Surnames of
Alamance County, NC

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This is a listing of people who have information about a particular surname in Alamance County.
By contacting the county coordinator you may list your surname(s) here.

ALBRIGHT Cliff Hedgepeth  
ALLEN Derrel L. Allen  
ALLRED Linda Allred Cooper  
AMICK Barbara Eberly  
ANDERSON Slade Anderson Slade Anderson's Page
APPLE Anita Dean Morris  
ASHWORTH Herbert Ray Ashworth  
ASKEW Mary L. Mitchell Thomas .
BAILEY Sandra Bradley .
BARTON Michael Barton  
BEESON Larry Moon  
BIRD John B. Fox  
BIRD Slade Anderson Slade Anderson's Page
BIRD/BYRD Nancy Hulett Bright  
BLANCHARD Mark Faucette  
BLANCHARD Mark Phelps Mark Phelps
BOONE Larry Moon  
BOONE Mary L. Mitchell Thomas .
BRADFORD Jack London  
BRADSHAW Bobby J. Touchton  
BRADY Jerry Brady  
BRANTON LeRoy Branton  
BREWER No Name Given  
BRIGHT Larry Bright  
BROWN Larry Moon  
BROWN Mary L. Mitchell Thomas   
BURGESS Larry Moon  
BURKE Bobby J. Touchton .
CAPPS Jeremy P. Phillips .
CAPPS Tiffany Capps Birkner .
CARDEN Candy Price  
CARNAL/Carnell/Carneal/Carnell/Kernell Pam Graham  
CARPENTER LeRoy Branton  
CAUSEY Barbara Eberly Eberly Home page
CHATHAM Joan Scoggin-Chapal  
CHEEK Richard Ellington  
CLAPP Jaime Graves  
COBB Dan Patterson Cobb Genealogy
COBLE Jannine Coble Gregory  
COBLE Jack Shaddy  
COPE Larry Moon  
COX Gayle Briggs  
CRUTCHFIELD Richard Crotwell  
CURTIS Dianna B. Privette  
CURTIS Elaine Curtis Connell 3rd great-grandfather was Samuel Curtis, Esq.
DANIELEY Rosalyn Sumner  


Patti Wilkinson .
Jay Johnson  
DICKEY John B. Fox  
DICKEY Nancy Hulett Bright  
DURHAM Elaine Lee from 1700's to 2000.  
ELLINGTON Richard Ellington  
EMPSON John B. Fox  
EMPSON Slade Anderson Slade Anderson's Page
EUBANKS Nancy Hulett Bright  
EZELLE/EZELL Suzi Stevens  
FARRELL Doris W. Roney  
FAULKNER Pam Frasier  
FLYNN Gayle Briggs  
FOGLEMAN James D. Hawkins Hawkins Fogleman Family Tree
FOGLEMAN Jack Shaddy  
FORBIS Greg Romero  
FORTNER Pam Frasier  
FOUSHEE Bobby J. Touchton  
FOX/FOXX Jan Murray-Easter  
GARNER Dianna B. Privette  
GARRISON John B. Fox  
GARRISON Jack London  
GORDON Nancy Hulett Bright The Byrd/Hulett Home Page
GRAHAM  [John and Thomas] George Graham  
GRAVES Travis Graves  
HADLEY Barbara Eberly  
HAITH Augustus Harris  
HAITHCOCK Pam Haithcock  
HARDEN Cliff Hedgepeth  
HARDER Mark Phelps Mark Phelps
HARDGROVE Peter D. Gold  
HARVEY Larry Moon  
HAWKINS James D. Hawkins Hawkins Fogleman Family Tree
HAZELL John B. Fox  
HERITAGE Mary L. Mitchell Thomas  
HESSE/HESSEY Nancy Hulett Bright  
HICKS Janet Burks  
HINSHAW Elizabeth Harris  
HINSON Wayne Hinson  
HIOTT Bruce F. Hiott  
HITE Larry Moon  
HOBSON James D. Hawkins Hawkins Fogleman Family Tree
HOLADAY Bob Kirby  
HOLT Cliff Hedgepeth  
HOLT Jaime Graves  
HUGHES Foster Hughes  
HULET/HULETT/HEWLETT/HOWLETT Nancy Hulett Bright The Byrd/Hulett Home Page
HULIT/HUGHLETT Nancy Hulett Bright The Byrd/Hulett Home Page
HUMPRIES Larry Moon  
HURDLE John B. Fox  
ISLEY Mary L. Mitchell Thomas  
JARRELL Barbara Eberly  
KERNODLE Tammy Phillips  Hanging Out in the Family Tree
KING John B. Fox  
KING (Robert King) David Walker  
KINNEY Crystal Eaton Cooper Crystal Cooper's Family Site
LANDRETH Mary R. Davis  
LANDRUM Nancy Hulett Bright  
LANGLEY Jan Murray-Easter  
LEA Mark Phelps Mark Phelps
LEMONS Gayle Briggs  
LINDLEY Barbara Eberly  
LITTLE Larry Bright  
LONG Carolyn Cooper  
LOY Delores Rochelle Walls Loy Family History

LUTTERLOH (Lutterlow, Lutterlough)

