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1869 Poll Exemptions Names of Slaves
   [found in court records]
Alexander County Deeds Alexander County Sheriffs
Bastardy Bonds and Records
   [off site   by Betty Camin ]
Benjamin Bentley - Estate Sale - House Fire
Bible Records Bogle Family
  1886 Newspaper
David Julian Family - Cem Deaths  
(Anna Watts Echerd Journal - 1827-1915)
Edgar Hallyburton
   (Captured But Not Conquered)
Ellendale Confederates
 (Anna Watts Echerd Journal - 1827-1915)
Sharpes Confederates
(Anna Watts Echerd Journal - 1827-1915)
Genealogy of William Austin
   (1654 1706)
Gravesite of Benjamin Austin
  ( & family data)
Ginger Creek Vineyards
 Owned by Austin Family since 1780
Jacob Miller Family
Lael School - 1911 Leander Lowrance News
   News Articles
  (buried in Alexander Co NC)
Theodore Miller
  (buried in Alexander Co NC)
York Collegiate Institute
   Brantley York
Newspaper Articles
1880   1881    1882    1883    1884    1885    1886
Newspaper Articles
1887    1888    1889    1890    1921   
Newspaper Articles
1937-Boone Teague Family Die at Crossing   
Newspaper Articles
Marriages by Brides
Extracted from The Landmark
Marriages by Grooms
Extracted from The Landmark
Extracted from The Landmark
Desilu Price Book 
Caroline Thompson Memorial 
             Thompson Murder
             Thompson Trial  Extracted from The Landmark
Tobacco Bag Stringing

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