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January - December 2004

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BLACK / PATTERSON   December 28, 2004
From what source does the information that Margaret BLACK, who married
Angus Black, in Cumberland Co., NC, January 11, 1811, was the daughter of
Kenneth Black and Catherine PATTERSON, come from?  I have seen this
information in many Black genealogies.  Where did this information
originate?  Does anyone know?  If you have any ideas please let me know.
Just trying to figure this Black genealogy puzzle out. Liz Frano

WORRELL / WEST   December 07, 2004
I am searching for the parents, brothers and sisters, of Louis Lennon WORRELL.  He was born in N.C.
July 4, 1835.He died in Scott County Mississippi on the 11th of Oct. 1910(?).  He married in Cumberland 
Co.  I copied this Obit. from a scrapbook in Miss. " Mr. L. L. WORRELL died at Hillsboro, Miss. on the the 
11th of Oct.  Mr. WORRELL was quite a successful farmer.  He sold his farm in Seventy-First Township 
to the late Mr. Thos. BENNETT, and moved to Miss. in 1893.  He leaves a great many friends and relatives 
in Cumberland who will be pained to learn of his death.  He died in his seventy-fifth year."   I see 
8 WORRELLS listed in Cumberland Cemetery, Hope Mills area of Cumberland County - unknown Township 
Cemeteries.  One of the 8 listed is Louis L. WORRELL.  Is there anyone in Cumberland County that 
would know of any WORRELLS?  I live in Texas and haven't made it to N.C.   Any help would be appreciated.  
 Ray Nell McCommon

MCLEAN / PATTERSON   December 06, 2004
I am searching for the parents of Margaret Ann Elizabeth MCLEAN.  She was born 21 Apr 1817 in Cumberland 
County, died 28 Aug 1891 in Moore County.  She was married to Neill PATTERSON (born 12 Nov 1807 Cumberland 
County, died 16 Jul 1877 Moore County).  They were married 14 Mar 1832 in Cumberland County.  I have been 
told that her parents are Daniel MCLEAN and Flora Mary MCALLISTER but I have not found anything to prove 
this.  Any help would be appreciated.  Amy Manina

BEARD / CARVER   December 06, 2004
I am researching a BEARD family that lived in Cumberland Co. Neal (Neill) Carver Beard and his 
wife Mahala Marsh Beard.  Would you have any information on where they were buried?  
Neill (Neal) was the son of Neill and Elizabeth CARVER BEARD. And he is believed to have died during 
the Civil War. Thanks so much. Jackie Morgan

HUMPHREY / McLEOD / HAYES   November 15, 2004
We are searching for information about the lineage of John HUMPHREY, born 1834 in Ash Pole, m first 
Mary MCLEOD (no children) and, second, Martha Frances HAYES,. Children were James Jasper (Jim), 
John Aaron (John), William Foster (Foster), Charlie, Rowland, and some daughters who did not live 
very long. We believe that his father was also named John Humphrey. Family tradition states that 
the first HUMPHREY of our family to come to America was Big Jim, who came from Scotland. John had 
told my grandfather, Foster Humphrey, that he had brothers who fought in the West in the Civil War 
who never returned home. He believed that they were alive. After the death of John, Fannie and 
children lived for some time in Cumberland County. Vivian Humphrey

FIELDS   November 15, 2004
I am chasing FIELDS leads in Cumberland County. Specifically William Fields who  was a loyalist/Tory 
with the Battle of Moores Creek---associated with the York families, McDonald, and his FIELDS brothers.  
If you are familar with any places I should look I would be incredibly appreciative. Many thanks in advance.
Claudia Fields Kraemer

FAIRCLOTH / FREEMAN / BUNNELS   October 25, 2004
Am composing family history of Grandmother BESSIE CLYDE FAIRCLOTH married to JOHN WESLEY 12-21-1909. 
My mother was their daughter, BESSIE CHRISTINE FREEMAN GURLEY.  They lived in Cumberland County, Stedman, 
North Carolina.  My Grandmother was a FAIRCLOTH and married a FREEMAN.  My Grandfather's mother used 
her maiden name FREEMAN and changed it to BUNNELS when she married ARCH BUNNELS.  In fact, she had four 
children before she changed her last name. God Bless, and thanks again. Any information would be most 
appreciated.  Most of my first cousins still live there or abouts. Thank you, Juanita Mae Gurley

