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MCNEILL   November 13, 2006
I am searching for the parents of David T. MCNEILL born 04/04/1810.  He married Margaret 
Malinda (unknown maiden name) born 01/29/1815 in Cumberland County.  They moved to Tennessee 
in the late 1820s, McCracken County Kentucky in the early 1840s and eventually Shelby County,  
Texas in the 1870s.  Children were John born 1829, Wilson 1830, Joseph 1831, William 1833, 
Peggy 1835, Polly 1837, Lucinda 1839, Eliza 1841, Hiram 1846, James 1849, Malinda E. 1851, 
and Amanda 1854. David died 01/29/1901, and Margaret died 09/29/1898.  They are buried Tenaha 
City Cemetery Texas. Donald A. McNeill

COX   November 12, 2006
I'm searching for Solomon COX, b ca 1753 in Cumberland County.  He served in the volunteers during 
the Revolutionary War, enlisting in 1778 in Cumberland Co.  In 1798, he moved to Edgefield Co, SC, where 
he died 16 Jul 1839.  His wife's name was Mary and among his children were Calvin, Sarah, and Elizabeth.  
I'd like to hear from anyone with information on Solomon or his family. Thank you, Glenn Cox

TAYLOR / McBRYDE   November 12, 2006
My ancestor Bryant TAYLOR came to Texas via Alabama with his wife Mary McBRYDE (and children) in 
the 1840s. Her family is buried at Mill Prong House in Hoke Co. 
We know alot about Bryant and Mary from the time the family reached Texas, but little about his 
family (other than that they were Scots from Kintyre) before that. Our family assumption has been 
that the Taylors were probably originally from the same places in Kintyre as the Gilchrists and 
McBrydes, due to the intermarriage. 
There is some source of info that Bryant was born in Cumberland Co, but I am suspicious that he is 
probably related to the Taylors of Bladen Co, descendents of the Loyalist Taylor family (Archibald 
et al, through brothers John or Daniel who remained in NC) who were Scots from Kintyre. 
Based upon naming conventions, I have suspected that Bryant's father's name was John, possibly Duncan. 
The advice I need is a little direction on where you think I could look for info regarding Bryant's 
parents. Do you know if any of the Taylors in Cumberland were related to the Taylors in BLaden? 
Thanks in advance for your consideration. Wesley M. Taylor, D.V.M. 

4201 Highlands Dr
McKinney, Texas 75070
fax 214-726-0839

MURCHISON / WHITE / McKENZIE   November 10, 2006
I am looking for information on the parents of Kenneth McKenzie MURCHISON who was born in Scotland 
in or around 1773 and married Catherine WHITE. I am Kenneth's great-great-great granddaughter. I am 
curious to know how he came to have the middle name McKENZIE (or MacKenzie). Emily Lees

WILLIAMS / PETERSON   November 01, 2006
Cumberland County came from Bladen County.  I am unfamiliar with NC and would like help locating 
a place called Black Rock landing at Kelly's Cove on the Cape Fear River. My interest is in twin brother's 
of my grandfather's, Robert Asbury (Barry) and his brother Henry H. (Harry) WILLIAMS were living there 
with families in the late 1800's and early 1900's. They were sons of Mary Catherine PETERSON and Henry H. 
WILLIAMS.  Someone told me the Black River and Black Rock Landing  was in Cumberland Co.  Thank you for 
your help.  Kitty B. Hoffman

CAMPBELL   November 01, 2006
I am looking for information on Archibald CAMPBELL, born U.K., died about 1763 in Cumberland County, 
NC. There has been mention of a Will dated 1763 for Archibald CAMPBELL.  It names children: Edward, 
Alexander and (K)Catherine.  Edward is believed to have been born 1746 U.K. or N.C., and died 1825 in 
Williamson County, Tennessee.  From this point I am a descendant of Edwards oldest son John K. CAMPBELL 
born 1786, died Henry County, Tennessee.  David Templeton CAMPBELL born 1815 Williamson County, Tennessee, 
died Weakley County, Tennessee.  David Templeton CAMPBELL born 1864 Weakley Co., TN, died Shawnee, OK.  
Wallie Gray CAMPBELL born 1903 Weakley County, Tennessee, died LaSalle, Illinois.  I would be interested 
in any information you might have on Archibald or his children.  Thank You! John Campbell

