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Thank you, I appreciate your help. Myrtle Bridges Cumberland County NCGenWeb Coordinator

BUTLER    September 16, 2002
Looking for information from Cumberland Co., NC, related to the Jesse BUTLER (born Sampson Co. NC c1753) family that relocated to Georgia (Morgan then Bryan Co.) in the early 1800s. Particularly interested in Jefferson BUTLER, born Cumberland County, NC. 1802. Patrick Butler

PARKER / MOORE    September 11, 2002
Seeking information (parents, siblings, place & date of birth, place & date of death) for Mary PARKER who married Britton/Britain MOORE May 5, 1819 in Cumberland County, NC. Thank you. Emily Moore

John Campbell married Jane McFeaters Nov. 11, 1809, Cumberland County, North Carolina. I have also seen that she was Mary Jane McPheeters, so that gives me the name of Mary that I had guessed might be the case, as my ggrandmother was Mary Jane Campbell, and it seemed reasonable that she might have been named for her maternal grandmother.

I also saw in the Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, Fred A. Olds, that in 1794, in Rowan County, NC, Daniel McPheeters died, leaving Martha (his wife), Charles, Mary, Jane, and Martha.

In these names, it is also interesting to note, that John Calvin Campbell and Jane McPheeters named their first son, Daniel Calvin Campbell. (John's father's name was Duncan, but he also had a brother named Daniel, so I don't know if the name of Daniel would necessarily indicate deference to Daniel McPheeters.)

It is possible that at the death of Daniel McPheeters, that his wife, Martha, may have married again, and relocated to Cumberland County, where John married her. In 1809, when John and Jane were married in Cumberland County, Cumberland and Moore Counties were adjacent, so the distance may not have been as great then, as it would appear today, as Harnett Co. now separates Cumberland and the area of Moore County,which today is, Lee County.

This is the best lead that I have had so far for Jane (Mary Jane, Jennet ) McPheeters. Would you have any additional information or suggestions at this point? I would love to find this long lost gggrandmother.

Jane McPheeters (Campbell) was b. about 1790 and died in Moore County in 1857.
Thank you for your time, Cornelia Holmes

McDUFFIE / RAY    August 26, 2002
I'm looking for the final resting place for Dougald McDUFFIE. The 1860 census has him enumerated in the Western District of Cumberland county. His 2d wife was Ann RAY daughter of Malcom Ray who he married 29 Jan 1848 in Cumberland cty. He was born 1786 and died 2 Feb 1861 in Cumberland county. Thanks, Ebb McDuffie

McDONALD    August 15, 2002
I am searching for John G. McDONALD, Cumberland Co. married Sara Roberts. Who were his parents, and also his descendents? Married 1840's. Sincerely, Ruth M. Scruggs

McRAE / McQUEEN    August 14, 2002
My ancestor, Duncan McRAE was married to Margaret McQUEEN, died in 1820, in Cumberland County. Does anyone know his place of burial? Yvonne Yongue Guidroz

MASSENGILL / REEVES / ALLEN    August 13, 2002
I am very new at this so I really really hope someone there can help me I am From Greensboro, NC I am not well so it is hard for me to travel, I was born in cumberlannd co and them placed up for adopation The courts have opened my records for medical reasons but it was not really enough. I am still trying to find my father. My mother is deceased so there is no more information. Do you know any one there that can look up in the births in Cumberland County in 1951, and see if I was listed in the newspaper, and tell me what it said or either e-mail me a copy. I have two birth certificates one for my legal father, one for my bio father, and I would really just like to know how I was listed in the newspaper. It would have been on March 16, 1951 Mother's name Mae Elizabeth MASSENGILL or ALLEN. Father name William REEVES or William Reeves Masengill My name is Donna Lynn Reeves MASSENGIL ALLEN, take your pick I'm not even sure. My father was in the army a sgt. birth date 9-15-1922. I'm not sure what his name was though, William Reeves or William Reeves Massengill. Thank You. Donna