CAMPBELL / McRAE / SMITH   October 11, 2004
I am researching a Nancy CAMPBELL b: est. 1780 that married a Philip McRAE (b: Abt 1795) on 
26 Mar 1807 in Cumberland Co. NC.  Philip's parents were believed to have been an Alexander McRae 
and Isabella? John McRae married a Catherine SMITH and their children include:  Christian (b:1/31/1839), 
May, Sandy, Malcolm, Neil, John and David.  Any assistance would be much appreciated! Darryl Black

WATSON / BUIE   September 17, 2004
Searching for Alexander WATSON and wife Marian (or Marian, nee BUIE) WATSON. Alexander may be related 
to Matthew WATSON or Christian WATSON of Cumberland County. Alexander and Marian were alive in 
Cumberland in 1854 and inherited lands around Beaver Creek. Steve Edgerton

McALPIN / PARKER / TAYLOR / SMITH   September 09, 2004
Does anyone have any information regarding a letter written c.1848 to McALPIN relatives in Cumberland 
County, North Carolina from a Nancy McALPIN PARKER of Perry County, Mississippi?

According to information from Mrs. Doris McALPIN RUSSELL's book, "McALPIN(e) Genealogies 1730-1990," 
published 1990, a Mrs. Vera Estelle TAYLOR SMITH (a McALPIN descendant) of STEDMAN, N.C. states that 
her family has in their possession a letter written in 1848 by Nancy McALPIN PARKER, who was living 
in Perry Co., Mississippi, to the McALPIN relatives back in N.C.

I'm trying to find a copy of this letter. I've contacted Mrs. Doris McALPIN RUSSELL, but she never 
saw the letter. She just relayed information obtained from Mrs. SMITH. 

A Member of the SMITH family of Stedman, recently told me that Mrs. Vera Estelle TAYLOR SMITH is 
currently a resident at a nursing home in Fayetteville, NC. Any help that you can offer will be 
greatly appreciated. Thank you. Art McAlpin 1234 Airport Road, Magee, MS 39111

HALL   September 09, 2004
Wiley H. HALL and his wife Roena Carter HALL were living in Cumberland Co., NC per a Sampson Co. 
land transaction dated 1/15/1902. Does anyone have any information on them? Jean Moore

WILLIAMS   September 05, 2004
I am looking for descendents of Alexander S. Williams 1810 to 1875. And Marilda Malinda Williams 1839 
to 1862.  Thank you, R A Williams, Okolona, Clark Co. Arkansas   See photo 

BOND   August 26, 2004
I am looking for information about my Grandfather Allison Hodges BOND born Dec. 6, 1892
in Cumberland County, Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Any information about him or other family 
members would be most helpful.  Brian Eggers

SIMMS   August 18, 2004
I am reviewing every county listed on the NC Census for Sims/Simms. In Cumberland County I came 
up with: Benjamin, Isaac x 3, William, & James. I'm looking for my Great X 3 Grandfather, born 
1777 or before, and whose son was Jacob SIMMS. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
Brownalee Sims Kurtz. Now in Henderson, Clark Co, NV

WEEKS / THOMAS   August 17, 2004
I am searching for the parents or any information relating to Sarah WEEKS whose marriage bond 
in Cumberland County to Kitchin THOMAS is dated  15  Nov 1847. Beulah Reid. 

BEARD   August 14, 2004
Looking for others researching the BEARDs.  Have bible records indication Daniel Beard born in 
Scotland abt. 1732 and arrived in Cumberland Co. about 1780 with his wife and brother John. 

I have researched this line and in my best effort, pulled together the many records for the family 
and determined that Daniel had sibs named John, Catherine, Neal (or Neil), William and James.  
Their father was Neill Beard, who was in originally what was know as Bladen, now Cumberland Co., 
in 1746 as he bought land from Rev. Stephen Hollingsworth. 

