Transcribed & Contributed by Robert Abney, Stone Mtn., GA      Posted March 14, 3012 by Myrtle Bridges

State of North Carolina, County of Cumberland
In the name of God, Amen.
I, Catherine Galbreath, of the County and State aforesaid, being of sound mind and memory, Blessed Be God, but weak 
of body, do make this my last will and testament:
I will and bequeath to my son Neil Galbreath one half of my negro girl, Dinah, and all of my cattle and stock and 
furniture after my death.  To my son Laughlin Galbreath, the other half of said negro girl, in case he should return: 
but if Laughlin should not come back for his part, then the girl is to become wholly Neil's.  To the rest of my children
- that is Donald Galbreath, Nancy Galbreath Black and Mary Galbreath Mann (David), one dollar each.  John Galbreath being 
dead, I will his heirs one dollar each.
Further I appoint my friend Daniel Baker, executor to this my last will and testament. 
Sealed and signed and delivered this 15th day of September 1814 in the presence of Gilbert Carmichael.
Daniel McAlpin
David Sinclair
Catherine x Galbreath (Seal)
March term 1815
Teste Robinson Mumford C.D.
This will is listed in Genealogy and History of N.C., #15044

Executive Department
Passports To Travel Through Georgia 
Friday 21st February 1812

On application 
ORDERED That passports be prepared for the following persons to travel through the Indian Nations to 
the Western Country, viz, One for Mr. George Reddish from Edgefield district, South Carolina, and One 
for Messrs. Daniel Galbreath and Laughlin Galbreath, the former with his wife six children and one negro, 
and the latter with his wife and two children, all from Cumberland County, North Carolina. Which were 
presented and signed.

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