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Transcribed & Contributed by Trisha London      Posted February 29, 2008 by Myrtle Bridges

Will Edward Davis 20 Jan 1780/No Probate Date Bladen County Book 1 Pages 485 - 487
		In the Name of God "Amen"
		I Edward Davis of Bladen County and State of North Carolina being weak in body but of sound mind and 
		memory do this the 20th day of January 1780 do make this my last will and Testament in manner and 
		form following
		Impremes I commend my soul dot god who gave it in hope &c &c And as to what worldly estate it has 
		pleased God to bless me with I dispose of in manner and form as follows
First		I order all my just debts to be paid and my funeral expenses All the remainder of my estate to 
be equally divided between my children and grandson viz:  my son Edward Greenwood William and John Burgoin 
Davis my daughters Mary and Margaret Davis my daughter Jean Blocker is to be paid by my Executors five 
Shillings [illeg] his sons drawing an equal share with my other children  Each of my children is to have 
their equal share paid to then when they come of age

		My Executors or the Court to appoint three more to value my estate and divide the same according 
		to the value of the same provided that as Each of my children takes their part as above they shall 
		before they received the same give bond and good security and pay yearly to my surviving wife Margaret 
		Davis the sum of three pounds and eleven shillings prove money or any other article she may want
		The same to pass as many provisions and goods did in the year 1775 my three negroes Joe Daniel and 
		Hannah be hired out to the best advantage their wages yearly, after paying for schooling my sons as 
		need as may be thought needful by my Executors Taxes and other necessary expenses is paid the remainder 
		with what other profits may be made out of my estate to be put out at interest for the use of the 
		remainders of my children who may not have received their part of my estate.
		My wife as long as she remains a widow to live on the plantation with the children that may not be 
		of age, and to keep all the stock and so forth that may be left after and division and take as good 
		care as possible for the good of the children that may have not got their part  But in case any of my 
		children should not agree with their mother to live with them or choose Guardian and so forth they shall 
		each of them so choosing guardians or otherwise as well as my grandson Edward Davis Blocker give unto my 
		wife Margaret Davis bond and security to pay her yearly the above seven pounds three shillings proved in 
		money provisions or other goods that she may want at the above value.
		And I further leave my still and assets and apportionments belonging to the same above to my son William 
		his share of my said estate and that after my decease I order that my negro Joe shall be sold to the best 
		advantage by my Executors and the money put out to interest.
		And I do hereby constitute and appoint John Burgoin Esq. Mr. Benjm Stone and my son Edward Greenwood Davis 
		when of age Executors of this my last Will and Testament Revoking all other wills allowing and confirming 
		this my last will & Testament.
		In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above said
acknowledged and published
and declared 
in presence of
William McRee	)                              
Josiah Hendon	)                                         Edward Davis (seal)
Margaret McRee	)

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