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January - December 2003

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MCLEOD / ALLRED / MEYERS / HALE   December 31, 2003
I am looking for information on Mary C MCLEOD of Cumberland County. She married William Lendo ALLRED 
also of Cumberland Co. They had three children, Walter G, Juanita and Caviness. William Lendo ALLRED 
was a railroad engineer working out of Fayetteville. He died between 1920/1930. His parents are Walter 
B ALLRED and Margaret HALE. Mary C MCLEOD then married her second husband Joseph MEYERS. They are on 
the 1930 census as living in Cook Co. IL. Juanita Massey McClintick

LITTLE ROCKFISH CHURCH   December 30, 2003
Does anyone know where LITTLE ROCKFISH CHURCH is located? It was in CUMBERLAND COUNTY in the 
eighteen hundreds. Is it still in existence or has the name been changed? Juanita Massey McClintick

MUSE / ROBERTSON   December 7, 2003
Daniel Brazil MUSE
BORN: ABT 1756, Cumberland County, North Carolina 
DIED: AFT 1821, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina 
Thomas Pope MUSE 
Jesse Daniel MUSE 
James MUSE 
Brazzele MUSE 
Elijah MUSE 
I need more info on Daniel Brazil Muse from someone in Cumberland County N.C. that can help me with
further research on Daniel Brazil Muse. Best Regards S.R.Muse

WILLIAMS   December 7, 2003
WILLIAMS Alexander S. b: 1789 to d:1871 Cumberland N C Need marriage and children?
WILLIAMS Isaac b:1756 to d:1815 Johnson and moved to Cumberland
WILLIAMS Joel  b:1702 Virginia d: 1760 Cape fear River.
Can I find Census or any records on these years. Need help? Thank you. R A Williams

ADAMS / CROSS   December 3, 2003
Researching John and Matilda (CROSS)  ADAMS who married in Cumberland County, July 14, 1824.  Later they 
settled in Coffee County, Tennessee.  They appear on the 1850 census in that county.  John was born in 1800 
in North Carolina and Matilda was born in 1805. We are descended from their daughter, Sarah Jane, who came 
west to Oregon by 1851. Please respond if you have any information at all regarding John and Matilda. 
Thank you, Shirley Weaver Sipler, Salem, Oregon

WILLIAMS   November 30, 2003
Looking for Joel WILLIAMS 1702 to 1760 died in Cape fear River. His son Isaac WILLIAMS 1756 to 1815 
Cumberland, N C. His Son Alexander WILLIAMS moved to Arkansas. Thanks, R A Williams

JAMES / HUNT   November 22, 2003
Looking for any information about Sarah JAMES who married Zebulon L. HUNT in June 1819 in Cumberland 
County.  One child known...Zebulon James HUNT.  Zebulon L. later married Sarah PRIDGEN and resided in 
New Hanover/Pender County in the Black River/Canetuck area. Reginald (Rex) Horrell, Wilmington NC

MATTHEWS   November 12, 2003
Last month I had a breakthrough in what I knew about the family of James MATTHEWS, father of 
Rev. Willis D. MATTHEWS (my 3rd great grandfather). I found good evidence that 4 of the children 
of James and Nancy (Dickinson)were born AFTER 1810. Some of the children were married in Jackson 
Co. GA, so this led to a research trip, where proof was found in the Jackson County Courthouse at 
Jefferson GA.

I had "wasted" almost 5 years of research time by thinking that James died in 1810; so this was a 
MAJOR finding for me. I had not even tried to find evidence of him after 1810. Because it was known 
that James went to Pendleton District, SC after 1804, I immediately planned a research trip to Anderson, 
SC to see what I could find. As some perhaps know, Pendleton District records are now kept by Anderson 
County. I went last week and was successful!

