The 1910 Census was submitted by Kaththea J. Borland-Mills, Wintersburg Community, AZ   13th United States Census, 1910 North Carolina, Volume 22, Cumberland County, #1-333, Photographed in Microfilm-Lab, Bureau of Census, Machine #102    Posted June 15, 2000

Rockfish Township

Robinson William J.   Head   M   W   51   M1   NC
Mary C. Wife   F   W   53   M1   NC
Edna A. Dau   F   W   35   S   NC
William Son   M   W   28   S   NC
Gracie Dau   F   W   20   S   NC

Berckman, Francis   Head   M   W   62   W   Belg
Garner Thomas H.   Son-in Law   M   W   33   M2  NC
Katie  Dau   F   W   28   M1   NJ  Belg/Engl
Berckman, Edward   G-son   M   W   10   S   NC   NJ
Garner, Earl  G-son   M   W   7   S   NC   NJ
Maria G-dau   F   W   5  S  NC  NJ
Thelma G-dau   F  W  2   S   NC  NC   NJ

Pearce's Mill Township(Present day Massey Hill)

Morgan, Henry L.   Head   M   W   48   M2   NC
Josephine   Wife   F   W   48   M2   NC
Myrtle   Dau   F   W   18   S   NC
Janie   Dau   F   W  16 S  NC
McIntosh Ada M.  S-Dau   F   W   21   S   NC
Sadie   S-Dau   F   W   18  S  NC
Ruth   S-Dau   F   W   14   S   NC
Ernest   S-Son   M   W   9   S   NC
Bethea, Josie E. M.  A-Dau   F   W   4   S   NC

Bethea, Norman  Head   M   W   21   M1  NC
Clara   Wif  F   W  17  M1   NC

Bethea, Norman G.   Head   M   W   77   M2   NC
Margaret T. Wife   F   W   57   M1   NC

Bethea, John S.   Head   M   W   47   M2   NC
Nora A.   Wife   F   W   18   M1   NC
Mary A.   Dau   F   W  10  S  NC
Allen P.  Son   M   W  8  S  NC
Reaves, Leawiza  Aunt   F   W   55   Wd   NC

Berckman, Edward A.  Head  M   W  38   M1   PA  Bel/Eng
Frances E.  Wife   F  W   26   M1   NC
Franklin   Son   M   W   6  S   NC  PA  NC
Charles A.  Boarder  M   W  32  Wd  PA  Bel/Eng
Francis  Boarder  M   W  11  S   NC  PA   NC

Berckman, James   Head   M   W   25   M1 NC  Bel/Eng
Minnie  Wife   F   W  22   M1   NC
James H.   Son   M   W  17 mo.  S  NC

McMilliam Chapel Prct Cross Creek Township, Volume 21, #1-265

Roberson, Gideon S.   Head  M   W  64  S   NC

Robinson, John W.   Head   M   W  72   Wd   NC
Joanna A.   Dau   F   W  49   S
Unbauna  Dau   F   W  40  S  NC
John W. J.  G-Son   M   W   8  S   NC

Robinson, Henry McD.  Head  M   W   49   M2   NC
Janie   Wife   F   W   45  M1 NC
Bessie   Dau   F   W   19   S  NC
Katherine  Dau   F   W   16   S   NC

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