1850 - Free Colored Inhabitants of Fayetteville Town, Cumberland County, NC (Partial)
Contributed by, Quo "Poe" Covington, Fayetteville, NC.    Posted by Myrtle Bridges December 29, 2003

**Households are listed together by groups

Elias Thigpen  22 Male Mulatto Laborer

? Oxendine Female Mulatto 
Jack Mumford 22 Male Mulatto

Jordan Pettiford 43 Male Mulatto Laborer
Ailey (Anna) Pettiford 36 Female Mulatto
John Pettiford 16 Male Mulatto Laborer
james Pettiford 13 Male Mulatto 
Amos Pettiford 8 Male Mulatto
Cordelia Pettiford 7 Female Mulatto
Charley Pettiford 4 Male Mulatto
Mary Pettiford 2 Female Mulatto
Sa?as Daniels 1 Female Mulatto

Fayetteville Town 1860 (Partial)

Mary Holliday 35 Female Mulatto 35

Lucy Pearce 35 Female Mulatto Cook

Matthew Learey 27 Male Mulatto Harness Maker
Laura Learey 24? Female Mulatto School Teacher
James Pearce 8 Male Mulatto
Mary Pearce 2 Female Mulatto

Catherine Lomax 22 Female Black Cook
Martha Eddie 33 Female Black
Mary Eddie 1 Female Mulatto
Sophia Lomax 8  Female Black 
Candice Lomax 4 Female Black
(Members of the Contributers Family)

Sarah Carter 15 Female Mulatto

Joshua Payne 25 Male Black Carpenter
Lucy Payne 18 Female Mulatto House Keeping

Harrison Phillips 24 Male Black Boat ?
Margaret Phillips 22 Female Laundry

Edward Perry 27 Male Mulatto Barber
Catherine McKenzie 24 Female Mulatto
Roxanna Lomax 12 Female Mulatto
Lizzie Henderson 4 Female Mulatto
James Smith 2 Male Mulatto
Mary Perry 6/12 Female Mulatto

Margaret Chavers 40 Female Black

Elizabeth Evans ? Female Black Washer Woman
Sarah Evans ? Female Black
? Evans 12 Male Black

Delia Murchison 60 Female Mulatto


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