I now have proof (I only use the word proof when there is verifiable primary evidence) that James 
did NOT die in 1810, as is shown "out there" on the 'net and in the "Matthews History" documents 
by Westmoreland and Madden, for those familiar with them. The proof is an 1827 Deed Conveyance. 
The record was found on an index in the Courthouse under Nancy Matthews' name, but the original 
had been sent to the Archives. The document was found on microfilm in the Anderson County SC Library 
under Nancy Matthews; ("Mesne" Conveyances), and provides details of the following:

In 1827, James Matthews initiated the sale of his land on 26 Mile Creek in Pendleton District to 
John Hunnicutt (the Hunnicutt family also came from Moore NC along with Dickinsons, Jones, and others). 
He died before the Title was transferred, and in early January 1828 his widow Nancy completed the sale. 
The document was signed by Nancy Matthews (her mark, she could not write) two sons, Willis D. and 
Thomas D.; Jason Minton (son-in-law who married daughter Maryanne, as himself and Guardian of Minor 
children; and 2 previously unknown sons-in-law, Jas. R. Smith and Joab Jones, confirming evidence 
that I had previously found that there were 2 missing daughters. The names of the sons proved 
conclusively that this was the correct family.

My research goal is to establish that the father of James was Thomas Matthews, Militia Col. and 
Rev. Soldier of Cumberland/Moore; or at least to establish who his father was.  Also, to identify 
the wife and other children of Col. Thomas Matthews of Cumberland and Moore.  Any help appreciated.
Fuller C. Jones

CASEY / TRULL   November 9, 2003
I am searching for records on my g-g-grandfather, CORNELIUS CASEY. I only discovered Thursday that 
he lived for a time in Cumberland County and was married to AMANDA TRULL.  I emailed St. Patrick's 
Church in Fayetteville and they were able to find three children, including my g-grandfather CHARLES JOSEPH 
as a result of that marriage.  The other two children were WILLIAM and MARY.  I have searched the 
cemeteries, via the Cumberland Site, but I find no mention of any of them.  Seems as if they just packed 
up and left the area.  The Casey family were all railroad men, so I was wondering if there might be a link 
in your archives to the railroads in Cumberland County.  Sorry, I ran on so much, I'm still excited about 
the find that I did make.  We have been in the dark for years!  Jere Casey

OVERBY   November 7, 2003
Researching the OVERBY name in Cumberland.  Specifically the descendents of William and Isabella OVERBY.  
Thanks for any help. Robert W. Overby

BYRD / HOWARD / THOMAS / SUGG / BARBER / O'QUINN   October 31, 2003
I am just beginning my genealogical search into the BYRD / HOWARD family of Harnett County, NC. My mother 
was Irene Beatrice BYRD, daughter of John Byrd and Mary Henrietta HOWARD of Mamers, NC.  If anyone has 
anything relative to this  family or to their parents ( I am especially interested in the Howard side since 
the Byrd side has already been done). My great grandfather was Rev. Caswell (?) Suggs Howard and GM was 
Mary Adaline THOMAS. The Howard side of that is George Howard, b 10/15/1791 and Elizabeth SUGG, b 9/28/1789 
and their parents were James Howard, b 9/28/1760 and Rosanah BARBER, b 1756. Any information would be 
appreciated.  Most of this data is not sourced since it came out of my Aunt Lillie O'QUINN's bible.
Jim Smith Hendersonville, NC.

BALLENTINE   October 7, 2003
Hi, I am trying to find the names of the parents of James D. BALLENTINE.  He was born in Cumberland 
County in 1812 or 1813 (believed to be born on May 2, 1812). I am also interested in any facts or stories 
about him or his family. Many thanks, Jaron Ballentine

MARTIN   September 28, 2003
I am looking for the records for my Grandfatherof whom is Amos Evander MARTIN.  He is buried at the 
Cross Creek Cemetery along with my Great Grandfather Chastine MARTIN. Amos was buried 7 July 1933 and his 
wife Lula Herring 2 May 1910.  Chastine MARTIN was buried 6 April 1923. Can you please help me find Estate 
dealings and etc. on them. They were both very wealthy people. Thank you. Shirley Rayfield Casady 

MATTHEWS   September 16, 2003
Thomas MATTHEWS "Blacksmith and Land Speculator" received Grants in Cumberland Co. (and in parts 
of what was later Moore County) beginning about 1745.  His son Col. Thomas MATTHEWS Jr. (Lt. in 
Continental Line) was active in the formation of Moore County.  I am seeking any and all information 
regarding these men, their wives, and all descendants.  F. C. Jones