I've looked into the possibility Neill Beard came over earlier to somewhere up north, PA or DE, 
or even VA; there are Beards there, but no Neill.  There is another Beard line in NC, Rowan Co., 
but I believe these Beards were from Germany.  It was proposed Neill was born in Scotland, but 
like many others, went to Ireland before leaving for America.  It was also thought he may have 
been Quaker converted to the Baptist faith as Rev. Stephen Hollingsworth's mission was to do that.  
My next step is to go to Cobb County Genealogy Room AGAIN here in Marietta, GA and see if he's 
mentioned on any passenger list on any ship I haven't already looked at.  I've been to Raleigh 
but looks like I might be going back...  

I have seriously been RE-searching the last couple of months, continuing my search of 15 years.  
Even though the bible records indicate Daniel immigrated to North Carolina, I've not found Neil 
and John together listed on any passenger list I've see as of yet; there has been a John, but no Neill.  

I'm going to list my line and if you are also interested, please contact me.  I have records I 
hope to be putting on the Cumberland Co. page soon.  

Neill b. abt. 1700-1720 Scotland, m. Catherine b. Scotland
**2John b. abt. 1738 Scotland d. 1799 Cumberland Co NC m. Elizabeth
***3John d. 1835 Bladen Co. NC
****4*Ann C.
****4*James S. b. 1818 d. 1876 Cumberland NC
**2Neal b. Scotland
**2William b. Scotland
**2Daniel b. Scotland m. unknown
***3*Neil m. Edna Fort
****4Daniel D. m. 1Mary 2Winnie 3Sabra Smith
****4*James R. b. 1814 NC, m. Rachel Register
****4*Elizabeth b. 1817
****4*Sarah b. 1818
****4*Neil Jr.
**2Catherine, b. NC
**2James b. @1756 NC, m. Rachel
***3*James b. 1776 NC, m. Zada McGee
****4*Daniel G. m. Lucretia Dekle  (went to Wilcox Co, AL @ 1825)
*****5*Elizabeth Sarah m. Jimmy Eddins
*****5*Mary Ann m. Jeremiah Kyser
*****5*William m. Mary Lumpkin
*****5*Charles Dekle b. 1834 m. Elizabeth Georgia Eddins
******6*William Peyton "Pate" m. Cynthia Orange "Mitt" Maxwell
*******7*Maggie L.
*******7*Stephen Ord m. Ruby Gibson
********8*Charles Ord m. Louise Monroe
***********************9*LEAH (ME)
*******7*William Peyton m.Romalee Miller
*******7*Cynthia Louise
******6*Eliza Hassie m. J. W. Willkerson
******6*Addie Irene
******6*Daniel Elbert
******6*Mary Ann
******6*Ziba Dekle m. Phenie Taylor
****4*Elizabeth S.
****4*William T.
****4*Moses, m. Caroline Newberry
****4*Anna, m. William Newberry
***3*Neil b. 1780 NC m.(1)Anna Moore (2)Eliz Plummer
***3*Susannah m. unknown Gunn
Thank you. Leah. 

MOORE / COATS   July 30, 2004
Researching MOORE and COATS in Cumberland County, NC.  Seeking any/all info re Silas D. MOORE, b. 
13 May 1806 in Cumberland; m. Mary P. COATS Abt 1830, migrated to Winston county, MS. Susan Bulla. 

GRAHAM   July 19, 2004
Seeking data on Abner GRAHAM born about 1890, possibly a son of a Daniel GRAHAM.  There are 
five different Daniel Grahams listed on the 1800 Cumberland County Census.  Abner was in Warren 
County, Tennessee on an 1812 Tax list.  He emigrated to Missouri in 1818 with his wife Nancy and 
children Daniel GRAHAM, Hiram GRAHAM, and Rhoda GRAHAM. Robert A. Graham. 

