( Name, age, gender, occupation and place of birth )

David Campbell 38, Isabella 26, Alexander 12, Malcom 10, Isabella 8, William 6, Susan 4, and Hannah 1yr.

William Campbell 33, b. Scotland, Elizabeth 26 b. Virginia, Walter H. 8 , and Charles W. 5 yrs

Bridgett Campbell 24 b. Ireland (living with Hector? McMillan)

Alexander Campbell 77, b. Scotland, Kitty Ann 50

Margaret J. Campbell 30, Martha 9

Emily Campbell 38, Maggie E. 20, Duncan J. 16, Herring 12, William R. 11, Francis 7 female

Robert B. Campbell 45, Mary 46

Census below was submitted by Kaththea J. Borland-Mills, Wintersburg Community, AZ    Posted June 15, 2000
Ninth Census of the United States. National Archives Microfilm Bublications. Micro Copy 593. 1870 Census of North Carolina. Roll 1133 Volume 7 (1-325) Cumberland County.

McKay, Calvin   Head   M   B   23   NC  Farm Laborer
Martha   Wife   F   B   20   NC  House Keeper
Sarah   Dau   F   B   1  NC

Patterson, Rowdall   Head   M   W   32   NC   Farm Laborer
Tilla   Wife   F   W   32   NC  Keep House
Neill   Son   M   W   9   NC
Margetts   Dau   F   W   7   NC
Archibald   Son     M   W   8   NC
John   Son   M   W   6   NC
Mary   Dau   F   W   1   NC

McKay, George   Head   M   W   40   NC  Farmer
Margrett   Wife   F   W   37   NC Keep House
Virginia  Dau   F   W   12   NC
Albert   Son   M  W   10   NC
Lawrence   Son   M   W   8   NC
Barbra  Dau   F   W   6   NC
Susan   Dau   F   W   4   NC
Effy   Dau   F  W   1  NC
King, Eliza   House Keeper  F   B   18   NC  Domestic Servant

McKay, Erskin   Head  M   W  45   NC  Farmer
Emily   Wife   F   W  35  NC
Caroline   Dau   F   W  12   NC
Erskin   Son   M   W   10   NC
Josephine   Dau  F   W   7   NC
Elizabeth   Dau  F   W   1   NC

McKay, John  Head   M   W   46  NC Farmer
Emily   Wife   F  W  38  NC
Arabella   Dau   F   W   16   NC
Thomas   Son   M   W   13   NC
Robert   Son   M   W   8   NC
Kate  Dau   F   W   5  NC
Aliph   Dau   F  W  5/12   NC

71st Township, Fayetteville, NC.

McIver, John   Head  M   W   30   NC  Farmer
Isabella   Wife   F   W   28 NC
Elizabeth   Dau   F   W   6  NC
John   Son   M   W   4  NC
Rosanna   Dau   F   W   2  NC

Bethea, Stephen   Head  M   W   61   NC
Margaret   Wife   F   W   65  NC
Rachel   Dau   F  W   24  NC   Cotton Mill Worker
Bustain  Dau   F   W   20 NC  Cotton Mill Worker
Jackson, Mary N.   boarder   F   W   25   NC  Cotton Mill Worker


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