Sutton Bible

And loose papers found in the bible

submitted by:Judy Brickhouse

This Bible originally belong to Henry Baker Sutton of Pasquotank County, but the Sawyer's and Carver's lines were from Camden. .



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Dec, the 25th 1872


Dear Miss Maggie

I Suppose you think my promises are indeed like pie crust made to be broken but I can assure you such is not the case, and as I promised to write you I will now make good that promise, and sincerely hope that I may gain back the favor of your esteem, and may I not say love, for if you know how much I have suffered within the past three or four weeks in regard to your answer which I had so fondly hoped would be in my favour, that I know your simpathising nature would pity me and I hope reconsider the matter and make me a happy man by saying you will be all my own.

I know that marriage is a matter that we should well consider befor we enter into its holy bonds and that happiness in after life depends on whether our love is of that purity that the changes through which we must pass cannot deface, And now Miss Maggie I can safely say that if you can trust your happiness in my keeping, it shall be sacredly guarded with the love of a true and faithful heart.

Hoping that you will not keep me long in suspense, but will answer immediately and favorably I remain

Yours truly & Sincerely

H. B. Sutton

(Note: Henry Baker Sutton)