RAY / LEE / MCCRANEY / CAMPBELL  July 10, 2004
Looking for information on the following family: Cecil Lynwood (Lynn) RAY 2/16/1906 - 12/2/1940 
married to Sarah Ann LEE and had 3 children Nannie, James and Ella.
Lynn's mother was Nannie Maud RAY 1884-9/26 - 1930, father is unknown. Maud later married a 
D.C. MCCRANEY and had other children. 
Maud's parents were D. J. (possibly David James) RAY and Mary CAMPBELL.  I have heard that D. J. 
Ray served in the NC House of Representatives, but have been unable to confirm. Traci Martin. 

NORDAN / NORDEN / NORTON   July 06, 2004
Robert NORDAN was born 1774 (place not known) and died  17 DEC 1816 in Cumberland County, NC.  
He was he son of Melchizedek NORDAN who died in Cumberland County, NC abt 1826.  Robert married 
Mary MORGAN, who was born 1780 and died 25 JAN 1849 in Cumberland County, NC.
Children of Robert NORDAN and Mary MORGAN were:
     1) John A. NORDAN   b 1805 NC 
     2) unknown male NORDAN  b bet 1805 and 1810
     3) unknown male NORDAN  b bet 1805 and 1810
     4) unknown male NORDAN  b bet 1805 and 1810
     5) Hardy NORDAN  b 1810 NC
     6) Aaron NORDAN  b 1812 NC
     7) Amos NORDAN  b 1814 NC
     8) Kezia NORDAN b 1815 NC
     9) Robert A. NORDAN  b 1816 NC
I am searching for the parents of my gggrandfather, Thomas NORTON born NC between 1802 and 1808, 
county not known. Obviously, the the three unknown males above fall into the right time frame for 
our Thomas.  Can anyone provide the given names of the unknowns?  Please e-mail Ann Jones. 

Looking for information on Jennet (Jane, Mary Jane) McPheeters, (McFatter, McFatters) b. about 1790 
in North Carolina, married John Calvin Campbell, 1809 in Cumberland County.  John Campbell was from 
Moore County.  Any leads on McPheeters would be appreciated, because I cannot even find the name in 
censuses of Moore, Cumberland or Chatham. Thanks, Cornelia Holmes. 

GRIFFIN / McCORQUODALE   July 06, 2004
I am looking for information RE: Dempsey C. GRIFFIN  and his wife, Mary McCORQUODALE.  They 
migrated to Sumter County, Georgia in the mid 1800's.  I need help in finding Dempsey GRIFFIN'S 
parents, and if I'm lucky, those of Mary McCORQUODALE. You can email Patty Ramirez. 

WILSON / GLOVER / FLOWERS   June 28, 2004
I'm searching for information on a John S. WILSON that married to a Mary
Ann GLOVER in 1850 Cumberland Co.NC. They had the following children;
Margaret b.1852 Cumberland Co.NC
Emily b.1855 Cumberland Co.NC
William F. b1858 Cumberland Co.NC
James T.  b.1861 Cumberland Co.NC
George W. b.1864 Cumberland Co.NC

This family was living in the Flea Hill Twp: (Eastover) area by the 1870

I just found where Emily WILSON, married William H. FLOWERS.  William &
Emily Flowers had the following children;
Willie b.1881 Cumberland Co.NC
Ada  b.1882 Cumberland Co.NC
John T.  b.1883
I found that Emily Wilson Flowers may have moved to Robeson Co. after
the death of her mother, Mary Ann Glover Wilson.

If anyone recognizes or has information on these names.
Please contact John Wilson. 

DAVIS / HAIR   June 28, 2004
I was wondering if anyone could help me find out who my great-grand grandparents parents. 
I am new at this so please help me get started. They are both from Cumberland County, NC 
and I am eager to try to start a tree for my father and also my children. I am looking for 
information on Lonnie Austin DAVIS (9/1/1882-5/7/1975) & Louvenia HAIR Davis (9/7/1887-7/1/1970. 
If anyone can find out anything please email Tina Alger Rogers. Thank you.

