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Thank you, I appreciate you help. Myrtle Bridges Cumberland County NCGenWeb Coordinator

I was wondering if you might know where I could possibly find out about my grandfather. His name was William PORTER. He was from Kelly, North Carolina. My grandparents, William Porter and Dovie WALKER, were not married, and Dovie gave my father, Luther James PORTER, away when he was one week old. He was raised by Sally BENSON. My father never spoke to his children about his real father, but he always knew that William was his father. He knew that he was given away at birth. I have researched and researched for William Porter and Dovie Walker and ran into a stone wall each and every time. I would give anything if I could find out the dates that they lived on this earth. I understand that every July there is a big Porter family reunion at White Lake. I dont know if these are relatives, but maybe one day I'll have time to be there in July and ask a few questions. My father died in 1968. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Charles Porter Hometown: Fayetteville, NC   Posted December 25, 2001

Seek descendants of Joel MEDLIN (MADLEN) who entered 100 acres on May 4, 1773 in Cumberland County on south side of John PATTERSON'S land and adjoining the Lower Little River. On September 9, 1784, Joel MEDLIN entered 50 acres on Lower Little River bordering Robert SMITH in Moore County. On March 19, 1786, Joel MEDLIN entered 50 acres on Pond Branch of Lower Little River in Moore Co. On May 24 and May 26, 1786, Joel MEDLIN entered two each 50 acre tracts in Moore County bordering Robert SMITH, one on south side of Lower Little River and other on north side bordering Finley McDONALD. These lands were below the mill pond established before 1769 by Nicholas SMITH near present day Thagard's Lake at Whispering Pines. Claude Medlin   1409 LeAnne Court   Raleigh, NC 27606   Posted December 12, 2001

I am still looking to find the dates of death,and location of death and burial, for Lovett RYALS and his wife Mary AVERA RYALS of Cumberland Co., NC. They are the parents of Eliza RYALS b.1831-John Lloyd RYALS b.4 Nov 1832 d. 9 May 1907 Duke(Erwin, now) Harnett Co., NC- Nancy J. RYALS b. 6 June 1835 d.28 Oct 1916 - Richard M. RYALS b.1838 -Archibald A. RYALS b.1840. Lovett RYALS' brother, Richardson RYALLS, moved to Montgomery, Alabama abt 1816. He may have gone with him because I found a Richard RYALS and a Lovit RYALS who married the same year to sisters in Montgomery, AL. Please help! Jackie Ryals Prescott  December 10, 2001

I am searching for information on John MOLLOY b: 1726 probably in Ireland but lived on the Isle of Jura, Argyll Co., Scotland prior to migrating to NC abt 1760. John reportedly lived in Robeson (and perhaps Richmond) and Cumberland Counties and died abt 1804 in that area.

John had 5 children:
Angus b: abt 1745
Charles b: 10 May 1753
Cathrine b: abt 1756
John b: 24 December 1757
Elizabeth b: abt 1759
All were born in Argyll Co., Scotland.

I would like to contact anyone who might have any knowledge of John Malloy/Molloy or any of his descendants. Best Regards Roy Eastes   Gulfport, MS     December 9, 2001

I have just discovered a link to my family and am writing to see if anyone has any information on the following people. Roderick McINTOSH came from the Isle of Skye with wife Mary ANDERSON and son Daniel about 1776 to Robeson County. Daniel grew up in Robeson and married Christina FINLEYSON. In 1820 the group moved to Monroe County, Alabama, part of the family stayed in Monroe and the others moved to Thomas County, Georgia settling in Boston. Duncan McIntosh was born in 1805 to Daniel and Christina. He married Nancy McCALL (probably in Monroe County). We had always been told that Nancy was born in Edinburgh and of course had assumed Scotland. However, while studying a map of North Carolina, I found an Edinburgh in Cumberland County.

My question is, does anyone have any records of Roderick and Daniel and also, do you know which McCall family in Cumberland may have had a Nancy approximately 1805-1810? I have loose links between Nancy McCall and Daniel and Hugh McCall in Monroe County. Hugh McCall lists a sister Nancy in his will and Daniel gives a slave to Nancy's blind son John. Loose links, but significant, non the less. Thank you for any clues you can give to me and thank you for the music. God Bless America. Dorothy Cato McIntosh Cain    Posted December 7, 2001

Does anyone have information to share about any of the following people? Estate of Edward ROWELL, father of Jemima Rowell, wife of John HUNNICUTT, II, Surry County., VA: - Rowell, Edward: Legacy to Sons: Edward (30 shillings), Richard (30 shillings). Daughters: Elizabeth, wife of Matthew Ellis (30 shillings). Mary (30 shillings). Jemima (30 shillings). Son, Samuel (40 shillings). Wife Elizabeth. Written March 20, 1727. Probated, May 21.1729 Will book 7, page 927. Cumberland County N. C. His wife was Margaret COOPER granddaughter of Major John and Elizabeth (widow of John Hodges) Cooper after John Cooper died she married Augustine Hunnicutt the brother of John Hunnicutt (I) who married Elizabeth WARREN. Thanks, Dan Hunnicutt    Posted Nov. 29, 2001

Looking info on Nora L WATSON from Cumberland Co, born abt 1869, Dau of Richard Watson and Mary SMITH; Married David P WILLIAMS 1888 in Cumberland Co. Nora had a Sister named Jonnice (or Joyce) Ellen. I think David got connected to Cumberland Co area via his Uncle David GASTER that moved there from Moore Co. David Williams    Posted Nov. 29, 2001