BREECE   August 25, 2003
In 1917 my BREECE father was born on Haymount Street.  In 1919 his 
family, from an obit, lived "on the east side of Cape Fear River".  In 
1920 he was in Flea Hill Twp, which, I think, became Eastover.  Where is 
Haymount St. in relation to Flea Hill?  Are they on the same or opposite 
sides of Cape Fear?  Thank you for helping to clear up a difficult 
question. Barbara Resh

ROCKFISH TOWNSHIP   August 21, 2003
Hi, Could anyone tell me where Rockfish Township is located? My grandparents(ARNETTE,ARNETT) 
are listed on the 1930 census as livng there, is it in Hope Mills???? Thank-you Dorrita

ARMSTRONG / McRAE / LUCAS   July 27, 2003
Hi, I'm researching Caucasian & African American families with the ARMSTRONG
surname that lived in Cumberland and Harnett Counties in North Carolina
during slavery and now.  I descend from the LUCAS, McRAE and ARMSTRONG
surnames.  My ggg grandfather Abe or Abram L. ARMSTRONG (b. abt. 1858 or
1862, d. 3/19/1939 was African- American, birth place Harnett Co., N.C.  His
parents were Tom & Joanna ARMSTRONG.  He married three times; 1st wife Grace
LUCAS b 1865 her parents were Evander & Lucy Lucas, his 2nd wife was Ella
GOINS marriage date 7/25/1897 from Moore County and 3rd wife Anna or Annie
CLARK marriage date 6/6/1900-Cumberland Co. born 2/19/1881.
I would like to request information regarding ARMSTRONG slave plantations in
Cumberland & Harnett County, North Carolina.  Also would appreciate hearing
from anyone with a marriage license, death certificate, census entry,
obituary, and etc. for Tom & Joanna ARMSTRONG, Abe or Abram L. ARMSTRONG,
cemetery in Olivia, North Carolina; I would like to know if African American
families were buried there or Caucasian.  I am more than happy to share the
information that I have. Thank you, Sharon Daniels

MORRISON   July 24, 2003
I am researching the MORRISON family who emigrated to Cumberland and 
Harnett Counties from the Isle of Skye, Scotland after 1750.  Roderick 
MORRISON (b. abt. 1729, d. 1824) is said to have married his cousin, 
Isabella MORRISON (b. abt. 1745, d. 1839).  I descend from their daughter, 
Annie Penelope MORRISON, who married John McSWAIN in Cumberland County in 1818.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on Harnett County 
MORRISONs and associated families, particularly those who live or lived in 
the Upper Little River district.  I am more than happy to share the 
information that I have. Thank you. Cathy Griffin Fairman

BENNETTE / BENNETE   July 24, 2003
Im trying to locate information on my ancestors.  They were born and raised 
in Cumberland County.  Im looking for a Great Grandfather with the last name 
of BENNETTE or BENETE He was also called by Doc.  

If you can help me with information or give me a place to start looking I would 
appreciate it.  I also know he passed away in possibly 1960-1970.  Not much to 
go on but Im trying to start. Thank You. Pat Champion

McINTYRE / McMILLAN   July 10, 2003

I am looking for further info on Francis MCINTYRE, born about 1755, and on his wife, Mary MCMILLAN.  
I have their children, would like to know their siblings and parents. Carol G.

JOHNSON / CULBREATH   June 30, 2003

I am interested in George JOHNSON and Mary as I have lost the trail of my G-G-G-Grandfather who 
was the father of George W. JOHNSON b. 1832, Fleet M. Johnson (My Uncle) b. 1834 and Teresa Johnson 
(My Aunt) b. 1836. We think our Grandmother was Mary CULBREATH, or possibly Drusilla Culbreath. I 
know George W. Johnson was my G-G-Grandfather, but his father and mother eludes me and my family. 
The three George, Fleet and Teresa show up in the 1850 censes living with Rayford Hall and Drusilla 
Culbreath Hall. Her mother Polly was also living with them. Was Drusilla their mother from a previous 
marriage and her husband died, or left her??? And she married Rayford Hall??? My niece says that Teresa 
Johnson married a Bozman Clifton March 15, 1854 and her father was listed as (very hard to read) G. 
Johnson and Drusilla ????. 