CAMERON / CAMPBELL    August 09, 2002
I am searching for NEILL A.CAMERON. He was born on Mar.18,1841 in North Carolina and resources have said Cumberland Co. I have been told he was the son of NEILL CAMERON (b. June 6, 1800)and ELIZABETH CAMPBELL CAMERON(b.Oct 22,1833 in Cumberland Co., N.C.). Is there anyone out there that has a census or other proof that will varify this? All help appreciated. Paula

STEWARD/STEWART    August 06, 2002
I am searching 2 families, to see if there is a connection~~~~~~ 1. My ancestor David STEWARD born 1778, buried in Carbon County Pa. 2. The son of Joseph STEWART and Sarah Gilbert, David b.1778. Both lived in N.C. #1 in Cumberland, I am Almost positive (parents unk) I noticed in the 1820 census, 1 David, 2 Daniels, 2 josephs. If you have any information, on these people as to birthdates etc. I would be so appreciative. Thanking you, I am, Nancy

MINTZ / MINTS    July 30, 2002
I'm looking for decendants of William Otto MINTZ (sometimes spelled MINTS)of Cumberland County. I'm told he came to the US in 1744. There were lots of MINTZ children and I'm particuliarly interested in decendants from William Mintz through Daniel Kennon Mintz. Thanks a bunch! Cynthia K. O'Conor (Mintz)

RAY    July 26, 2002
I am looking for any information about Angus RAY and his decendants. He was a Hatter (hat maker) and came to Cumberland Co. in the late 1700's or early 1800's from Scotland. He had 3 sons - John - Archibald & Neill...The area of Cumberland Co. they lived in is now Hoke Co. Contact Neill Ray

BRYANT/BRYAN / EDWARDS    July 26, 2002
I am researching my gg grandfather JONATHAN EVANS BRYANT b.abt 1826-28. He was m to SARA ANN EDWARDS b 1828. She was the dau of JOSHUA EDWARDS. She and Jonathan were m in Cumberland County in 1847 and moved to so. Ga. where they remained until their death. I have a copy of their marriage bond in 1847 in Cumberland County, NC, in which he spelled his name BRYAN; however they had children and spelled the last name with a "t" at the end and thereafter the name was BRYANT. Would be so grateful for any help. Thank you, Jane

CAMERON / CAMPBELL   July 20, 2002
I am looking for information on Neill CAMERON b. June 6, 1800 in Scotland and d. March 27, 1869, Hunt Co. Tx., who married Elizabeth CAMPBELL on Oct.22, l833 in Cumberland co., NC., dau. of John CAMPBELL. Thanks, Paula Horton

I am researching John BARCLAY b. 13 Feb. 1763 and d. 13 May 1828 in Cumberland Co. He was on the tax roll of Cumberland Co. in 1815. It is my belief that he lived at Barclayville and it was named for him. He was married to Millie EASTWOOD who died in Jan of 1845 in Cumberland Co. John's daughter Esther married John Samuel RABOTEAU on 12 July 1828 and I believe they lived in Cumberland Co. as well. I need any information on these people. I would like to know where they are buried. I will share what I have. Thanks, Dee Epps

McLEOD / McKINNON / McINNES / WILSON   July 17, 2002
My Great-Great Grandfather was Lauchlin McLEOD and he was the son of Scottish emigrants--believed to be John McLEOD and wife a McKINNON who emigrated from Scotland to North Carolina in 1802. His grandfather may have been an Angus. John and wife McKinnon had the following children: The above Lauchlin, Daniel, Norman, John D, Murdoch, Mary, Nancy, and Christian. Several of the children moved to Marlboro County, S.C. near Clio, but Lauchlin and family stayed in Cumberland where he and his family were members of Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church. Lauchlin was born in 1812 in Cumberland County and married in 1848 Mary Ann McLEOD, the daughter of Isle of Skye emigrants,"Sailor" Murdoch McLEOD and Effie McINNES. She died in childbirth in that year and he re-married Effie WILSON in 1853. I am descended from their son Norman McLEOD and wife Alice WILSON. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daniel MacLeod

MANNING / JOHNSON   July 13, 2002
I am trying, with no luck so far, to find information on these two families. My great-grandparents were William MANNING and Lillian JOHNSON. He was from Cumberland Co., Fayetteville. But he immigrated from England about 1884. He was born Aug. 26 1858 in England and that's all I know except for his parents' names: Jane Gant and William Manning.

