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I understand from records of Colonial America 1607-1789 that our Hilliard HICKS was in Cumberland Co. 1767. I have nothing more on this person. Has anyone seen or come across this name in your research? I would love to hear from you.
Thanks, Virginia Hicks    Posted April 21, 2001

Looking for any information on Jim PERRY and Mattie STANWICK of Cumberland County, may be the Hope Mills area, may be around the late 1900's Connie Allen    Posted April 19, 2001

I am seeking information on the MCSWAIN and CURTIS families of Cumberland County, North Carolina. I have information that indicates that Hugh Alexander MCSWAIN, M.D. (born in 1826) married Fanny CURTIS. They had the following children: Martha Curtis, Martyn Paine, Thomas Curtis, Sarah Elizabeth, Isabel, Hugh Alexander, Frances H., Annie Penelope, and Margaret Morrison. H. A. MCSWAIN had a second marriage to Anne Atkins MCALLISTER on 15 DEC 1875 at Wade, North Carolina at Barmoor. H. A. MCSWAIN and Anne MCALLISTER had two boys: John and Alexander. I would appreciate receiving any information on any of these lines. Thank you. R. P. Fairman    Posted April 18, 2001

My ancestors as far back as I know are from Cumberland County, North Carolina city of Fayetteville. My grandfather James Edward FULLER was born 1897 and died 1973 in Fayetteville. His parents were James Thomas Fuller and Carrie Lee JOHNSON. He married Edna Simmons Fuller and had children James, Godfrey, Donnell, Dorothy and Harold. Edna died in Nov 1964 and was founder of the Fuller school in Fayetteville. I am the oldest grandchild of these Fuller's and am trying to find info on the prior family members to finish family tree. Any one having information on these Fullers, please contact Deborah Fuller Johnson    Posted April 17, 2001

Searching for the father of Hardy JOHNSON, who lived in CUMBERLAND CO., N.C. during the Rev. War. He later moved to Burke County, Georgia. Any info. would be appreciated. Paul Wright    Posted April 15, 2001

Seeking details for Mary McLERAN buried in the Archibald McLeran Family Cemetery in Cumberland Co, NC. According to cemetery transcription she was born about 1809 and died 11 May 1900, age 91. She is the daughter of Archibald McLeran and Mary MURPHY. There are three other daughters buried there but only one is identified as having been married (Jennette who married Richardson STRICKLAND) although all reached maturity.

I am a descendant of the McLerans through my great-great grandmother, Dorcas McLerran (1848 KY-1884 Cooke Co TX). She was the daughter of Bennet McLeran and Elizabeth Mary Matthews. Bennet was son of John H. McLeran who was son of Archibald and Mary.

Any information will be appreciated and will be glad to share what I have. Surname is variously spelled McLaurin, McLerran, McLarin, McEtc etc. John Redmond Stevens    Posted April 15, 2001

I am trying to find any information about Willis BLANKS. According to family lore, WIllis was Irish, had two brothers and married an Indian in the early 1800's. The family moved from N.C. around 1840 and settled in southern Indiana. Among the children was a daughter named Anna Blanks. It is said that during the move, one older daughter left the group to return to Cumberland. Any information on BLANKS would be appreciated. Thank you, Randy Greene, Richmond, VA    Posted April 14, 2001

I saw the Will of Richard BLALOCK on the Cumberland County Web Site, and was wondering if anyone has information on the Blalock family that could identify my Elizabeth Blalock who married B. F. HAMILTON. I am not certain of the identity of the father of Elizabeth, but it appears that a William Blalock lived in her vicinity in 1850. Would appreciate any help! Thank you.
Page Pearson Wester    Posted April 12, 2001

Looking for info on Miller STEPHENS born 1810 married Mary Jane BAKER b 1824, parents John and Christine Baker. Have found info that sends me to Cumberland Cty but can find no proof. Would appreciate any info on these families. Thanks.
Cathy Stephens    Posted April 12, 2001

I am looking for information on the ancestry of Malcom Harvey McCALL (born 4/8/1849) and married to Mary Ann Seward FAIRCLOTH in Cumberland County. Thanks Eliza McCall    Posted April 11, 2001

I am having trouble researching my roots. I am told that John CARAWAY, Sr. is one of my ancestors from Cumberland County. He appears on your 1790 census. He is supposed to be of nobility, but I have not been able to find his roots back in Scotland. Any ideas of where to search?

