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Free Negroes of North Carolina  


New Hanover County-St. James Parish  African American Marriages

North Carolina Slave Advertisements - Compiled by Sonya Brown Bolden

These slave advertisements were derived from online internet auctions and provide a closer look at the runaway slaves from the City of Wilmington and surrounding areas of Brunswick, Bladen, and Fayetteville, to name a few...

North Carolina Slave Plantations

Third Person, First Person: Slave Voices 

US Colored Troops Formed in North Carolina




Christine's African American Genealogy Site


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Bladen County African American Resources


Thanks for accessing the Bladen County African American Genealogy Site.  This site is dedicated to the struggle of African Americans who have paved the way for future generations. Its purpose is to document the names and faces of those who were enslaved and also those considered free slaves in order to preserve the remnants of history.  It also serves as a medium to preserve family stories, journals, bibles, and family trees, in order to capture the influence that African Americans have in Bladen County.  Even if you are a novice genealogy researcher to the most advanced, we welcome all contributions and have provided helpful links to get you started in your journey.. SANKOFA

This Month's Feature Article

Family Reunions

Every year, thousands of Black families get together to celebrate their reunions. Reunions are a time of laughter, getting together, and uniting since the end of slavery. We would like to highlight any family reunions or class reunions in the Bladen County area, whether yearly, or just getting together informally.

Burney and McKoy Family Reunion-Descendants of Edison Burney and Queen Victoria McKoy; Summer 2009. TBA. Coordinator Greg Terry

Brown Family Reunion-Descendants of Betsy Brown. Annual event. Jul 15 -Jul 17th. Charlotte, NC, Coordinator Travis Brown


Past Articles:

July-Sept 2008 -George Henry White

Oct 2001to Sept 2008-Ms. Lena Neil

Partial Listing of African Americans Lynched in North Carolina

Lyman Purdee,               Elizabethtown, May 3, 1892

SOURCE: 100 Years of Lynching, Ralph Ginzburg, Black Classic Press; Lynching in the New South, W. Fitzhugh Brundage, University of Illinois Press   Lynching Home

Bladen incident of 1773

Oakland Plantation

Oakland was built in 1781 in Carver's Creek Township by Revolutionary War Patriot General Thomas Brown. General Brown was married to first Sarah Bartram.  Sarah fell ill and passed away in 1779. His second wife was Lucy Bradley Brown, who lived for a remarkable 84 years.

General Brown owned approximately 30 slaves in 1790, one of which was probably connected to this researcher.

It is assumed that he was probably one of the more wealthier land owners in the Carver's Creek region of Bladen County. General Brown was the owner to several plantations: Walker's Bluff, Drunken Run, and Sedgefield, to name a few.

To learn more about General Brown, please review my website located at

  Brown and Mear(e)s of Bladen and Columbus Counties

Yours truly,

Sonya Brown Bolden

Suggested Readings


  • The Free Negro of North Carolina By John Hope Franklin

  • North Carolina Freedman's Savings & Trust Company Records By Bill Reaves 

  • Slave Genealogy: A Research Guide with Case Studies By David H. Streets

  • The Negro in North Carolina Prior to 1861 By James H. Boykin (1958)














Duncan King Cemetery search is currently underway and as the details unfold, we will keep you updated. Ruth King and several others are making an attempt to preserve history of the ancestral lineage of Duncan King, a former resident of Bladen County.

Please click here to take a look at some of the information regarding the Duncan King cemetery search.


NEW!!! -Access the genealogy
report of

King, Spendlove, and Bowens families

of Carvers Creek


We are looking at documenting cemeteries in Bladen County and could use your knowledge and assistance in identifying cemeteries of Bladen County.

If you know of any cemeteries not listed, please send an email.

Bladen County family websites and other links of interest

  • African American Genealogy Ring-This Web Ring is dedicated to genealogists who are researching African-American Family Histories. It is possible that you have African-American blood in your lineage, and aren't aware. You do not need to be an African-American to join this ring. You simply need to have a site dedicated to African-American Genealogy or History.

  • Allen Omega-This site contains research of the Autry, Wright, Powell and Hayes families of Bladen and Sampson counties.

  • Armstrong Crew: This site contains information on the Armstrong family from Bladen County, North Carolina
  • Brown and Mear(e)s of Bladen and Columbus Counties, North Carolina - African American Genealogy that chronicles the life and times of two families bound by the sanctity of marriage.  Site contains information on Bladen County census records, deeds, slave records, bills of sales, plantation history of Oakland plantation, and other various documents of Revolutionary War Patriot General Thomas Brown.  

  • Columbus County African American Resources - African American Resources for Columbus County. Sponsored by the USGenWeb.

  • First Person Narratives of the American South - documents the American South from the viewpoint of Southerners. It focuses on the diaries, autobiographies, memoirs, travel accounts, and ex-slave narratives of relatively inaccessible populations: women, African Americans, enlisted men, laborers, and Native Americans. The texts for this project come from the Academic Affairs Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Editorial Board for Documenting the American South guides its development.

  • Free African Americans of North Carolina and Virginia - Lists numerous free slaves throughout various counties in North Carolina and Virginia.  Provides in-depth explanation of information.

  • Free African Americans of Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware -Researcher Paul Heinegg lists numerous free slaves throughout various counties in North Carolina and Virginia.

  • Harmony Hall Plantation - Located in White Oak, North Carolina. Bladen County.

  • Virginia Slaves from North and South Carolina - Slaves brought into Brunswick County, Virginia, from North and South Carolina, 1780 -1781


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