COATS / COATES   September 29, 2006
I am looking for the records for the Judson St Church Cemetery on Judson St in Fayetteville. Do 
you have any suggestions? I am looking for any Coates or Coats that maybe buried there. Any help would
be appreciated.  Judith Coates Hartzog

WADE   September 27, 2006
Looking for any information regarding William H. WADE who was born on 08/30/1818 and died on 03/05/1877. 
He was married to a Nancy and they had 8 children between 1848 and 1865. Nancy died on 06/17/1875. Both 
Lived in Cumberland County as per census records. Any information on Mr. Wade and his family would be greatly 
appreciated. Jerry Wade

DOZIER / CAISON   August 27, 2006
I am seeking info on the Matthew DOZIER who married Flora CAISON on 8 Aug 1835 in Cumberland County.  
I am most interested in identification of his parents and his children.  Thanks.  James O. King

There is a will in Christian Co., Kentucky for a William REDDING, probated March 1, 1819.  
Listed in the will is widow Martha REDDING, half bro-in-law Lewis MURDOCK, nephew Willis MURDOCK, 
full bro-in-law  William TEDDER, William TEDDER'S children, Elizabeth, Littleton, Nancy and Benjamin, 
half sister's children Timothy OWSLEY, Polly, Laban, James and Robert.  Witnesses were Joseph ALLISON 
and Coleman GRIFFIN.  Executors were Daniel HAILE Sr and Abner ROBINSON.
The REDDINGS, MURDOCKS and HAILE'S all came to Christian Co., Kentucky together.  Timothy REDDING deeded 
land to Daniel HAILE'S daughter Nancy in Cumberland County referring to her as his grandaughter.  Does 
anyone have info on these families?  I am trying to connect them all together and identify the name of 
Daniel HAILE'S wife.  Thanks for any help. Debbie Hammonds

SMITH / McNEILL   June 29, 2006
Archibald and Janet SMITH MCNEILL were early residents of Cumberland County.  They had a son 
Hector that was born about 1756.  I am very interested in obtaining the name of Hector's wife and 
children, if possible.  Donald A. McNeill

DUBRUTZ / MONTGOMERY   June 29, 2006
Any ifo. about Gabriel S. DUBRUTZ died 1824 and his wife Deborah MONTGOMERY died 1825, both 
buried Cross Creek Cemetery. One of their Daughters, Elisa D. married John Ambrose Ramsey, Chatham 
County. Eliza also was buried 1824. Chatham Ct. So strange that the 3 all died about the same time. 
Regards, Marilyn Seay

McPHERSON   June 19, 2006
I'm seeking info on the following: 
John McPherson:  est B 1785, est D 1860-1870 ,  lived and died in Cumberland CO. wife: Rebecca Bowen, 
B 12/25/1798, died Unknown but supposively early. 
Children:  Alexander Bowen B 1816, moved to Ala 
              Duncan  B 1825, moved to Ala 
              Lena-moved to Ala, lived w/Duncan 
I am specifically looking for John's exact birthdate, month, day so I can look him up in Scotland where 
he supposively was born.  I have looked him up in the cemeteries in Cumberland Co. with no luck.  I have 
found Lena, Duncan, Hugh and Alexander on census.  Don't believe John is part of the old John-Argyll 
colony bunch.  Appreciate anything you might have.  Incidentially, the names of the children came from 
some old genealogist research (I'm told) which I have never located.  I am pretty positive about Duncan, 
Lena, Hugh, and Alex. B. however.  Thanks! Wayne McPherson

