These are not complete census listings.
Only families with African-American lines or the families that they were living with have been posted.
Some of the census images were almost impossible to read, so there are a few that are missing.
In cases where I just could not make out the handwriting , I have added (?).
Remember, most of the names were spelled as they sounded, so check all possiblities.
The information is posted as follows: last name, first name, age, sex, color, state born, residence and occupation.
I am only human, so I will apologize for any mistakes that I may have made while transcribing these.
If you have any questions about any of the listings, email me and include the word "census" in the subject line.

1850 Slave Schedule

1860 Census

1870 Census

Bandys Township

Caldwell Township

Mountain Creek Township

Newton Township
Clines Township

Hickory Tavern Township

Jacobs Fork Township

Hamilton Township

1900 Census

Hickory Township - Partial

Bandys Township

Caldwell Township

Catawba Pct.

1910 - Partial

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