Mausoleum, names are initialized for concern of printing space and some dates are blank because of incomplete records. Preplanned stones are often prepared with names and birth dates only. The endearing inscriptions have been shortened with consideration of space requirements.

This report was first printed July 2003, and has been updated as changes have been made. The first update was January 2005, and the second update is June 2006.

To find on the internet: Alamance County North Carolina Genealogy click on Links and Announcements, then look for Magnolia of Elon Listing.

This is a complete report of The Magnolia Cemetery and was finished July of 2003.

Added Aug. 9, 2003