BULLARD / HAM   June 11, 2006
I need to know who Cornelia F. BULLARD married.  She was born abt. 1848, daughter of James BULLARD and 
Sarah Jane HAM.  She was born in an area of Cumberland Co that became Harnett Co. Violet M. Bullard

PARR / ELKINS   June 05, 2006
I need help in locating information about my Great Grandmothers death Flora Kate PARR w/o Manly PARR 
July 27,1872  - July 31,1923,  my Great great grandparents John ELKINS May 15,1853 - Feb.19,1922 and 
Mary Ann ELKINS May 9, 1854 - June 17,1923.  They are buried in the Big Rockfish Presbyterian Church 
Cemetery.  Do you know where I could locate a certificate from  1922?  Do you know what newspaper might 
have published an obituary?   Do you know of anyone that would take pictures of the graves site and email 
them to me?  I'm willing to pay. Thank you for your help, Mary Margaret Waldrop

CLARK   June 02, 2006
I am looking for any references, unit lists, etc. about Revolutionary War service in Cumberland 
County, NC  - specifically for Gilbert CLARK and/or his son David CLARK. According to Bible records, 
Gilbert CLARK was a captain in the militia – but I can only find the list for 1770 (pre-Revolution). 
Gilbert CLARK was also supposed to have been a Justice of the Peace, but I can find no documentation. 
David CLARK was old enough to have been an active participant in the war as well. Any hint that can 
direct me to where I might do some research would be greatly appreciated! Nancy Roush Christensen

WIGINGTON   June 02, 2006
Search for George WIGINGTON who arrived in Cumberland CO. NC prior to 1755 when  
his son John WIGINGTON was born. Thank you Jo Ann Wigington

McNEILL / ROBESON   May 14, 2006
I am searching for any information on John MCNEILL that married Louisa ROBESON in 1798 in 
Cumberland County.  Many thanks.   Donald A. McNeill

GRAHAM   May 10, 2006
I am searching for the names of John GRAHAM's widow and children. He was in the Revolutionary 
War and was living in Cumberland County, N.C. when he enlisted. He was given a land grant when 
the war was over. I would like to find where the land was also. I would appreciate hearing from 
anyone with info on this.  Betty Davis

BAKER / BLACK / CLARK / SHAW / THOMAS   May 04, 2006
Need help with finding out who the people are in the 1839 Will of Sarah Thomas so that I can 
put the pieces of my Thomas family together.  
(1) Sarah Thomas mentions a "step daughter Francis Clark".  Who is she? Which Clark (family) 
does she marry?  Where does she live during her lifetime?  Francis "Fanny" is in the Estate 
Paper of her father John Thomas in 1819.
(2) Who is Sarah's first husband who is the father of her "Son Daniel Shaw"?  Where does the 
son live during his lifetime?  Any information on the Daniel Shaw family is welcomed.  
(3) Who is "Brother in law Daniel Baker" and how does he relate to Sarah?
Found the Duncan Buie family living next door to Sarah Thomas - Bows Creek - on the 1830 
Cumberland Co.,  NC Census. 

Will of Sarah Thomas  1839, Cumberland Co., NC
ma. (1) Shaw (2) Wife of John Thomas.  Mother of Elizabeth Thomas ma. Neill Black "Jr" 
and Sarah Thomas ma. James Black.  Both daughters with their husbands are in Gadsden Co., Fla 
by 1834.    Portions of the original Will are illegible. 
17 Nov. 1839
                State of North Carolina  Cumberland County
                In the name of God:  Amen,  I Sarah Thomas being 
of sound mind and memory Blessed be the lord,
but weak of body, do make and ordain My last will 
and Testament as follows  viz
1st  I will, and bequeath to my Step daughter Francis Clarke
Ten dollars, to each of my own daughters, Sarah and 
Elizabeth Black, Ten dollars each to my Son Daniel 
Shaw Ten dollars, and after my debts & expenses are paid 
my Negroes, Stock of all kind, furniture, utensils, money to be
given and divided to and between John Wesley Thomas my 
Son and Maria Thomas my youngest Daughter, But 
Maria to have first choice of the Negroes and all the Silver ware and
stock, and in case of either dying without + ????? the ? Survivors
_____, the deceased part, should they ______________
___ then to return to the kin on the maternal Side and
I appoint my friend and Brother in Law, Daniel Baker?
____ to this my last Will and Testament in witness
____ I hereunto set my hand & seal November 17th
____-  Signed & Sealed in presence of
                Witness  George McMillan +             Sarah Thomas {Seal}
                Eze his mark Borroughs
The words (and all) inserted in the thirteenth line in presence of Margret Buie. Liz Frano

