McPherson - Perry - Bivins Cemetery
Surveyed on 4 Jul 1959 by D T Stokes,
who was accompanied by Webb Lindley and Robert N Cook Jr.
"Go south on the Graham-Snow Camp road to Bethel Church, on the left.
Turn left and go two miles to the home of Webb Lindley, on the left.
About one mile back of his house, in a woods, is a large cemetery.
Some of the graves are enclosed in a rock wall. Others are scattered about in the woods on the hill.
There is also an adjoining slave cemetery. Many of the rocks have no inscriptions but some do and some are professionally made stones."
Furnished by Gary Thompson

Name Birth Date Death Date Other Info.
B, D I 1747 1805  
Bivins, Mary 5 May 1794 22 Mar 1850 Located inside rock Wall
Bivins, Thomas 30 Sep 1825 27 Sep 1843  
Bivins, William 1 Jul 1828 23 Jan 1842 Located inside rock Wall
M, E 1811 4 Nov 1829  
McPherson, Eli 1822 18 Jul 1885  
McPherson, Nancy 20 Feb 1805    
Perry, Abner W. 20 Aug 1815 18 Apr 1866  
Perry, Enoch      
Perry, Sarah 4 Mar 1816 22 May 1882