State Dispatch Newspaper
Published at Burlington
Thanks to Lisa Kobrin for submitting this information

The first date is the date of the wedding
and the second and third dates are when it appeared in the newspaper
(sometimes in 2 successive issues)
ALBRIGHT,  Joseph   NICHOLSON,  Viola Graham 10/06/1909 10/06/1909    
ALBRIGHT,  T.A. Burl. COMPTON,  Mattie Mebane 01/20/1909 01/20/1909   MCCLOUD, Rev.
ALLRED,  Walter   CURTIS,  Belle   07/18/1909 07/28/1909   STICKLEY, Rev.
AMICK,  C.B. Mebane BAILIFF,  Kimes. 03/27/1909 04/07/1909   OGBURN, T.J.
AMICK,  Everitt Kimesville SPOON,  Mattie   12/01/1909 12/08/1909   EDWARDS, Rev.
BARBEE,  Alson   TICKLE,  Ella Glen Rav. 03/07/1909 03/10/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
BASON,  Ernest Haw River BOONE,  Ethel   12/16/1908 12/16/1908   MURRAY, C.E.
BATTON,  Horace   PARROT,  Meeky   07/11/1909 07/14/1909   FREELAND, Esq.
BLACKWELL,  William T.   MAYNARD,  Flora Elon 09/20/1909 09/29/1909   ISLEY, Rev. 
BOWDEN,  George   GARRETT,  Daisy   06/13/1909 06/16/1909   TINNIN, W.A.
BOWERS,  Rev. David E.   MEBANE,  Esther   10/27/1909 10/27/1909 11/03/1909  
BRADSHAW,  Jesse Cedar Cliff CLENDENIN,  Pattie Elon 08/31/1909 09/01/1909   STALEY, Rev W
BRYAN,  Benjamin Claude   ANTHONY,  Donna     04/14/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
BRYAN,  Worth   HOFFMAN,  Grace   12/05/1909 12/08/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
CABLE,  Grover   DANLEY,  Gurley   11/11/1909 11/17/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
CLARK,  Murphy   MURRAY,  Ella   11/28/1909 12/08/1909   OLDHAM, Rev.
CLARK,  Rufus W. Detroit, MI HOLT,  Bertha Harper Burl. 04/20/1909 04/14/1909 04/21/1909  
COBLE,  Robert A. Burl. GREESON,  Hattie Brick Ch   04/28/1909   STICKLEY, Rev.
CONKLIN,  Grover C.   MINNIS,  Carrie G.   11/21/1909 11/24/1909   JONES, W.C.
COOK,  Lawrence Gibsonville RUSSELL,  Dollie Burl. 04/11/1909 04/14/1909   BURGESS, J.A.
COOK,  Walter Haw River COBLE,  Sallie Haw River 12/13/1908 12/23/1908   ANDREW, J.D.
DAVENPORT,  Richard K.   SUMMERS,  Arrie M. Whitsett 06/22/1909 06/23/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
DIXON,  John H Grimesland WHITESELL,  Sophronia Burl. 02/23/1909 02/24/1909 03/03/1909 HARR, F.M.
FLORENCE,  Samuel   RUSSELL,  Ada   04/11/1909 04/14/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
FOGLEMAN,  Lacy   ISLEY,  Mattie Elon 12/24/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
GARNER,  A.H.   GARRISON,  Lillie May   01/13/1909 01/20/1909   SNIPES, Rev.
GOODMAN,  B.   HUGHES,  Mrs. Haw River 12/01/1909 12/08/1909   at Gsbo
GREESON,  Clarence Burlington ANDREWS,  Rachel near Durham 09/26/1909 09/29/1909   Durham Co.
GWYN,  John   SIMPSON,  Mamie Altamahaw 08/15/1909 08/18/1909   ISLEY, Rev. F.
HAMMER,  John M. Burl. JENNINGS,  Genevieve Gsbo 12/29/1908 01/06/1909    
HARDEN,  Shue   BROOKS,  Esther   05/14/1909 05/19/1909   HARDEN, J.M.
HOLT,  A. Braxton   QUACKENBUSH,  Lula   01/13/1909 01/20/1909   WILLIAMS, J.D.
HOLT,  Herbert   NICHOLSON,  Nelia Graham 10/06/1909 10/06/1909    
HUFFMAN,  Lewis   WHITT,  Lizzie Whitsett 12/24/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
HUGHES,  Chester A. Elon College RUDD,  Lula Caswell 07/10/1909 07/14/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
ISLEY,  Percy   TINNIN,  Sarah   07/23/1909 07/28/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
JENKINS,  Rev. W.E. New York SHEPHERD,  Ora Lee     12/09/1909   RANKIN, S.M.
JOHNSON,  Samuel T. Graham THOMPSON,  Bertie Burl. 11/23/1909 11/24/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
JONES,  Murphy Guilford CLAPP,  Maggie Mt Hope 04/07/1909 04/14/1909   BOWERS, J.S.
KECK,  Tom   ISLEY,  Audron   03/28/1909 03/31/1909   HOLT, Lewis
LEE,  Ben   JEFFREYS,  Eula   02/07/1909 02/17/1909    
LINNENS,  Iris   JUSTICE,  Mabel Bellemont 04/24/1909 04/28/1909    
LONG,  Jacob Elmer Graham PEAY,  Lessie Durham 11/10/1909 11/17/1909   at Durham
LUCK,  George W.   BENNETT,  Emily   07/19/1909 07/21/1909   MCIVER, Rev.
MCCAULEY,  George   TERRELL,  Ida Mebane 12/08/1909 12/15/1909   HOLMES, Rev.