VANN / BRANCH   June 10, 2004
My GtGt grandmother, Virginia Ruth Vann was the daughter of James VANN and 
Mary (BARNES ?) VANN.  Virginia married William McNeal BRANCH in Cumberland 
Co., NC.  Their children included Wm M. Branch,  Callie Belle, Claude Lee, 
Katie Louise (or possibly Louise Barnes) BRANCH.

Louise was my Gt Grandmother but she signed her name as Louise B. but some 
records have her as Louise Barnes Branch and some as Katie Louise or Louise 
Katie.  Trying to obtain her birth records to better determine this.

We have located a census record for a James VANN and Mary Vann in Sampson Co 
from mid 1800s with the following.  The family we are looking for was in 
Cumberland Co later in 1800s.

Augustus Vann 14  1855 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Male
Enoch Vann 10  1859 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Male
Iselenors Vann 8  1861 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Female
James Vann 43  1826 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Male
Jennies Vann 19  1850 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Male
Josephine Vann 4  1865 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Female
Juluis Vann 6  1863 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Male
Mary Vann 2  1867 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Female
Sarah Vann 36  1833 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Female
Thadeus Vann 14  1855 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Male
Thomas Vann 17  1852 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Male
Virginia Vann 12  1857 NC  White  Township 71, Cumberland, NC Female

James Vann 34  1825 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Male
Mary Vann 28  1831 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Female
Sarah Vann 12  1847 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Female
Junius Vann 9  1850 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Male
Thomas Vann 6  1853 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Male
Claudius Vann 4  1855 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Male
Festus Vann 4  1855 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Male
Virginia Vann 2  1857 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Female
Joel Patrick 21  1838 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Male
Henry Coal 33  1826 NC Taylors Bridge, Sampson, NC Male

We're trying to determine if this is the same family.  Several of the names 
differ but others have same/close  ages/birth dates.  The wife's name is 
different and then in 1880 James (same name and correct age) shows up with a 
Mary as a wife again only a younger one. Do any of these names look familiar 
to you or are they connected to your line? Thank you. Susan Fisher

McMILLEN   June 09, 2004
I'm searching for the parents and information on these McMILLEN children;
John McMILLEN b.1830 
Mary Ann McMILLEN b.1820
Elizabeth McMILLEN b.1824
Christian McMILLEN b.1828
Neill McMILLEN b.unknown
Margaret McMILLEN b.unknown

I know this family lived around the James Creek (Little River) area in
Cumberland Co., NC.  If you know anything on this family, please contact me.
John Wilson, Moore County, NC

GRAHAM / BUCHANAN   May 29, 2004
I am trying to find info on John GRAHAM, who I believe was born in Cumberland County, N.C. around 
1764-1767. He was a Revolutionary War Soldier and I need to find proof of his Daughter, Catherine
Etheny who married Daniel BUCHANAN (or BUCHANON). After John was discharged from the Army in 1783, 
he was believed to have went back to Cumberland Couny untill around 1787-1800. I would really appreciate 
hearing from anyone that has info on them. Betty Davis

HALES   May 29, 2004
I am looking for information on a lady that did a query into the HALES Family in March 1999. Gaylene 
Graham HALE. My grandfather was her grandfathers brother.I tried the email but have not heard anything. 
And if anyone else has any info on the Hales family of Massey Hill. Thanks, Chris Garfagna 

CARTER   May 18, 2004
I am searching for information on my grandfather's family. His name was Wilbur Gray/Grey CARTER. 
His family lived in Eastover, Vander, NC. He was born in 1892 and died in 1948.I did see a Daniel 
CARTER who owned land in Cedar Creek,1866. Doshia CARTER was my grandfather's mother. I would like 
to know her maiden name. I think his father's name was Daniel CARTER. I would like to know who 
Daniel CARTER'S parents were also. His siblings names are: Lester, Grover, Charles, Lulla Carter Edge, 
Rebecca, Carrie Carter Smith, and there was Anna/Annie Belle Carter. I am not sure if she is a sister 
or not--I just know that she is related to us in some way. Thank you for your help. 
Yours truly, Myrtle C. Maness.