Any help in this area of names and connections or suggestions will be appreciated. This is my family 
tree for the JOHNSON clan starting with me, Cecil Jr.

Cecil Johnson, Jr
Cecil Johnson, Sr
George Nashly Johnson
John Henry Johnson
George W. Johnson
?????? Johnson

My father and the rest of my Johnson clan were born and raised in or around Cumberland County, NC.
Thanks, Cecil Johnson

TAX DISTRICTS   June 09, 2003

I am looking for the Tax District Locations in  Cumberland County. I am particularly interested in 
the Upper Little River District; Capt. Robert Cobb District; Capt. Neill McCranie District; Capt. Murray District; 
Capt. Thomas Dobbins District; Neills Creek District; and Seventy First District.

Is there a book, map, or reference  showing the Tax District Locations within Cumberland County?  
Is it for sale?  If so, how much and where do I place an order?

I want a reference with all the districts listed.  The above districts are just a few of the ones that 
I am trying to track.  If no reference is available, can you tell me where the above listed districts 
were located in Cumberland County?

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Owen J. McCranie Valdosta, GA

PATTISHALL / BUIE   June 07, 2003

Maybe you can help me solve this problem......
Thomas J. PATTISHALL( 06 Oct. 1855-20 Apr. 1916) was the brother of my gr-grandfather.
  Thomas was married to Eliza McQueen BUIE.  He and Eliza had eight children.  Three died in infancy....2 
(do not know names) .Lawrence (infant) and Martha (toddler)  are buried with their mother at Big Rockfish 
Cemetery in Hope Mills, NC. 
 I thought Thomas J. was buried there too.  I was at a cemetery in Hope Mills and took pictures of his 
tombstone.  Can't locate it.  I think I sent it to his daughter Lucile who lives in Norfolk, Va.  She is 94.  
This was in 1991, she might not still be living, haven't heard otherwise.
The children that lived were:  Conrad (they have his name as Coward Pattishall) on the list that is posted. 
Eunice married a Edwin G. Sanders.  She is dead.   Dennis  married a Rebecca Holland.  He was a Dental Tech 
and lived and is buried somewhere in the Fayetteville area.
Lucile is (?) the only living one of this family and she gave me all of the information I have.  Lucile was 
living in 2002 as per her granddaughter.

I do remember that Thomas was not buried near his wife, Eliza McQueen Buie, but, in the same cemetery.    
It shows that she is buried in the Big Rockfish cem. and is the wife of Thomas J. Pattishall.
Thanks.... Betty Richardson

LAMONT   June 07, 2003

I am searching for information about the poor house in Fayetteville, listed on the 1850 census.  I am 
particularly interested in the superintendent John LAMONT and his tenure at this facility. I know John Lamont 
left the Fayetteville and moved to a site on the Lower Little River in 1859.  We are currently excavating this 

If you have any information re: poor houses, John Lamont or the wardens of the poor, please send me in 
that direction.  Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Dr. Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton, RPA  Archaeologist and Curator Fort Bragg Cultural Resources Program  
910 396-6680 

McINNIS / PITTMAN   June 03, 2003

Am still looking for info on Angus McINNIS who mar. Catherine PITTMAN probably in Cumberland co. . 
Would like to know their parents etc. They were in Montgomery co. in 1850 census. I have been told 
that Angus' father was a John McINNIS. but have not found anything on this. Thanks, Sam Y. Perkins