Looking for a PERRY family in Hope Mills or Cumberland county, one brother Chester, and sisters Mary, Carrie and Daisey. I only know Chester's date of birth 1898. Thanks, Connie    Posted Nov 21, 2001

Does anyone have Duncan CAMPBELL in the 1850 Cumberland County NC census? I have a funeral procession going to his home in Fayettville in 1851 for a ceremony for a Thomas Murphy. I believe Murphy's children were living with this Campbell after death of Murphy's wife in 1843. Thanks. Emma Lou    Posted Nov 15, 2001

I am looking for a former slave named Ellen LUTTERLOH according to the 1870 census she was 35 years old. I don' t know what year she died. I believe she was a slave to Thomas Snipes LUTTERLOH who died in the 1900s do you have a listing for him or any information on the Lutterloh's of Cumberland county. I would appreciate any information you would be willing to share. Edelma R. Lutterloh    Posted Nov 10, 2001

I have been researching my last name LUTTERLOH. I believe there has been 4 generations of my family born in cumberland county. My grandfather John Herbert Lutterloh was born 6/10/1892 to Elizabeth Lutterloh and Mary Lutterloh were born to Ellen Lutterloh. I would like to know if any one has any information on the fathers (I believe slave owners) to Elizabeth and Mary are. Does any one have any information on who Ellen Lutterloh's parents are? Thanks Edelma R. Lutterloh    Posted Nov 10, 2001

My email is McPHAIL / MURPHY
Can anyone check the tombstone for Isabella Murphy McPHAIL in the John McPhail cemetery. Husband Dougald McPhail. Webpage listing has a note "daughter of Isabella Porter and John MURPHY." I need to know if this is on the tombstone or if that is someone's opinion. Thanks. Emma Lou Weldon    Posted Nov 10, 2001

There is a Lawrence W00D shown in the Cumberland Co. NC census of 1820. He is shown as between age 26-45. Also in the house are 5 females. Can anyone give me any additional information about this man? Any hint at all will be appreciated. Nancy Wood Merriman    Posted Nov 9, 2001

I am searching for information on COLEMAN family relatives that lived in Cumberland County North Carolina in and around Fayetteville area from early 1800's to sometime before 1898. Henry James COLEMAN and family moved to Trenton Florida sometime before 1898.

Henry James, William (Henry James' father) and William D. COLEMAN (Henry James' brother) were all Coopers or barrel makers at one time.

At least three of the William COLEMAN family are buried in the Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery in Beard North Carolina on the outskirts of Fayetteville.

Members & suspected members of family from Cumberland Co. are listed below:

Henry James COLEMAN b. 1852
Susan b. 1858 (Wife)
James C? b. 1873 (Son)
Lee A. b. 1875 (Son)
Mamie E. b. 1878 (Daughter)
Nellie May b. 1880 (Daughter){My great grandmother}

William COLEMAN b. 1821 (Father of Henry James above)
Catherine b. 1825 (Wife) {Maiden name Barks}
David B. b. 1843 (Son) {Buried Leb. Cem. 1896 with wife Mary E. Bolton, & son Will R. & daughter Eliza}
Ann b. 1846 (Daughter)
William J. D. b. 1850 (Son)
Henry James b. 1852 (Son)
Luther A. C. b. 1855 (Son)
Mary E. b. 1858 (Daughter){Buried Leb. Cem. 1891}
George W. S. b. 1860 (Son)
Della A. b. 1864 (Daughter)(Buried Leb.Cem. 1939}
Laura F. b. 1868 (Daughter)

Hartwell COLEMAN b. 1785 (Possible father William above)
Nancy b. 1784 (Wife) {Maiden name Grey}
Male (child) b. 1820 - 1825 Son (possibly William husband of Catherine Barks)
Sarah b. 1824 Daughter
Henry J. b. 1828 Son (Possibly Henry James COLEMAN Uncle and namesake)

If anyone has any additional information about this family or even about the barrel making business in Cumberland Co., please respond. Thanks, Lee    Posted Nov 6, 2001

I am searching for any information on JONATHAN E. BRYAN/BRYANT b 1825 and m SARAH ANN EDWARDS in CUMBERLAND CO. NC in 1847. They went to so. GA. where they remained until their deaths. I have a copy of their marriage bond, which place in CUMBERLAND CO. I can find nothing on the BRYANTS. Would surely love to have some help. Thank you. Jane Coleman    Posted Nov 6, 2001

I am trying to locate the names of the parents and grand parents of Raymond CHESHIRE b 1902 d 1981 who lived in Fayetteville and was married to Annie Bell MELVIN b 1908 d 1973. They were long time residents of Fayetteville and I believe Raymond was a barber. I am told that his father was Edward and his mother was Addie Mae HORN and that Edward's father was/may have been Nicholas. They had ties to Bladen County NC and Georgia. I have found many Cheshires in Bladen and GA but can't seem to join the lines. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Dale Burris    Posted Nov 4, 2001

I am searching for any information pertaining to my great-grandmother, Mary Ann Rebecca EDWARDS who was a child during the Civil War in Cumberland County. She later married Joshua ROBINSON and moved to Alamance County, NC. She had about 12 brothers, several of whom served in the Confederate army (at least one died a prisoner of war due to measles) and no sisters. Her father was owner of a large land holding. Any information would be a great help. Thank you. Rebecca C. Poteat    Posted Nov 4, 2001

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