I am also looking for information on Patrick STUART. John had married his daughter. Patrick was a Lord who sold his title and left Scotland with his brother during politial problems in the 1730's. I have a list of predecessor Lords, but no dates of birth/death/marriage etc. He is supposed to be a direct link to the 12 Century King of Scotland, but my list of about 8 Lords does not carry me back that far. This information was in a letter received by my Great Grandmother in the 1920's. Any help with reference materials would greatly be appreciated. Sincerely, William Carter Waller    Posted April 6, 2001

I would like to contact the descendents of James McDONALD, whose will was probated in 1779, Cumberland Co. Wife, Isabella. Also, the descendents of James Mcdonald, wife Sara Cox. Would like to compare information on the three James in Cumberland during the 1770's. My James married Sara Matthews, daughter of Thomas Matthews and Mary. Sincerely, Ruth M. Scruggs    Posted April 2nd, 2001

1797 WOMAN
Would a woman have needed her husband to claim property that she was entitled to from an inheritance in 1797? Does anyone happen to know? Many thanks, Sue Folawn San Mateo, CA     Posted April 1st, 2001

Searching for descendants of Mary Kate DEES [3-11-1885 to 2-18-1924] who married Alonzo Thomas HARRIS. Family lived in the Hoke, Robeson, and Cumberland counties. Kathleen Dees Willard Posted March 31st, 2001

Supposedly Emanuel (Jarmon??) KOONCE married a Vancy/Annie Foster in Onslow?, Jones? Co. They had three children, including my gggrandfather John Cicero Koonce who was born 1844 (m. Margaret Young - we can find them - just can't find his parents). En route to Ala. or Tenn. (there was some "unpleasantness" and Emanuel was essentially disinherited - ?), their wagon burned in Cumb. Co. or thereabouts, killing Vancy/Annie and leaving baby John Cicero. I am seeking ANY information about this link - death, birth, marriage records, whatever, as I cannot pinpoint John Cicero Koonce's parents!
Thank you for entertaining my bothersome query! Lili Bezner    Posted March 30th, 2001

I am looking for info on Joseph Frank VARNER b. 25 Dec1849 possibly in Cumberland Co., NC. There may be a connection with the McGREGOR surname, because my Grpa was named Malcolm McGregor Varner. Joseph moved to Texas and married Ellen McLaughlin b. in Austin Co., TX and they lived in Burleson Co., Tx. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks and Be Blessed, Lorene    Posted March 30th, 2001

I have been told that a Johann Pieter STRAUB died on 20 Jan 1793 in Cumberland Co., NC. He supposedly was b. 8 Mar 1728 in Baltimore. He may have been married to a Catharina Elizabeth ARMIN on 4 Apr 1758 in Germantown, PA. Does anyone know anything further about him or if those statements are even true? Thanks. Barbara Eggemeyer    Posted March 30th, 2001

Does anyone know of someone I could hire to search the archives for pay, as I need information to prove my James McDONALD's wife and his land holdings and father-in-law's land. All in Cumberland Co. N.C. I know it is in some books at the archives, as my cousins copied it. Any help appreciated. Sincerely, Ruth M. Scruggs    Posted March 27th, 2001

Looking for information on my Grandfather. His name was Christopher Columbus HUDSON, 1892-1956. I think he was born in Sampson County, but don't know for sure. I think his parents were William Hudson and Emily. My grandpa died when I was 6 years old and I know nothing about his family. When he came to Cumberland County and got married I guess he lost track of them. My Mama also said that grandpa had brothers and sisters, we never saw any of them growing up in Fayetteville. If anyone has any knowledge about the family of Christopher Columbus Hudson, please contact me. God bless you all. Charles Porter Vancouver, WA    Posted March 26th, 2001

I am looking for the first name of the Captain McDONALD, who served with Hodges companies, COL. Butler's N.C. regiment and was engaged in guarding the barracks at Cross creek, 1778. Or could someone tell me a book I could buy to find this information. Was he Loyalist or Patriot? Sincerely, Ruth M. Scruggs    Posted March 24th, 2001

Researching Catherine BLACKLEDGE, born in Cumberland County on 10-22-1822.
Thanks, Kay Fussell    Posted March 21st, 2001

Looking for info on Benjamin RINGGOLD in Cumberland Co. N.C. in 1860. I found him listed in a book in Cumberland Co. for 1860, but not listed on your census. He probably married Pheriba LACY there sometime after 1856, had son John and daughter Annie. He left there and went to La. in 1860 or 1861, then to Houston Co. Tx. in 1865. Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks, James Ringgold    Posted March 20th, 2001

My maternal great great grandmother was Louisa Wallace McINTYRE b. 1818, d. 1885, m. Isaac Warren PRIOR, b. 1811, d. 1900. I believe they were buried in Cross Creek Cemetery.
I am attempting to locate any information I can about either line and have had little success, particularly with the McIntyres. Any leads or information you might could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Fletcher Ramseur Posted March 19th, 2001

My ancestors came from Edinburgh, Scotland to Cumberland County, North Carolina: John SHAW who was married to Margaret Killen. They had 19 children. John's father, Neal SHAW was from Edinburgh. John was born January 14, 1775. Anyone knowing anything about these Shaws please let me know...I found a John Shaw listed in the 1820 census where it listed one male between 26-45. I would love to know if this indeed was my great great grandfather! Kindly respond soon if you know. Emily Shaw Weiland Posted March 18th, 2001