I've been researching my paternal family who were Scots in North Carolina.  It is my belief that 
they lived in the Cape Fear River area.  My great grandfather (born about 1791-1793) was James FERGUSON 
whose first (or maybe second) spouse was  Sarah MALLOY.  The marriage bond was was obtained in 1815 
Cumberland County, NC.  Sarah died in 1832.
James remarried in 1833 to Nancy CAMPBELL who is recorded in Bible records as also being a cousin.
James' father was Malcom. This family later emigrated to Mississippi and later to (1850 census) 
Gadsden County, Florida.  My grandfather (James Monroe Ferguson) was the youngest of the children 
of James and Nancy.  
James Monroe FERGUSON emigrated to Winn Parish Louisiana After the Civil war where he raised a 
family died in 1936. My father (Cassius Carrier Ferguson) was the youngest child of James Monroe 
and his second wife Rebecca Jane GREEN.
I am the youngest child (only surviving one) of Cassius Carrier Ferguson and Willie Mae DICK. 
I can't connect the dots, however, of the NC Fergusons or find out when and how they came to 
North Carolina.  Can find no information regarding Malcom Ferguson in NC other than he was in 
the Robeson county census in 1790 and 1800.  He also filed a divorce petiton in NC in 1800.
I do have some dates from Bible records that were copied in 1913 from some of the Ferguson 
family in Florida with birth, death, and marriage dates of some of the family. I would be happy 
to share them with you if you would like them. Melba Ferguson Simmons


I have been interested in researching my family tree, especially FILLYAW for I can find no 
documentation of them. It seems there were several different spellings for these names, but I 
know they owned land in Cumberland County. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please
e-mail me. Jamie

HUMBLE / SELLERS / SMITH   May 05, 2003

Searching for Daniel HUMBLE who owned a tannery in Cumberland County.  Between 1780 and 1790 he sold the 
tannery and moved to Guilford Co. and married Catherine SELLERS/ SMITH. He died about 1832. I am related 
through my mother,  Myrtie HUMBLE. For any information I thank you. Ann Hunter

DAVIS / CURRIE / DAWKINS   May 04, 2003

I am trying to find information regarding, Lock DAVIS, the son of W. Gasten DAVIS & Jane ?. The family 
is enumerated in the 1880 U.S. Census, for Gray's Creek, Cumberland County, North Carolina. At some point 
they lived in Moore County, where my wife's grandmother, Dealie DAVIS, was born in 1886. Dealie was married 
in 1910, in Richmond County, to D. CURRIE, the son of Hector Blue CURRIE & Sarah Jane DAWKINS. Any help would 
be geatly appreciated. Thank you. Larry Johnson

MOORE / BONHAM   May 02, 2003

Looking for any information regarding JORDAN MOORE son of JACOB MOORE and MARGARET BONHAM. 
JORDAN MOORE shows up in the 1820 Cumberland Co., census. Any info would be appreciated. Looking 
specifically on where he might be buried. Thanks, Billy P. Moore

LAMONT   April 16, 2003

Archaeologists on Fort Bragg investigating the old home site of John LAMONT in Cumberland County.  
Searching for anyone who knows of the home and family associated with the old LAMONT property and/or 
LAMONT Springs near the Lower Little River. Jeff Irwin

CAMPBELL / PATE   March 31, 2003

I find two listings for Alexander CAMPBELL in the 1820 Cumberland County census, on pages 178 and 208. 
I am trying to link my gggg grandfather to one of those two, if possible. My Alexander married Sally PATE, 
daughter of Stephen PATE of Richmond County NC (see page 174 of 1820 census). They travelled West to 
Tennessee in 1828/29, settling in the area where Weakley, Carroll, and Henry counties meet. I believe 
they had two male children before moving to TN, Philip and Alexander. 
Alexander CAMPBELL (#1) on page 178 would have been born 1775-1794. His wife (Sally PATE?) would have 
been born 1794-1804.
Alexander CAMPBELL (#2) on page 208  would have been born 1775-1794. His wife would have been born 1794-1804. 
They would have had two children, a boy and a girl, each under 10 years old.
I wonder if the proximity of the Stephen PATE 1820 census listing (page174) to the Alexander CAMPBELL listing 
(page 178) indicates that they were neighbors in 1820. 
Any help even if only to eliminate these two possibilities would be appreciated. Larry Campbell