Augustus Harris  
MANSFIELD Elizabeth Harris  
MARLETT Charles Newlin  
MAY No Name Given  
McBRIDE Robert McBride  
McDADE Mary Thoeni McDade Family Page2nd page
McGEE Terry McGee  
McPHERSON Candy Price  
McPHERSON Barbara Eberly  
McPHERSON Crystal Eaton Cooper Crystal Cooper's Family Site
McTEER/MATEER Michael McTeer  
MEBANE Col Robert M. Mebane  
MICHAEL Dan Patterson Michael Genealogy
MITCHELL Mary L. Mitchell Thomas  
MONTGOMERY (William) James P. Montgomery  
MOON Larry Moon  
MOONE Larry Moon  
MOORE Elizabeth Harris  
MORROW Dawn Hicks  
MORTON Joyce Harrison Joyce's Genealogy
MURRAY Rosalyn Sumner Mark Phelps
MURRAY Mark Phelps Mark Phelps
MURRAY Slade Anderson Slade Anderson's Page
MURRAY Joyce Harrison Joyce's Genealogy
NEACE/NIECE Jack Shaddy  
NEWLIN Jan Murray-Easter  
NEWLIN Charles Newlin  
NEWLIN Bob Kirby  
NOAH/NOE Martin W.Rich  
NOBLET/NOBLIT Lynda Noblitt Lucas  
OUTLAW Mark Phelps Mark Phelps
PATTON Joan Scoggin-Chapal  
PEARSON (Sion, Zion or Zan) Sylvia Banks  
PENNINGTON Francis Murray  
PENNINGTON Candy Price  
PEOPLES Bobby J. Touchton  
PETTY Bobby J. Touchton  
PHILLIPS Doris W. Roney  
PILES Jan Murray-Easter  
PRESNELL Gayle Briggs  
PRIESTLY Larry Moon  
PUTMAN James D. Hawkins Hawkins Fogleman Family Tree
PUTNAM James D. Hawkins Hawkins Fogleman Family Tree
REEVES Larry Moon  
RICE John B. Fox  
RICE Slade Anderson Slade Anderson's Page
RICH Martin W. Rich  
RING Nancy Hulett Bright  
RIPPY Mark Phelps Mark Phelps
ROARK Kathy Roark-South  
ROARK No Name Given  
ROGERS Ray Rogers  
RONEY Doris W. Roney  
RONEY John B. Fox  
ROSS John D. Ross Would love to share information
SEAMON Sheryl Batt Looking for info on Victor Seamon B: 8-11-1901 d: 9-1977  Graham, Alamance
SELLARS Mark Phelps Mark Phelps
SHADDY/SHADY Jack Shaddy  
SHARP Martin W. Rich  
SHOFFNER Augustus Harris  
SHUTT John B. Fox  
SIMMONS Tammy Phillips  Hanging Out in the Family Tree
SIMPSON John B. Fox  
SMITH Gayle Briggs  
SPARROW Tiffany Capps Birkner  
SPOON Doug Spoon Spoon Family Home Page
STAFFORD Barbara Eberly  
STAINBACK Charlie Rathbun  
STALLINGS  Tammy Phillips  Hanging Out in the Family Tree
STEEL Jack Shaddy  
STEPHENS LeRoy Branton  
STOUT Nancy Hulett Bright  
SULLIVAN, B. Franklin Marcia C Bradbury  
SUMMERS/SOMERS Pam Haithcock  
SUTTON Tina Duncan  
SWIFT John B. Fox  
SYKES Jeremy P. Phillips  
SYKES Doris W. Roney  
TAPSCOTT John B. Fox  
TATE John B. Fox  
THOMAS Mary L. Mitchell Thomas  
THOMPSON James D. Hawkins Hawkins Fogleman Family Tree
TICKEL/TICKLE/TICKELL Judith Tickel Need Judith Tickel Need's Page
TICKLE Juliana Geris  
TINNIN Augustus Harris  
TROLLINGER Mark Phelps Mark Phelps
TROLLINGER Slade Anderson Slade Anderson's Page
VINCENT Nancy Hulett Bright  
WAGGONER Dan Patterson Waggoner Genealogy
WALLIS Mark Faucette  
WALKER Rosalyn Sumner  
WALKER Nancy Hulett Bright  
WALKER John B. Fox  
WALKER (Phillip) David Walker  Walker Family 
WARREN Nancy Hulett Bright  
WATSON Candy Price  
WAYNICK Gayle Briggs  
WEBSTER Joyce Harrison Joyce's Genealogy
WEBSTER Mary Ellis My Families from Alamance-Guilford Counties
WEEVER/WEAVER Jan Murray-Easter  
WHITE Jan Murray-Easter  
WHITSETT Lynda Kendrick  
WHITTED Slade Anderson Slade Anderson's Page
WILLETT LeRoy Branton  
WILLIAMSON Bill Williamson  
WILLIS Nancy Hulett Bright  
WILLOUGHBY Doris W. Roney  
WILSFORD Larry Moon  
WOODY Michael A. Woody  
WINDSOR John B. Fox  
WRENN Mary W. Ellis  My Families from Alamance-Guilford Counties
WYATT April Hennes  
YORK James D. Hawkins Hawkins Fogleman Family Tree

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