She was from New Brunswick Co., Wilmington. She was born May 27, 1865. Her father's name was Thos Johnson as recorded on her death certificate. They were married sometime before 1888. They had six children born in NC:
Annie V. b. May 1888
Leeroy (LeRoy) G. b. Oct 4, 1889
William L. b. July 4, 1892 (my grandfather)
Lillian B. b. Oct. 1893
Hazel V. b. March 1895
Hollie (Hallie) b. Sept. 1897

They had two more children born in CA:
Ernestine b. 1903 in SF, CA
Kathleen b. Feb. 2, 1907 in SF, CA

So, sometime between Sept. 1897 and 1903 they came to CA. I have the 1900 Census for NC and found them living in Guiford Co., Highpoint Township.

Can anybody help me to:
find birth certificates for both Wm. and Lillian
find marriage certificate or license for them
any leads on her family (Lillian)
ANY leads on when William Manning came to NC and HOW

Any suggestions would be so very welcomed and appreciated. Thank you, Jennifer (Manning) Lacey

BYRD / AVERY   July 09, 2002
I am trying to identify the parents of a Reverend William BYRD, who lived and died in Harnett County. His birth date is 8 Mar 1830, and his death date is 30 Aug 1897. I do not know where he was born. The closest I have come to identifying a parent is an entry (although the spelling is questionable) in the 1850 US Census for Cumberland County, Eastern Division, listing a Nancy "BIRD" at age 51 as head of household and a William "BIRD" at age 20. Then the trail goes cold from a census standpoint. (Other Nancy BIRDs or Nancy BYRDs found in US Census reports for NC do not check out as logical.) Other potentially usual information: Reverend William Byrd and his wife (Mary Elizabeth AVERY) are buried in Harnett County, at Pleasant Plains Cemetery. Kit Ogburn

PARDUE / BLACK    July 06, 2002
I am searching for information on William Alexander PARDUE b: abt 1829 and his wife Christain Elizabeth (Betsy) BLACK b: 1831 d: 1926 buried in Cumberland Cemetery, Cumberland Co., N. C. I am a descendant of their daughter Mary Ella PARDUE who married Elias Johnson Baxley. Any help is greatly appreciated. Linda Jordan

WALTON / KENDRICK / GARRETT    June 23, 2002
James KENDRICK of Fayetteville & Cumb. Cty, born circa 1842 in PA married Margaret Ann Walton, born April 7, 1847 in Fayetteville. Searching for Margaret's siblings, marriage record. Have no info on James KENDRICK's family at all. Margaret's parents were Samuel James WALTON and Middy GARRETT, but have no birth, marriage or death dates for them. Searching for a possible Cherokee ancestor among these people, also wondering if James Kendrick served in civil war. Margaret and James had seven children, one of whom was Robert Lee KENDRICK, born in 1866. Would like names of these children, and birth dates. These families may not have always lived in Fayetteville, but may have been farmers outside of town at some time. Both James & Margaret moved to Brooklyn, NY in the late 1800s, where they subsequently died. Robert Lee KENDRICK moved there also and lived out his life there til 1945. Thanks so much, Margo Dittmer

FOY    June 22, 2002
If there anyone who know about the FOY family of Hope Mills, NC. My grandfather was Neil FOY born Dec. 20, 1912. He was the youngest of nine siblings- their names were Elliot, Hessie, Pete, George, Mary, Veola, Minnie and Leola. Contact Kendra

BLALOCK / PARTIN    June 22, 2002
I found the Will of Richard BLALOCK you had posted and wondered in you could help me. I am interested in the Henry and Sarah PARTIN a granddaughter of Richard. I am trying to figure out which Henry PARTIN this might be. My GGG Grandfather Henry PARTIN of Cumberland Co, NC, b: 1777 or could it be one of the many later men named Henry in my family. Do you know anything about this Henry? If it is my GGGGrandfather, I have not found a wife for him yet, but do have his children as: William, Gray, Fredric Henry and Sarah. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pat

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