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These links to family home pages are here for your research assistance.  The host of each page is solely responsible for the content of their page.  Remember, it is always best to check any information you find online for yourself.  Anyone knowing of other family pages dealing with Beaufort County families, please inform me by EMAIL. Also, anyone finding a link which isn't working, please let me know that also.  Thanks.

Descendants of Simon Alderson - Six generations of the descendants of Simon Alderson, including the early Alderson, Martin, Snode and Bonner families of Bath & Beaufort Co., NC. Compiled by Trisha Carden.

A Loose Collection of Motley Fools - Contains over 2300 names related to the Alligood, Buck, Cutler, Clark, Hill, Lewis, Rowe, Toler, Tripp and Woolard families of Beaufort County.  Contains ancestor & descendant charts.  A must see site for those researching the above names!  Compiled by Rick Woolard.

Austin Families Association of America - Over 300 members and growing. Linked to Austin Families from the Southern States, with information on over 4500 Austin's. Compiled by Liz Austin Carlin.

Carolina Genealogy Tree - A well researched site for Bonner, Cayton, Cowen, Mizelle, and Williams and other families of Beaufort & Hyde counties which has been compiled by Jacob Troy Bonner.  There are 800+ people to view as well as over 650 photographs.  This is a work in progress and the tree is growing daily.  Source documentation abounds!  This is an Ancestry "private" site but subscribers & non-subscribers to Ancestry may view this tree and all the wonderful data by sending Jacob an e-mail and requesting an invitation.  When accepting the invitation, you may be asked to create a non-paying account with a user name and password and then you can browse at your leisure.

Bonner Family - The descendants of Rev. Anthony Bonner in America. Keeling Family. Eight generations of descendants of John Keeling. John & Joel Martin Family. Three generations of the early families of John Martin & his son Joel Martin, Sr. of Princess Anne Co., VA and Bath & Beaufort Co., NC. Descendants of Col John Snoad (Snode). Compiled by Trisha Carden.

Brickhouse Family Association - History of the Brickhouse family since 1655 on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and North Carolina. Compiled by Grady Gordon Brickhouse.

Carawan Family History Page - Information on the early Carawan family in Dorchester Co., MD and Hyde, Beaufort and Pamlico Co., NC and ; wills, estates, military records, etc. Early spelling may also be spelled Kirwan. Compiled by John McGowan, deceased.

Carawan, Anges and Waters Family Photos of the Pantego, Beaufort Co., NC area. Compiled by Arthur Carawan, II.

Cuthrell Family Home Page - History of family of Gowin Cuthrell, died 1711 in Norfolk County, Virginia. Will mentions eight sons, one possibly the ancestor on the Hyde County Cuthrells. Compiled by Elizabeth Harris.

Visiting The Past - Research in coastal North Carolina, tidewater Virginia and colonial Maryland during the 1600s through 1900s.  These ancestral surnames include Blackstone, Bland, Bradlie, Brough, Caton, Clarke, Corprew, Dunbar, Evett, Goff, Hillsman, Lane, Newman, Peak, Peed, Rockhold, Rountree, Rowe, Stringer, Tackett, Tomlinson, Warren, White, Whitehead and Wood. Research in Scotland includes ancestral surnames Gardener, Hay, Hill, Hodgert, Learmonth, McDonald, Russell, Smith and Wilson. Website updated often. Compiled by Rae Jean.

Flowers Family Newsletter Index - Contact Larry Flowers for more information

Foster Immigrants Page - History of the early Foster family in Virginia. Contains info on Maj. Richard Foster of Lower Norfolk Co., Virginia and North Carolina. Compiled by Dr. Bill G. Foster.

The Fulford Saga - Chocked full of Fulford information from early immigrants to present day. This site has a queries page and even a Rogue's Gallery of Fulford photos. Compiled by Lola L. Pigott.

Gurganus Family Home Page - History of the Gurganus family from the early 1600's in England, Virginia and North Carolina. Compiled by Ray Gurganus.

Gurkin Family History Page - This site contains most of the early Gurkin Land Records, Wills, Deeds, Census Records, Births, Marriages and Deaths, for Beaufort, Hyde, Martin and Washington counties in North Carolina. Included is a detailed history of the Early Gurkins, and, in another section, their descendant printouts. The Index of Names lists the names in the descendant printouts. Compiled by James L. Gurkin.

Henderson Family Tree - Information on the descendants of Thomas Henderson and other Hyde County families, compiled by Robert W. Henderson.

Abel Hutson & other White County Hutson Pioneers: - Some descendants of Abel Hutson, Sr. (c1756-1805) of Hyde Co., NC and White Co., TN. Compiled by Robert Edwards.

Huxford Family History Page - Samuel Huxford (III) (c1717-1785) from Massachusetts to Hyde Co., NC (c1746) and later to South Carolina. Hosted by George Ballentine.

Jones and White Family Page - Information on the Jones and White families of Tyrrell Co., NC. Also contains list on Tyrrell's Confederate Soldiers; also the 1786 Hyde County Census, among others. Hosted by Chris Hartie.

McGowan Family History - Descendants of William McGowan, Sr. (c1708-1782) of Perquimans and Tyrrell Cos., NC and his son Joseph McGowan, Sr. (c1745-1801) of Hyde Co., NC, also the McGowans of eastern Beaufort County; and other lines of the family, including a link to the McGowan Family History web site for MacGowan, McGowan, McGowen, McGowan, McGown, Smith and other spelling variations. Also contains history of the origins of this surname.  Compiled by John McGowan, deceased.

The O'Neal Family Page - data on the O'Neal's of Eastern North Carolina. Compiled by Trisha Carden.

Pegram Family Album - This is a wonderfully done web page which traces the descendants of George Pegram of Williamsburg, Virginia. This site has a search engine, photos, a military database, births, deaths, marriages and many, many more things too numerous to mentions. Many North Carolina surnames are listed within this database which was done and is maintained by Nola Pegram Duffy.

Phelps Y-DNA & Genealogy in Northeastern North Carolina - Contact Cathy Roberts for more information

Roper Family Home Page - from North Carolina and elsewhere. Compiled by L. David Roper.

Russells in North Carolina in the 1700's - List of Russell's in early tax lists and censuses. Compiled by Joel S. Russell.

Satchwell / Windley / Clark / Gaylord Families, part of the Mary Westbrook-Drake's Genealogical Data Base. Compiled by Mary Westbrook-Drake.

Sermons / Sirmons / Surmons Family History - Information of the Sirmons family in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Mississippi. Compiled by Bill & Marilyn Sirmons.

Stotesbury / Stokesbury Home Page - Information on the family of Dr. John Prior Stotesbury (c1755-c1847) of County Kilkenny, Ireland and Beaufort and Hyde Co., NC. Also info on the early 1700's Stuchbury / Stuckbury family of Lewes, Sussex Co., Delaware and Beaufort and Hyde Co., NC. Compiled by John McGowan, deceased.

Descendants of John Swindell (Swindle): Ten generations on the Swindell family in England, Virginia, North Carolina. Compiled by Charles Swindle.

Descendants of John Swindell: Information on the Swindell family in Virginia, Hyde County, North Carolina and Madison County, Indiana. Compiled by Karen Swindell Wilson.

The Tuley Family Roots and Branches Page: Compiled by Glenn Tuley.

Wilkinson Family History: Ten generations of Wilkinson's of the Pungo River area of Beaufort / Hyde Counties. Descendants of Richard Wilkinson of Virginia and his grandson, Abraham Wilkinson I (c.1687-aft.1763) of Hyde County. Compiled by David Wilkinson.

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