Summers Death Records 
Register of Deeds Office
Graham, Alamance Co., NC

Date Last Name First Middle Parent First Middle Township Bk/Pg
1921 Summers ?   Summers Roy   Burlington 9-138
1915 Summers ?   Summers John   Morton 2-293
1915 Summers Cassie Marie Summers George E Morton 2-295
1917 Summers Daniel Ashley Summers Ludure?   Burlington 5-129
1915 Summers Dora Alma Isley Winnie   Burlington 2-19
1924 Summers Earline  (Col) Summers Paul   Boon Station 12-29
1922 Summers Edna C. Summers G. W. Morton 10-421
1924 Summers Evelyn C Summers Berry   Morton 12-359
1919 Summers J B Summers J H Boon Station 7-73
1917 Summers Joseph James Summers J W. Burlington 5-171
1914 Summers Lalah    Summers Thomas   Boon Station 1-194
1928 Summers Ludwick    Summers Peter S. Burlington 16-92
1923 Summers Lula    Stanfield Stephen   Burlington 11-165
1922 Summers Mary L. Murray Goodner   Burlington 10-211
1921 Summers Mattie D Dogett John   Boon Station 9-49
1923 Summers Mildred N. Summers J. W. Burlington 11-161
1918 Summers Rosanna Ellen Summers Jacob   Morton 6-441
1928 Summers Sallie Leera Whitaker A. F. Burlington 16-200
1921 Summers  Maude    Summers John    Morton 9-284

Added  Aug. 19, 2001
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(Not a complete listing) 
Some of these are really hard to read, there may be mistakes so please verify for yourself.
 Mary Ellis