WILSON / GLOVER   May 18, 2004
I'm looking for any information on John S. WILSON from Bladen Co., NC.that married 
Mary Ann GLOVER from Cumberland Co., NC.  They were married in Cumberland Co. in 1850.  
John S. and Mary Ann had several children;

1. William Frank Wilson      b.1858
2. James Thomas Wilson   b.1860
3. George ???? Wilson       b.1862

I have found where they might have had several girls, but haven't put it together yet. 
If anyone in Bladen or Cumberland Counties can help it would most appreciated. 
Thanks again, John Wilson, Moore Co., NC.

STONE / HARVILL / BAKER   May 15, 2004
I am seeking information on Mary Polly STONE and Robert HARVILL married February, 1819, in 
Cumberland Co., N.C. Also seeking information on Nancy HARVIL born c. 1820, married William H.
BAKER January 26, 1844, at Rock Fish Factory in Cumberland Co., N.C. Nancy is my g-great grandmother.
Thank you. Constance C. Wehland

PARNELL   April 28, 2004
I have been looking for a John PARNELL from Cumberland Co. in the late 1700's and early 1800's.  
I did find where a John PARNELL died 7 September 1820, and a Miss Mary PARNELL died 8 September 1820 
in Cumberland Co.  There was a number beside their death notice #4565.  I would like to know how to 
obtain any information concerning their death. - age, relation, and where. Please inform me as to how 
to obtain this help. Thanks. Mary Sue Sewell Parnell, 312 Easton Circle, Birmingham, Al. 35223

McNEILL / McLEOD   April 26, 2004
Looking for information prior to 1802 on Daniel McNEILL, born 1778 in Scotland. Married (about 1802) 
Margaret McLEOD (born 1785 in America). Children were; Alexander 7/20/1804, John 1/8/1806, Mary 
8/25/1807 - 9/10/1898, Anna 9/18/1809, Daniel 3/18/1811, Neal 2/28/1813, Malcolm 4/2/1815, Angus 
2/14/1817, and Catherine 3/2/1819 - 2/21/1879. 
This family lineage of McNeill's, married into the Scottish line of McLeod's (from the Isle of Skye). 
Margaret's parents, Daniel McLeod/Martha McKinnon, are buried in Cumberland County, NC, Tuckahoe McLeod 
Cemetery. I am sure alot of the McNeills are also. 

I have family history back to 1746, Scotland. McLeod & McNeill. Please email me if I could help someone 
in any way....Marilu Baker, Largo, FL

??Joshua EDWARDS -- m. Mary BULLARD on July 10,1823 in Cumberland Co.; d. in 1830; records in 
Cumberland Co. children: Sarah Ann EDWARDS, b. Dec. 22, 1828, m. Jonathan Evans BRYANT in Cumberland 
Co; Mary Jane EDWARDS , m. Robert L. ROBINSON; Catherine Lucinda EDWARDS; and John G. EDWARDS, b. ca. 
1825. Who were parents of Jonathan Evans BRYANT? Looking for leads or documentation on above names.
Any links to Bartram, Needham, King Bryant would be appreciated. Nancy Jo

GILL / BOON   April 06, 2004
I am researching the GILL's. my ancestors were Thomas GILL 1821-1910 married to Sarah (Sallie) 
BOON 1823-1900.  They lived in Cumberland County, Fayetteville NC.  Any leads or information will be 
appreciated. Dale W Burriss

DAVIS / GRANT   March 25, 2004
I am trying to locate anyone who has information on Jourdan DAVIS(resided in Cumberland Co. early 1900s) 
and his wife Amy GRANT.  I am unable to go back further or establish who their parents were.  I am a 
g-g-g-g-grand-daughter from the line of Joseph Roberson DAVIS, son of William Clark DAVIS, son of James 
Roberson DAVIS, son of Henry Allison DAVIS, son of Jourdon and Amy Davis. I will be so grateful for any 
information. Judith Davis Weaver

SMITH / WHITFIELD   March 24, 2004
Alexander Williams married Charity SMITH, Sept. 16 1806 daughter of David SMITH and Charity WHITFIELD. 
She was b: Jan 8 1788 in Cumberland, NC and d: Oct 10 1843 in Cumberland, NC. 
Was buried in Cumberland, N C. Sardis Cemetery. 