MCCOY,  L.C. Huntersville SIMPSON,  Ella   01/14/1909 01/20/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
MONTGOMERY,  W Bruce Alamance BOONE,  Emma Whitsett 01/12/1909 01/13/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
MOON,  J.D. (local) PAPE,  Callie Dillon, SC 06/01/1909 06/09/1909   At Dillon, SC
MORGAN,  Rev. Samuel Burlington ROBERSON,  Isabelle Red Springs 10/14/1909 10/20/1909   JOPLING, Rev.
MURRAY,  J.F. Oakdale WOOD,  Minnie   10/31/1909 11/17/1909   BAILIFFE, H. Esq
OVERMAN,  C.A.   CHEEK,  Grace   05/23/1909 05/26/1909   BURGESS, Rev.
PATTON,  D.L.   COOK,  Bessie   01/24/1909 02/03/1909   HAYMORE, Rev.
PENNY,  R. Dicks High Point HENDERSON,  Esther Burl. 04/13/1909     at Gaffney S.C.
PERKINS,  Ralph   VAVELL,  Lula   last week 09/29/1909   NORRIS, J.C.
PORTERFIELD,  Robert   SHARP,  Mary   04/21/1909 05/05/1909    
POWERS,  Alexander Burgaw, NC ZACHARY,  Mary Onie Florida Dec. 1909 09/29/1909   in Florida
PRICE,  S.C.   MURRAY,  Lizzie Morton Twsp 09/21/1909 09/29/1909   ISLEY, Rev. 
QUALLS,  Lemvell W. Burl. RICH,  Cora E. Mt Herm. 12/13/1908 12/23/1908   ANDREW, J.D.
RILEY,  Walter N. Orange Co LONG,  Susie Burl. 08/10/1909 08/18/1909   FLEMING, Rev.
ROBBINS,  C.C. High Point HOLLEMAN,  Martha P. Gsbo last week 07/14/1909   in Randolph Co
ROSS,  Luther   FRANKS,  Lillian   12/24/1908 01/06/1909    
ROUTH,  Walter R. Randolph C TRUITT,  Ollie   09/23/1909 09/29/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
SHARPE,  Edgar D. Rock Creek NEESE,  Sarah Burl. 04/14/1909 04/21/1909   DIXON, John
SHEPHERD,  John   GREESON,  Florence Brick Ch 12/19/1908 12/23/1908   ANDREW, J.D.
SMITH,  Andrew L.   HERITAGE,  Edna F. Lakeside 01/02/1909 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
SMITH,  Walter Burlington LONG,  Pearl Graham 09/25/1909 09/29/1909   SNIPES, Rev. 
SOMERS,  George   MADREN,  Effie Altamahaw 10/10/1909 10/13/1909   HOLT, Rev. J. W.
SPOON,  Albert R. Alamance C FORD,  Maggie Guilford 12/23/1909 12/08/1909   at Gsbo
STALEY,  Thomas Randolph C COBLE,  Lou   recently 10/27/1909   Randolph Co
STOUT,  Arthur   ALLEN,  Argie   02/07/1909 04/21/1909    
STUART,  W.G. Burl. ANDERSON,  Miss High Pt 03/24/1909 03/31/1909   at High Pt.
SUMMERS,  George   HALL,  Helen   08/18/1909 08/25/1909    
TATE,  Allen Graham SNYDER,  Grace   04/07/1909 04/14/1909   MURRAY, C. E.
TAYLOR,  Albert Newton Kinston DAILEY,  Mamie Bell   11/16/1909 11/24/1909   SNIPES, Rev.
TERRELL,  Albert W. Roanoke,Va GARRISON,  Lillie L. Burl. 05/09/1909 05/12/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
THOMPSON,  Geo. W. Burl. RICHARDSON,  Peny Burl. 12/31/1908 01/06/1909   WILLIAMS, Rev.
TURNER,  William D.   HALL,  Lula May   01/24/1909 02/03/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WADDELL,  Mr. Alam. Mills GIBSON,  Mary Hawfields 09/08/1909 09/15/1909   MEBANE, Rev.
WALKER,  H.H.   ISLEY,  Late   12/24/1908 01/06/1909    
WARREN,  Robert   CAPPS,  Minnie   04/11/1909 04/14/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WARREN,  Wesley O.   SCOTT,  Addie   11/24/1908 12/02/1908   LISTEN, R. T.
WATKINS,  Frank   BRADLEY,  Polly   12/24/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J.D.
WAYWICK,  Charles M.   WALKER,  Mattie   10/07/1909 10/13/1909   HOLT, Rev. J. W.
WHITEHEAD,  Banner   DAVIS,  Jessie Ruth   08/12/1909 08/25/1909    
WHITESELL,  Albert St Marks KECK,  Sallie Ala. Mills 12/13/1908 12/23/1908   ANDREW, J. D.
WHITESELL,  Joseph   MURRAY,  Lillie   12/23/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WILLIS,  Edward   GLOSSON,  Maude   01/20/1909 01/27/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WILMOTH,  George M.   THOMPSON,  Joanna   12/23/1908 01/06/1909   ANDREW, J. D.
WOOD,  Wister Graham LOVE,  Bettie Graham 03/10/1909 03/17/1909   HOLT, L. H.

Note: The State Dispatch was a weekly newspaper published in Burlington early in the 20th century. It called itself a Republican newspaper devoted to the upbuilding of American homes and industries. The only existing microfilm is at the State Archives for the period 1909-1915.

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