1784 Will of Donald Campbell of Scalpay

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1784 JUNE 2   In the name of God, Amen I, Donald Campbell1 late of Scalpay, now Planter in Cumberland County 
and in the State of North Carolina, make this my last will and testament. I resign my soul to its creator in all 
humble hopes of its future happiness as in the disposall of a being infinitly good. I hereby appoint my particular
friends Ferquhard Campbell, Esq. and Alexander McIver, Merchant the survivor or survivors of them, executors of this 
my last will and testament and it is my will that my above said executors shall take an account of my estate in land, 
money, bills, bonds, accounts or claims due to me after paying my debts. I give, devise and bequeath to Katherine
McDonald, my lawful and well beloved spouse, all and whole of my free estate if in case she is the longest liver, and 
afterwards to the disposall to grant it to whom she pleases. I also doth give to my daughters, Barbara, Christian, 
Margaret and Isabel, and my grandchildren also John and Alexander, natural children to the deceased John Campbell, 
my son, the payments of a bill due me by Ranold McDonald of Clan Ranold of North Britain to the amount of one hundred
pounds sterling money. This said bill was left in the hands of Donald McDonald of Ballshair and is to add the interest 
yearly with the principal in order the interest should pay interest. Therefore it is my desire that the payment of said 
bill shall be divided into equal shares among my daughters and them two natural children of the deceased John Campbell, 
my son. It is my will that each of them shall share as one of my daughters, only that my beloved spouse shall be supplied 
when required out of the payment of the aforesaid bill and the rest to share as afore mentioned.

Whereas, I have sometime past bargained and made over to the Rev. Mr. John McLeod of Cumberland County full powers to 
uplift payment of the said bill due me the said Donald Campbell by Ranold McDonald of Clan Ranold of North Britain dated 
the fourth day of April one thousand seven hundred and seventy three for one hundred and twenty pounds, four shillings 
sterling, and now hearing of the said John McLeod being lost I do hereby by this my last will and testament empower my 
foresaid executors the survivor or survivors of them to up lift payment in said bill for to be divided in the manner 
afore specified.

And further I give and devise my son Malcom the payment of certain bill left in the hands of my son, Kenneth, due by 
Donald McKenzie of Skinidan North Britain for the sum of twenty odd pounds sterling money as already granted to Malcom 
per letter sent him dated may one thousand seven hundred and eighty one years. It is my will also that my son Malcom 
likewise would get payment of another bill due me the said Donald Campbell by John Falkner North Britain for the sum 
of eighteen pounds sterling money if in case my son Malcom is not in life, I empower my executors to uplift payment 
of these bills for the support of my family. As for William McLeod of … bill that I had for sixty pounds sterling money 
and the Laird McLeod late of Harris Bond that I had for eight hundred marks. My sons at home most better judges how 
much is due to me of said bill and bond.

And lastly, I do make and constitute this to by my latter will and testament hereby declaring all former testaments 
contracts and agreements to be void and of no effect or force hereafter never the less reserving full powers to me at 
anytime of my life should it please God to prolong my days to alter any of the … as I think proper providing I obtain
the consent of my spouse to the same and for the more security of all parties I consent to the registration hereof in 
the books of councils or any other judges books competent therein to remain for preservation. In witness whereof I have 
subscribed these presents written on this and the three preceding pages by Colin McLennan this second day of June in 
the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty four years. Signed sealed and declared to be the testators 
last will and testament in the presence of us, Colin McLennan and Malcom McLeod. 
(Original at North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC)

Donald Campbell b. c1714 in the Island of Scalpay, near Skye, Invernes-shire. Married Katherine
McDonald. Emigrated to NC in 1774. Father of John, Isobel, Christian, Barbara, and Margaret. Settled on
McLendon's Creek Cumberland County. Directory of Scots in the Carolinas 1680-1850 ’ David Dobson

Katharine is Thought to be the sister of Hugh McDonald of Baleshare and daughter of Ranald McDonald of 
Clan Ranold of North Britain. Ranold McDonald's wife, Marion was the daughter of Donald McDonald 13th
Captain Captain of Clanranold. Journal of Clan Campbell Society Summer 1992 Issue pg. 5

Christian married Angus Bethune. Their son John is thought to be Chaplain of Royal Highland Emigrants
and the founder of St. Gabriels Church in Montreal, Canada. Journal of Clan Campbell Society

1777 July 25. Duncan McNabb, Archibald Stewart, John McIntire, John Campbell, Daniel Campbell, Norman Campbell, 
William Williamson, William Eccles, Daniel McDougald, Duncan McDonald, Daniel McDonald, Duncan Henry, Alexander 
Cumming, William Henderson, William Thompson, and Garret White, being cited, appeared before this court and 
refused to take the Oath prescribed by Act of Assembly passed at Newbern, May 10th, 1777, entitled an Act for 
the Security of the State. Ordered that the said persons be commanded and directed to depart the State of North 
Carolina, either to Europe or the West Indies, within 60 days from this date. 
Source: Cumberland County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions - NCA

Duncan McNabb, a native of Scotland, arrived in NC in 1771 and in 1775 he married Margaret, the sister
of Isabell Campbell McLeod. Both sisters, natives of Scotland and daughters of Donald Campbell of
Scalpay had been single upon arriving in America. The Campbells settled as freeholders in Anson County.
Many hardships forced Duncan and Margaret McNabb and a small child to seek refuge in Nova Scotia.
However, they were unable to support themselves there and departed for England on a dangerous Winter
passage December 23rd, 1783 arriving February 10, 1784. In 1775 Isabell Campbell married Norman
McLeod, also a native of Scotland. Norman became a lieutenant under Capt. James McDonald and was in
the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, where he was taken prisoner and confined in the jail at Halifax, NC.
There he was held until exchanged in 1780. 
Sources: Will of Donald Campbell of Scalpay / Roster of the Loyalists in the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge 
by Bobby Gilmer Moss

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