I would like to have a picture of the stone. I will pay for gas and time to get some good pictures. And any 
other information on  Issac, Joel, and Alexander Williams. R A Williams

WILLIAMS   March 19, 2004
Do you have any idea who the WILLIAMS School House was named after?
My WILLIAMS Family was in Cumberland N. C.
Had a Isaac 1663 to 1707
Joel 1702 to 1760
Issac 1756 to 1815
Alexander 1789 to 1871
Alexander 1810 to 1875 
Wish I could find any records on them, or head stones. Thank you R A Williams

CANADY   March 16, 2004
Does anyone have an information on Daniel Canady of Eastern Cumberland County or his parents.  He was 
born circa 1795 in NC, married to Fanny (?)Chason, and died somewhere between 1860-1870 in Cumberland 
County.  Several reference also spell his surname as CANADA or KENNEDY. Joseph J. Marak

I am searching for information on any of the following: Peter (aka Patrick) SHAW who in 1785 
owned land on the Gum Branch of Rockfish Creek in Cumberland County.  He married (?) CAMPBELL, 
daughter of Dr. Samuel CAMPBELL and they had the following children: John D. SHAW; Charles C. SHAW 
m. Mary RAY; Norman SHAW moved to Alabama in 1835; Eliza SHAW m. John CAMPBELL; Dugald SHAW moved 
to Mississippi before 1830; Nancy SHAW m. (?) SINCLAIR; Catherine SHAW m. Hugh GRAHAM and moved to 
Alabama; Samuel SHAW died unmar. 1845. Thanks for any help you can provide.  Dorothy Shankle

RAY / SHAW   March 09, 2004
I am searching for information on Mary RAY, daughter of Col. John Ray, who married Charles Cornelius 
SHAW in Cumberland County March 20, 1821. I have been unable to identify which John Ray was her father so 
I have no info on her family. All help will be greatly appreciated. Dorothy Shankle

CAMPBELL   March 09, 2004
I am searching for information on Dr. Samuel CAMPBELL who came to Cumberland County from 
Isle of Skye before 1774 with his children: Dugald, Mary, and Nancy. Thanks for any help you 
can provide. Dorothy Shankle

FILLYAW   February 19, 2004
Marion Oliver FILLYAW is my paternal grandfather. He was deaf-mute, however he died in 1937. He resided 
in Cumberland County. His fathers name was either Hanson or Hansom Fillyaw and mother was Mary Newton 
Fillyaw. I can not find any information at all ( on Hanson). I have a newspaper clipping, reporting my 
grandfather's death, and it list the above names as Marion's parents. I have Fillyaw relatives who are 
still living in Fayetteville. Ther are many stories and speculations about my Fillyaw heritage and finding 
out the facts is extremely important to me. It's kind of a gift for my father. Thank you in advance for 
whatever help you can give me.  Michelle Fillyaw

BLUE / MCMILLAN   February 01, 2004
Researching Blue Family, Archibald Blue and Flora McMillan who married in Cumberland County. 
Web Links below
Groom:  Archd Blue  
Bride:    Flora McMillan  
Bond Date:    09 Jun 1825  
Bond #:    000031214  
Level Info:    NC Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 
ImageNum:    005356  
County:    Cumberland  
Record #:    01 024  
Bondsman:    Thomas McMillan; Neill McNeill  
Witness:    Jno Armstrong     Thank You, Dan Hagin

FILLYAW   January 20, 2004
I am looking for information on the FILLYAW family, particularly Oliver or Hanson FILLYAW. I know 
that Oliver lived in Cumberland County on the outskirts of Fort Bragg. He was a deaf mute and died 
in 1931. I know nothing else though of this surname or anything else about this family. Any help 
would be greatly appreciated. Jamie

BUIE   January 16, 2004
I am searching for information regarding an old Buie cemetery located in the Linden, NC, area. It would 
have dated back to the 1800's.  I would like to know the location and whether it is accessible.  My ancestors 
lived at Kingsbury, and my Great-Great Aunt, Jane BUIE, is buried there.  I would also like any information 
on the old community of Choeffington, in the same area. Any help would be most appreciated. Donna Young