My gr gr grandfather, Nathaniel GREAVES (so spelled until after Civil War). He appears in the l850 Robeson County census where he states he was born in Cumberland County. Nathaniel was born in Dec 1803. I have researched early records there and find a Peter Greaves flourishing there in some records and some reference to a William Greaves. Any help at all will be most appreciated. I will share all I have on the subject in exchange for more info. Zelia Cline Posted March 16th, 2001

Both John SHEFFIELD and William SHEFFIELD are found in Cumberland County in 1767. They were found by another Lookup person for me in a North Carolina book. I would appreciate ANY other information on these fellows in Cumberland County. Thank you very much. Kathy Torkelson Posted March 16th, 2001

Looking for church/cemetery information for Fayetteville CUMBERLAND CO NC. I have an ancestor buried in Sardis Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Linden. Is this near Fayetteville?
Her name: Anna Elizabeth MURPHY Buie We have MURPHY relatives from Scotland who lived and died in the Fayetteville area. Is there someone who can get me Presbyterian church cemetery information from the Fayetteville area? Looking for
Margaret Porter Murphy d 1827
Thomas Murphy (or McMurchy) died 1832
Rachel P Murphy died 1843
Thomas R Murphy died 1851
Newspaper obits show they all died around Fayetteville but that is all the info I have. Would appreciate a contact who might be able to help. Thanks. Emma Lou Weldon Gainesville, FL Posted March 15th, 2001

Am searching for records of John PORTERFIELD (1740/50-1796) and John PORTERFIELD (1784-1857). They were of Deep River Plantation, Campleton. Can you help? Thank you, Martha Posted March 13th, 2001

I am searching for the family of Thomas STEEL who was married before 1787 to Nancy Ann PYLE. I need proof that his daughter Nancy STEEL was born in Cumberland Co. on Nov. 7, 1787. Are there any church or vital records available that can prove this? Sharla Grosso Posted March 13th, 2001

I am looking for parental information on murdoch CAMERON, born in Cumberland County, N.C. on 2/19/1800 died July 1881- (married Flora Bruce). Specifically I'm looking for the year his father, Norman CAMERON, immigrated to the us and from where in Scotland. Thank you, Sue Posted March 13th, 2001

I am researching my family histories from Cumberland County and Robeson County, more specifically St. Paul and Hope Mills. I am a resident of Florida but will be in North Carolina for 1 day next week. I want to make the most of that day and don't know where to begin. I would appreciate any assistance anyone can give me, as far as where records are stored, which libraries are most helpful, etc. The primary surname that I am researching is BAXLEY, but there are PREVATTs married into that line. Thanks, Sharon Jordan Inman Posted March 13th, 2001

I am looking for a Sara Possible MATTHEWS that married a James McDONALD, probably in Scotland. Possibly related to Joseph Matthews, will listed in Cumberland. She had sons, Jacob, Matthews, James and William. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, Ruth M. Scruggs Posted March 13th, 2001

I Am searching for any information on this surname. In particular, Cader Turlington made a will on 8 Aug 1850 and it is filed in Cumberland Co. Who was his wife? He names his youngest son, Daniel, and one other son, Willy. Need to know who Cader's parents are. Will gladly exchange information on Turlingtons Connie Bradbury Posted March 13th, 2001

My grandfather was from, and died in, Cumberland County, North Carolina. My father was also born there. My grandfather was Irvin R. HAMMOND, my father was Oliver Lowell HAMMOND. I would greatly appreciate information on my family! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you, Teresa Hammond Stuart (Terri) Posted March 13th, 2001

I am searhing for any information available about the ancestors and descendents of Isaac Warren PRIOR of Fayetteville in Cumberland County, NC. He was b. 12/21/1811, d. Abt. 1900. He was a local jeweler. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Fletcher Ramseur Posted March 3rd, 2001

Do you have any info on the Cross Creek Settlement of 1781? There was supposed to be a Scottish immigrant settlement there according to the battle of Guilford Court house summary. The Brittish troops (including the 71st Fraser Highland Regiment) stayed there for 12 days resting and tending their wounded before proceding to Wilmington. The settlement offered the service of 1500 eligible men to fight so it must have been a good size settlement. Can you suggest a source for further info, such as county historian etc. Thanking you in advance for any kind assistance. Regards,
Please respond to Shirley Sellers Posted March 3rd, 2001

Looking for descendents of Alexander FRAZER, Thomas Fraser, Simon Fraser who settled in the Cross Creek area about 1781. Any info appreciated. Shirley Sellers Posted March 3rd, 2001

Joseph William MALONE was buried in a small, private cemetery in Hope Mills, Cumberland County, NC, near the town cemetery. The cemetery has become overgrown and vandalized. Does anyone know the owner of the property, or the name of the cemetery? My question concerns the MALONE individual, and does anyone have any knowledge of this cemetery. Joseph MALONE was buried in 1936. Someone recently has begun to clear the cemetery. Please respond to Hilda Malone Hayes
Posted February 27th, 2001

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