My Thanks to James Rich of Burlington, NC for these
Rich Family Certificates and Obituaries
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Henry Rich Family
1850 Census
Henry Rich              23
Mary "Polly" Rich    28
Andrew                     2
John W.                1/12
Solamen Albright      36
Sarah Albright          49
William                     30
Betsy                        27
George                     21
Tinnen , MD             27


Pension Record
Henry T. Rich
Alamance County, NC



Obituary of Henry T. Rich from Alamance County, NC
note * father of Andrew Thomas Rich b. 1848, John Wesley Rich b. 1850, William Alexander Rich b. 1859, Sarah Jane Rich b.1855, and Henry Jackson Rich b. 1863 ,
husband of the late Polly Albright, who was the daughter of Andrew Albright.

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