McNEILL / SMITH   January 11, 2004
My name is Catherine Ann McNeill LeDerer.  I am looking for the burial sites for gg, etc. grandparents.  
I live in Paris, Texas most of the time, but have been in Fayetteville, NC for the past two months while 
my husband was employed here.  We'll be leaving next week, but hope to return in the not too distant future.  
I have found my great-grandparents, Col. Archibald Stewart McNEILL, b. 1805, d. 1876, and Mary Virginia 
Herndon Covington McNEILL, in Summerville Cemetery.  
My ggg grandparents would be Grissella Stewart and Neil McNEILL (son of Archibald and Jennie Bahn Smith 
McNeill).   I do not know the burial site of Grissella and Neil, but several books have said that Archibald 
and Jennie Bahn SMITH McNEILL are buried in a McNeill cemetery near the McCormick Home.  I have been unable 
to locate this site.  Can you help?  
My grandfather, Archibald Stewart McNEILL, b. April 21, 1860, d. April 21, 1950 (buried in Evergreen 
Cemetery, Orange, Texas) came to Texas(from his home at McNeill's Ferry) in 1880.  He married Mary Ann 
Golding and they had Addie McNeill MacFarlane, Herndon Lawrence McNeill, Archiebald Stewart McNeill, 
M.D., Edgar Bruce McNeill (my father), and Helen Mildred McNeill Dodson.  Perhaps these names could be 
added to the geneaological file.  I am a TOTAL NOVICE at this, but at age 65, am eagerly embracing it.  
Thank you for your time.  Will hope to hear from you shortly.  
Sincerely, Catherine LeDerer P.O. Box 6278, Paris, Texas 75461

MCLEOD / ALLRED / MEYERS / HALE   December 31, 2003
I am looking for information on Mary C MCLEOD of Cumberland County. She married William Lendo ALLRED 
also of Cumberland Co. They had three children, Walter G, Juanita and Caviness. William Lendo ALLRED 
was a railroad engineer working out of Fayetteville. He died between 1920/1930. His parents are Walter 
B ALLRED and Margaret HALE. Mary C MCLEOD then married her second husband Joseph MEYERS. They are on 
the 1930 census as living in Cook Co. IL. Juanita Massey McClintick

LITTLE ROCKFISH CHURCH   December 30, 2003
Does anyone know where LITTLE ROCKFISH CHURCH is located? It was in Cumberland County in the eighteen 
hundreds. Is it still in existence or has the name been changed? Juanita Massey McClintick

MUSE / ROBERTSON   December 7, 2003
Daniel Brazil MUSE
BORN: ABT 1756, Cumberland County, NC 
DIED: AFT 1821, Mecklenburg County, NC 
Thomas Pope MUSE 
Jesse Daniel MUSE 
James MUSE 
Brazzele MUSE 
Elijah MUSE 
I need more info on Daniel Brazil Muse from someone in Cumberland County N.C. that can help me with
further research on Daniel Brazil Muse. Best Regards S.R.Muse

WILLIAMS   December 7, 2003
WILLIAMS Alexander S. b: 1789 to d:1871 Cumberland N C Need marriage and children?
WILLIAMS Isaac b:1756 to d:1815 Johnson and moved to Cumberland
WILLIAMS Joel  b:1702 Virginia d: 1760 Cape fear River.
Can I find Census or any records on these years. Need help? Thank you. R A Williams

ADAMS / CROSS   December 3, 2003
Researching John and Matilda (CROSS)  ADAMS who married in Cumberland County, July 14, 1824.  Later they 
settled in Coffee County, Tennessee.  They appear on the 1850 census in that county.  John was born in 1800 
in NC and Matilda was born in 1805. We are descended from their daughter, Sarah Jane, who came 
west to Oregon by 1851. Please respond if you have any information at all regarding John and Matilda. 
Thank you, Shirley Weaver Sipler, Salem, Oregon

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