Furnished by Laurie & Charles Newlin
The cemetery listing is in order from left (#1) to right of how people are buried at West Grove. Also, #10 on our list is a burial spot for David Newlin's wife who is still living. In the tradition of Friends, most of the dates at the cemetery are using the month as a number instead of a name of a month. A few marker dates use the names of the months. These are exactly how the markers read at the cemetery.

Read Order Name Birth Date Death Date Other info. at cemetery relationships
1  [Obit] Newlin, Janell Moody       Jan. 21, 1927 Sept. 15, 2003   Wife of Alfred C. Newlin & daughter of Herbert & Gladys (Lindley) Moody
2 [Obit] Newlin, Alfred Cyrus         Sept. 27, 1925 May 4, 2001   Son of Harvey & Nannie Newlin
3 [Obit] Newlin, James N.              3-27-1857 9-19-1930 Father Son of John & Miranda  &  (Braxton) Newlin
4 Newlin, Martha E. 9-10-1861 11-30-1921 Mother Wife of James N. Newlin & daughter of George Guthrie & Ann (Morris) Guthrie
5 [Obit] Newlin, Mahlon                 12-21-1880 5-21-1961   Son of James & Martha Newlin
6 [Obit] Newlin, Lillian Marlette      2-5-1884 11-5-1961 Wife of Mahlon Newlin Wife of Mahlon Newlin & daughter of William Marlette & Hannah (Zachary) Marlette
7 [Obit] Newlin, Harvey                  7-19-1888 6-5-1970   Son of James & Martha Newlin
8 Newlin, Nancy "Nannie" Guthrie 2-25-1884 3-12-1967 His wife Wife of Harvey Newlin &  daughter of Alfred Lindley Guthrie & Jemima (Teague) Guthrie
9 [Obit] Newlin, David Marlette      10-20-1927 8-1-2002   Son of Mahlon & Lillian Newlin
11 Newlin, Nicholas David 8-3-1996 8-3-1996 Infant son of Charles & Laurie Newlin  
12 [Obit] Norwood, Susan Johnson  Sept. 23, 1848 July 12, 1931 Wife of William C. Norwood  
13 Norwood, William C. Nov. 5, 1848 Mar. 29, 1915 (Death date on marker is incorrect,  should be 1925)  
14 [Info] Norwood, Nettie Newlin   Mar. 10, 1874 Jan. 24, 1943 Wife of Johnie Norwood Given name was Antinet Newlin, twin sister of Farnando C. Newlin, daughter of Jonathan and Telitha (Genes) Newlin, wife of Johnie Norwood
15 Norwood, W. Johnie Apr. 13, 1870 Mar. 27, 1941 WJN Son of Susan & William Norwood
16 Norwood, ? ? ? Child of Nettie & Johnie Norwood,  Buried in woods behind main burial area, marked only by a stone marker
Additional Info: for J. Buxton Shaw and Norwood Family
* #10 on our list is a burial spot for David Newlin's wife who is still living.

Added 9-3-2006