TOMME   March 31, 2003

Looking for a will, death information, birth information, marriage on Joseph TOMME.  I do not know his 
wife's name or maiden name.  I show information that he had an inventory in 1761, and that ( Henry and 
Joseph) took care of the inventory. I am assuming that these were his sons.  He had a son named Joseph TOMME, 
(2).  Joseph (2) was married (?) to a Mary (?).  Do not know her maiden name.  They had several children 
and had a son named Joseph TOMME, Jr. (3), that was born in 1777. I know that Joseph (2) was in the American 
Revolutionary War, and I have his bounty for land, but no will, etc.  The first Joseph from what I can gather, 
died in Cumberland Co., NC.
Need any and all information.  Thanks. J. Michael Tomme, Sr.
  1008 Landmark Drive  McDonough, GA  30252  Phone:  678-432-1161  Fax:  678-432-5681


Searching for husband of Catherine [nee MCPHERSON] CAMPBELL [d. about 1819-1823] of Robeson County, NC. 
Her daughters: Marran married a Daniel WATSON, Katherine a WILKESON, Effy a MCLEAN, and Flora a MCPHAUL 
[Daniel MCPHAUL, Sr.?]. Catherine CAMPBELL's son was named John CAMPBELL. Any help will be appreciated. And 
could you please type the surname you're responding to in the subject line? Many thanks,  Steve Edgerton


I have lost my family in NC, possibly Cumberland County. Maybe you can help. Roderick CAMPBELL CHISHOLM 
b 1812 NC. Had a sister Janet CHISHOLM and possibly a brother...William CHISHOLM. He named his oldest daughter 
Harriet, and oldest son William Alexander "Sandy". This was my gggf and he was in La. by 1859. He 
was in Barbour Co. Al. in 1850 when her married Martha Taylor. He inherited estate of Janet McGILVRAY in Barbour. 
She was his aunt, but do not know how. Thanks for any help. Penny Daye

SMITH / DAVIS / CARVER    March 12, 2003

I am looking for info DAVID and SARAH DAVIS SMITH, and there son WILLIAM and HENRIETTA CARVER SMITH. 
They were from Grays Creek Cumberland County. Thank You, William Smith

GROVES    March 11, 2003

Seeking anyone with interest in surname of GROVES.  Willing to exchange information.  Searching for  
Joseph K. Groves born 1793 and went to Duplin Co. in 1807. Several GROVES are listed in Cumberland Co. 
including W.B. GROVES in 1791, 1793, and 1794; 1791 GROVES mentioned in 50 acres on "old Yadkin Road";
1792 GROVES and Wilkenson in 100 acres on Mirey border; 1820 Mary Groves listed in 1820 census.
Governor William Barry Groves in early history of Cumberland Co. Thank you. Wanda Groves Kohlmann

TART    March 09, 2003

I am researching, and writing a Three Volume Book on all the TART TARTE TARTT Families of Virginia, North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, and etc. I have started 
from 1634 ~ 2003. Have been working on this for Four years, plan to finish in 2003. If anyone in the Cumberland 
County area would like to include info about their TART Family, please contact me, Brenda Tart, Morris at with your info, or maybe a picture. I am about 80% done it this time. My grandfather was 
Grover Washington TART, and my father was Garland Washington TART, born in Dunn, North Carolina. We are a 
direct line of Male TART's with my father as the last of this line. My Grandfather Grover, owned TART SUPER 
MARKET in East Fayetteville for many years, any owned alot of land their. He was shot and killed in a hold up 
in his store in 1955. Any info will be appreciated or even stories about these families.Brenda Tart

MUNROE / MCPHERSON    March 03, 2003

Searching for children of Lewis MUNROE [Monroe, Munro] and wife Minnie [or
Mary] McPherson MUNROE [dau of John McPHERSON of Cumberland], both of
Cumberland County. Lewis died around 1795 according to estate settlement.
Also want parents of Lewis MUNROE. Steve Edgerton 

LUNDY / GUY    March 01, 2003

ELIZABETH LUNDY married JAMES AMOS GUY in Cumberland County, N. C. in 1830.  I am interested in any and 
all information available about this couple.  They lived at Beard Station that is now Eastover of 
Cumberland County.  My g-grandfather Amos Jessup was their son. Thank you. Jane Bradbury 

TUTOR / SALMON    March 01, 2003

I'm new to genealogy, having become interested in the past week. I have 
traced back to William Owen TUTOR, largely relying on information posted on 
the internet by others. I am interested in any information/stories anyone 
would care to share about him or his son, John Henry.

