This photo was contributed by Elaine M. Carr     Posted May 23, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

The graduates are not listed in seating order. Thomas Duncan Rose left 1st row (died Chapel Hill 1981 at 92 yrs.); Grace Jennings, 1st row, 3rd person from the left; Mary Lilly McNeill (Elaine's aunt) 2nd from the right, back row; Marion Slocum; John Atkinson; Minerva McNeill; Bonnie Broadfoot; Edith Hill; Elizabeth Rankin; Tom Rose; Esther Tillinghusk (or Tillinghast), Eleanor Husk(e), Husk(e) Boy, Jessie Crosby, William Fry. If you can identify a person here, please email Myrtle or Elaine.

Hello, I just came across a photo which you posted on the Cumberland County historical website, and recognized my great-grandmother! Her name was Grace Jennings and in the photo she is in the first row, the 3rd person from the left. After high school, she married Neil Lacy Colton McArthur and lived on Murray Hill. They had three children (Mary, Elizabeth Murray, and Joseph) and Elizabeth (Betty) is my grandmother.

While I never knew her, I recognized Grace from the many family photos I now have in my home. Thanks so much for sharing this one, it was so neat to see a photo of my great grandmother that I didn't know existed!!

Best, Elizabeth (Murray McArthur!) Anglada     July 10, 2010

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