Court of Equity, Spring Term, 1829

Transcribed and Posted November 06, 2009 by Myrtle Bridges

Carolina Observer, (Fayetteville NC) Thursday, July 16, 1829

State of North Carolina
Cumberland County
In Equity, Spring Term, 1829
The President and Directors of the State Bank of North Carolina,
Samuel P. Ashe, A.L. Gomez, G.T. Hearsey, Solomon J. Isaacs, and William Hooper and 
James H. Hooper, heirs at law of Thomas C. Hooper, deceased.

This Bill is filed by complainants to foreclose a mortgage executed to them by 
Samuel P. Ashe, in August 1821, conveying to them a certain lot situate in Fayetteville, 
at the foot of Hay Mount, on the north side of Hay street, on which stands a three story 
brick house, where the said Ashe formerly lived; and a plantation on the Wilmington road, 
2 miles below Fayetteville, called Spring Hill, joining Broadfoot's lands, --for the 
purpose of having the same sold and the money applied to the payment of the mortgage debt. 
And it appearing to the Court that Samuel P. Ashe had afterwards conveyed the first mentioned 
tract to George T. Hearsey, who conveyed the same to Aaron L. Gomez, who assigned the same 
to Solomon J. Isaacs. And that the said Ashe, Gomez, and Isaacs are not inhabitants of this 
State; It is therefore ordered, that unless they plead, answer or demur to the Complainant's 
Bill, on or before the next Term of this Court, the same will be taken pro confesso, and heard 
exparte.  William F. Strange, C & M.E.

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