I am also interested in any information anyone might have about his 
descendants through the marriage of Mary Ann "Polly" TUTOR and John Anderson 
SALMON and any information anyone might have about John SALMON. I have the 
names of their children but there is a gap between me and that couple. I am 
descendant from one of the couple's children. I'm not sure which, but I 
believe that Aresta Salmon was my great grandmother.Russ

SINCLAIR    February 28, 2003

I have been searching for the father of Duncan F. SINCLAIR (1833) and Daniel F. SINCLAIR (1831).  I understand 
that their father came from Scotland, UK to Cumberland County.  I find a Hugh SINCLAIR listed in Capt. Black's 
Dist. 11 in 1820 Census, but can find no other mention of him.  Can anyone help me ascertain that Hugh SINCLAIR 
is the father of these two men? Julia English-Spicer

COLQUHOUN / McALPIN    February 25, 2003

I am searching information about Catherine COLQUHOUN who married Daniel McALPIN in 1804 in Cumberland 
County N.C.  Saw a 2000 Query posted by Dee Calhoun but no email address stating she had info concerning 
this family.  Any help will be appreciated.  no name given

LOVETT / McPHERSON    February 25, 2003

I was researching your NC census file and couldn't find any of my Lovett family of Cumberland,  NC listed.   
My g-grand father Charlie LOVETT or McPHERSON born around 1870 or later in Cumberland NC.
In a Canada file it has him listed as Lovett Charlie Mcpherson. I don't know what that means. He was 
a McPherson and not a Lovett by birth. I don't see his siblings either listed, Beverly Lovett, born around 
1901, Elizabeth Lovett born 1904, Emily or Emma  Lovett born around 1902  Charlie Lovett Jr., born unknown,  
Richard Lovett born Apr 9, 1909, James Lovett born unknown, Lula Hazel Lovett born May 11, 1910 any info 
you can give me will be appreciated sincerely, Helen


I have death certificates for my grandfather Jessie Edward TYLER 1895-1948
and his parents Jessie Tyler 1878-1946 - Ferba CHAVIS 1958-1930.
Jessie Tyler 's parents were Jessie Tyler and Betsy Jane WHITE (there names
were on his death cert) Ferba Chavis' parents on her death certificate were Henry Chavis and Louise LOCKLEAR

My grandmother Armatha Jacobs Tyler 1908-1978 her death cert
says her parents were Barbara JACOBS 1888?-1971 and Colen McLAUGHLIN (no
info whatsoever . . . I think he was the scallywag white boy who entered the
picture at some point and gave BJ about 5 daughters, they never married I
guess, I'd love to find out more about him)  Barbara Jacobs parents
according to her death certificate were Alexander Locklear and Ellen Jacobs
(sounds like they never married either?)Brenda

HALL    February 18, 2003
How may I find out further info on John HALL listed in Cumberland Co. NC census--Pegram District of 1800. 
He could possibly be my GGGGGgrandfather? If so, I have much info. to add. Thanks, Charles Kearney Hall III

WILKINSON / McCUILKAN / McQUILKAN    February 03, 2003
I am looking for location of Neille WILKINSON estate.  I have letter indicating Lock Creek east of 
Fayetteville.  I saw in Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions a listing of Neill McCUILKAN obtaining 
warrant for 200 acres of land on Cutt Swamp bordering Locks Creek.  Can anyone identify where Cutt Swamp 
is.  I am trying to locate cemetery and figure it is on estate land. Mike L. Wilkinson

WILKINSON    February 03, 2003
I am looking for record of what church would have inherited Neil WILKINSON Jr estate.  His will in 
Book C Wills dated March 23, 1846 states "Gave everything to the administering and spreading of the 
Gospel" administrator David Torrance.  Can anyone provide advice on how to track this down??? 
Mike L. Wilkinson

