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Cumberland County Deeds, page 245
Daniel Leslie to John Leslie

This indenture, made the eighth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen between 
Daniel Leslie of the County of Richmond and State of South Carolina of the one part, and John Leslie of the County of 
Cumberland and State aforesd of the other part.  Witnesseth, that the said Daniel Leslie for and in consideration of the 
sum of Two hundred dollars to him in hand paid or secured to be paid at and before the sealing and delivery of these 
presents, hath bargained sold and conveyed and do by these presents bargain sell and convey unto him the said John Leslie, 
his heirs and assigns forever, all these pieces or parcels of land, lying and being in the County of Cumberland.  Viz, one 
Tract containing Fifty acres surveyed for said Daniel Leslie the 29th January 1790.  Entered the 21st February 1791.  
Beginning at a pine on John McLean's line above his own house and improvement, then South twenty chains, thence East 
twenty five chains, thence No  twenty chains, thence to the beginning.  Also one other tract containing one hundred 
acres of land surveyed for said Daniel Leslie the 29th of January 1790.  Entered the 4th of August 1794, lying in said 
County beginning at a stake the corner of a hundred acres survey of John McLean's, thence No twenty two chains and thirty 
six links to a stake among -------McLean's other corner, thence West thirteen chains to a pine on said line the corner of 
a Twenty acre survey, thence North thirteen chains to a stake thence East thirty seven chains to a Stake thence South thirty 
six chains to a Stake thence to the beginning - Likewise another tract containing sixty one acres surveyed for said D. Leslie 
January 22 1803.  Beginning at a large pine on the west side of Big Rockfish and North of the mouth of dry branch including 
his (Well house?) and runs North eighty West forty two chains to a corner thence North ten East sixteen chains to a corner 
thence South eight East forty two chains to a corner thence to the beginning.  This last tract being part of a tract granted 
to David Allison and sold to John Dickson by Phileman Hodges Esq. high sheriff of Cumberland County to satisfy the taxes due 
thereon and by said Dickson conveyed to A. Gilchrist and J. Rhodes and by them to said Leslie which said their pieces or parcels 
of land batten and bounded as aforesaid and estimated to contain Two hundred and eleven acres, the said Daniel Leslie for himself, 
his heirs and assigns hath hereby sold, set over conveyed and released and confirmed in open market unto him the said John Leslie, 
his heirs and assigns forever.  And he the said Daniel Leslie doth hereby covenant and promise to and with the said John Leslie 
that he the said Daniel Leslie for himself, his heirs,executors and administrators and assigns them and will forever defend the 
said pieces or parcels of Land from all lawful claims or claims of any person or persons whatsoever unto him the said John Leslie 
his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns forever.  In Witness whereof the said Daniel Leslie hath hereunto set his hand 
and affixed his seal the days and year first above written.                               
							Daniel   X   Leslie
Signed, Sealed and Executed
In the presence of
L. Bethune
John Bethune
		State of North Carolina          March Term 1819
                          Cumberland County           
			Then was the execution of this deed proven by L. Bethune, Esq.
                                                       & admitted to Record.
					Test.  Jno. Armstrong Clk.

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