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This indenture made this 15th day of May in the year of our Lord, 1851 between Alexander Johnson Esquire Sheriff 
for the county of Cumberland on the one part and John McLean Esquire of the County of Johnson on the other part:
Whereas by virtue of an execution ensuing from the court of pleas and Sessions of Cumberland County returnabel to 
March Term 1838  of said Court for the sum of $20. Which said sum was recovered by John Blanchard against Benjamin 
Morrison as on Record of said court May appear:

And Whereas the said execution was directed and delivered to the said Alexander Johnson, Esq. Sheriff of aforesaid 
commanding him that the goods and chattels, lands & tenements of the said Benjamin Morrison he should cause  to be 
made the aforesaid sum to satisfy the said execution with the costs therein and the said Alexander Johnson , Sheriff 
of aforesaid, in presence and by virtue of his office and the aforesaid execution, did seize and take into his hands 
and custody (no goods and chattel to be found), a certain piece of parcel of land, situated, lying and being  in the 
said County of Cumberland , bounded as follows:

Beginning at a stake and pine stump by a band of Walker's Creek on the east side of the North  Road, meaning then South 
32 chains to the Line, eight lines acres surveyed & S 85 and E 32 chains to a stake thence East, 25 chains to a stake 
in the line of 100 acres___- for Solomon Walker . Whence as the line of said survey S 45 E 20 chains to a ---- oak , 
thence N 45 and 22 chains to a pine and black gum, thence N 45 to 31 chains and 63 links to a pine then, N 6 W 5 chains , 
then West 41 chains and 50 links to the beginning containing 389 acres, more or less and the said Alexander Johnson, Esq, 
Sheriff of aforesaid , at the due advisement, according to law, did cause the said piece or parcel of land with all the
appurtences, then belonging to be put up to public sale to the highest bidder on the 5th day of our Lord 1838 at which 
time and place the aforesaid John McLean became the last and highest bidder to the sum of $5.50 for the said land with 
the appurtenances, ---belonging.
This indenture witnessed that the said Alexander Johnson Esq, Sheriff of the county aforesaid, for and in consideration 
of the sum of $5.50 cents to him in hand paid by the said John McLean at and before the sealing and signing of these 
possessions, the receipt of where of is hereby acknowledged, he  the said Alexander Johnson, Sheriff doth hereby bargain, 
sell, align, confer, convey and confirm unto the said John McLean, his heirs, executors, administrators  or assigned, 
forever to the aforesaid lands, tenements, and appurtenances with all rights, titles, claims or demands of or unto the 
aforesaid piece  or parcel of land with all the attachments and endowments to the same belonging or in any right  pertaining . 
To have and to hold to the said John McLean, his heirs, executors, administrator or assignees, forever and in as full and 
simple a manner as he, the said Sheriff is empowered by virtue of his office. And furthermore the said Alexander Johnson doth 
covenant, promise and agree toad n with the said John McLean's bid there and executors, administrators and assignees; Who 
shall and may from time to time and at all times hereafter, have, hold occupy possess and enjoy the said possessions with 
the appurtenances free and clean of and from all encumbrances had,  made done or committed by him the said Alexander Johnson, 
Sheriff only or by his order means, or ------ nd that he, the said Alexander Johnson Sherriff will warrant and defend the 
same to the said John McLean his Heirs, Executors, Administrators or assignees forever, so far as his office of Sheriff will 
admit and no further. In Witness whereof, the said Alexander Johnson Sheriff of the County aforesaid hath hereunto by his hand 
and seal the day and year above written. 
Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of J. Mc Laurin
Alexander Johnson, Sheriff
North Carolina County Court Office, Cumberland County, October 2, 1854
This was the written deed acknowledged before me by Alexander Johnson Sheriff. Let the Deed and this certificate be registered.
Registered 14 October 1854  J. M. Lauren, Clerk

John McLean
Alexander Morrison and others

For and in consideration of the sum of $5.10 to me paid by Alexander Morrison and for  other good credit and considerations use 
the events moving  I the within named John McLean do herby transfer and convey unto Alexander Morrison, John Morrison, Archibald 
Morrison, Frances Morrison , Henry  Morrison, Daniel Morrison, Martin Morrison , children of Benjamin Morrison, all my rights title 
and interest in and to all of the land described in the within deed of conveyance in Witness whereof I set my hand and seal to these  
precedents this 5th day of August in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and fifty four.

Archibald McLean
Hector M. McLean 
John McLean   Seal

North Carolina 
Cumberland County, County Court Office 
October 2, 1854
Then, so as the above deed proven before me by the oath of Archibald McLean and ordered to be registered
Registered  14th October 1854        J. McLaurin  Clerk

Cumberland County North Carolina Deed Book 52 pages 90-91

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