McINNIS / PITTMAN / McDUFFEE    January 30, 2003
Am seeking info on Angus McINNIS listed in Cumberland co. 1820 census. Would like to know age, where 
born, wife, etc. Would this be the same Angus McINNIS that lived in Montgomery co., Mt. Gilead, in 1850 
census? Angus, in 1850, was mar. to Catherine PITTMAN. She may have been second wife. My Angus' father 
was said to be son of John McInnis and Mary McDUFFEE, dtr. of Murdock McDuffee. Thanks. Sam Y. Perkins

MATTHEWS    January 27, 2003
I am seeking information on my gggrandfather Etheldred MATTHEWS who was born abt. 1800 in Cumberland Co., NC. 
His father was David and his father was Jacob. He married his cousin Edith Matthews whose father was 
John Matthews and his father Hardy. I have been unable to find anything about Etheldred. From information 
from my 89 yr. old mother she says he lived in Harnett Co. I have found nothing there. I would appreciate 
any help that you might be able to give me.  Carolyn Philips

YOUNG / McLERRAN / GUY    January 15, 2003
I am researching the ancestors of Alexander YOUNG (born abt 1816 and died abt 1870), who married 
Christian McLERRAN(born abt 1820 and died abt 1873).  They lived and died in the Flea Hill Township 
area of Fayetteville, NC. They had a son named Alexander (1849-1925) who m. Sarah Elizabeth GUY (1850-1918).
Donna Young

PALMER / ROUSE / BRADFORD    January 15, 2003
Researching the line of James PALMER who appears in the 1800 and 1810 census of Cumberland Co,
NC, and who died in Cumberland Co, NC in spring of 1813.  Believe his sons to be James Benjamin PALMER b ca 1799 
NC, last marriage to Lovie Wise, 2nd to Nancy Ann Jones in Barbour Co, AL ca 1830; Sandy Alexander PALMER who 
married Elizabeth ROUSE in Cumberland Co, NC; James PALMER who married a Drewery (Drewry); Elizabeth who married 
a BRADFORD. Henry Palmer of Cumberland Co was probably in this line.  Court Records note that James Palmer died 
in the  Spring of 1813 here, no record of his surveyed estate has ever been located. Thanks for any help.
John T. Palmer, PHD,  of Santa Rosa, CA

SINCLAIR / FENNELSON    January 08, 2003
I would like for SINCLAIR to be added to the list - quite different from
Jean Grigsby's Sinclairs.  My Sinclairs begin with Duncan F. Sinclair
(1/30/1833-1/24/1906) , who married Sarah Ann Stuart (5/10/1835-6/4/1912)
and whose children were:
James Alexander Sinclair         6/11/1858
    Mary Jane Sinclair           6/2/1862
    Margaret Ann Sinclair        11/17/1865
    John Kenneth Sinclair        10/16/1867-2/5/1950 (my grandfather)
    Diana Ellen Rebecca Sinclair 7/3/1872
    Sarah Catherine Sinclair     7/15/1876

I am searching for the father of Duncan F. Sinclair who is said to be from
Scotland.  I do not know if that refers to Scotland Co., NC or Scotland, UK,
and his first name is unknown at this time.  He married Rebecca Fennelson
who was born abt. 1794 in NC and died after 1870, presumably in Moore Co.
She also had another son, Daniel F. Sinclair, b. 15 Sept 1831 in Cumberland
Co.  Both Daniel and brother Duncan served in the Civil War.

Thank you for all the good things you do! Julia English-Spicer 
(Home Tel #: 828-756-4769 + More ways to contact me:  213 English Road, Marion, NC 28752)

GRAHAM    December 28, 2002
Hi, my name is John GRAHAM and I live in Shreveport, LA.. Is there anyone who can look for a marriage 
record for me? It's a John GRAHAM married a Mary (surname unknown) around 1810 probably Cumberland 
County, NC. Thanks, John

McNEILL / CRAWFORD    December 13, 2002
Charles CRAWFORD married Lucy MCNEILL in Cumberland co NC 30-Dec.-1809.The 1850 census of Robertson co 
TN said that Charles was born in NC in 1787. He and his two brothers in law Joseph MCNEILL and Neill MCNEILL 
and his brother William CRAWFORD moved to Robertson co TN in 1820. I need the parents of Charles CRAWFORD. 
Thanks for any help. Kenneth W. Crawford

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