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This indenture made the twenty eight day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and 
seventy four between James Muse of the County of Cumberland and the state of North Carolina, planter of 
the one part and Alexander Morrison of said county and pr---of the other part witness that for nad in 
consideration of the sum of  ---pounds proclaims monty to the said James Muse on one part by the said 
Alex Morrison and before the consideration and deliverisng of theses for  of the receipt and payment of 
which I herby acknowleged that expressed bargained sold land aforesaid  confer on and by same presents 
do grant, bargain sell and assign convey and confirm unto the said Alexander Morrison his heirs and assigns 
forever a tract of land containgin two hundred acres lying and being in the County and state aforesaid on 
the wagon road about 1 1/2 miles below McClendon's Creek beginnignat a Black Oak near the NE side of the 
road and rusns thende unto the -70 W statkes of ---- to a stake ona oak stump N20  SW chains and 28 links 
to a stake by a stump then 20 west nw chains and 75 links to a stake amont a white oak , black oakd and 
spainish oak then direct to the beginning which tract of land was granted to the said James Muse by his 
majesty --- Patent bearing date the twenty foruth of January and the twenty of August one thousand seven 
hundred and seventy three with the appurtencesnmce ---lying and being as aforesaid with their and evey of 
therir rights memers and assignees ---whatsoeverand the soverign and resolutions------of all and singular 
the land tenaments here did and -----hereby granted or install to be granted and assign grant and parcel 
thereof and all rents assigns  pauments to them or any of them or any part or parcel of theron or of them 
indebted belonging or pertaining and also all and every the  Estate abd estates by the  and the claims, 
interest and demands  whatsoever of him the said James Muse of or unto the said land test---- herein ---of 
assigns and whatsoever  

To have and to hold the said lands for ever with deeds and parc---- hereby granted with the appurtenaces to 
the said Alexander Morrrison  his heirs and assigns forever and that the said James Muse for himself his heirs 
executors, administrators and assigns do hereby forgive reconsider and give that from the said James Muse and 
his heirs and assigns against all lawfull claims or demands whatsoever whereby the above mentions --- might 
---- to trust - and the Kings Quartants- half gold and silver  marks in and that James Muse and his hand and 
seal this day and year above mentioned
James Muse seal

North Carolina Cumberland County Jan Term 1775
There was the execution of this deed in appeared court of sessions ---James Muse and ---- recorded
Thomas Rutherford CC

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