I am writing to see if you can help me with information in the BIG ROCKFISH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH CEMETERY.
My Grandfather Richard Norman BARNES is buried in the Cemetery along with his brother Isham BARNES and 
their mother Nellie Britt BARNES. I know where my grandfather is buried and also know about where his 
brother and mother are buried as well. What I don't have is a birth and death date for them. My grand-
father's grave is marked and we wanted to mark his mother and brother as well. 

What I need to know is if the church or someone else would have records of the people buried in the 
cemetery? You can contact me at 910 590-0001 or at Stephen Hulen 

Family Monument Works LLC
220 McKoy Street 
Clinton NC 28328
PO Box 454
Clinton NC 28329
Thank you in advance for your help.

I have Archibald MORRISON (b about 1803 ??) of Cumberland County, NC, m Jerusha BETHEA in Cumberland 
County and migrated to AL and MS.  He and Jerusha both died in Tishomingo County, MS.  Family records 
indicate that his parents were John Morrison and Catherine CAMPBELL Morrison, both b in United Kingdom.  
They are said to have come to US on a ship named "Queen Isabella " but did not meet until later 
in NC.  I have descendants of Archie and Jerusha. If these people are in your family, I would like to 
exchange information. Thanks, Bickie Raspilair Guntersville, AL

MCNEILL / CANADY   April 09, 2006
I am searching for any information about my g-g-grandma Sophia MCNEILL. she was born in Cumberland 
County N.C in 1884 she died in 1941. She was married to Walter Frank CANADY of Grays Creek. If anyone 
has any information please contact me. Thanks. Tara McDonald

BARBER / ARNETTE   March 24, 2006
I am looking for Ruth BARBER. She lived in Hope mills, NC in Cumberland County. My Mother was born 
in Hope Mills in January, 1922. I know she worked in a cotton mill. My grandfather was Alexander ARNETTE 
and he worked in the cotton mill. Ruth's daddy was John BARBER. He was a sheriff somewhere in NC. Thanks 
for any information. Judith Crumley

SHAW / FAISON   March 17, 2006
For many years I have searched for my SHAW ancestors in America and Scotland.  Colin SHAW's family seems 
to fit the information I have about the ancestors of John L. SHAW, MD. who was born in 1814 in Robeson Co NC 
to a John SHAW. He grew up on a farm near Fayetteville in Cumberland County NC and attended Donaldson Academy 
in Fayetteville.  He had a daughter named Frances.  His grandfather, first name unknown Shaw, came from 
Scotland.  Could my ancestor John L. Shaw be a son of John Shaw and Frances FAISON? Marilyn Johnson

CASEY / TRULL   March 15, 2006
Need info on my g-g-grandparents:  Cornelius CASEY and Amanda TRULL.  They were married in Cumberland 
in 1843 and had three children.  Many thanks, in advance. William Casey, Naples, FL

DUNN   March 13, 2006
Does anyone know anything about "Dunn's Creek Quaker Meeting House"? It is off on Butler Nursery Road 
in Gray's Creek area, Cumberland County on Cape Fear River. There's a Hwy Historical marker for it on 
Hwy 87 S. 
Marker #I-59
Started about 1746 
joined yearly meeting
1760.discontinued about
1781. Site and cemetery
are 2.5 miles SE.
I'm trying to find info on this but can find hardly any. I would like to know location and if cemetery 
still exsists. I tried to follow map to location but no luck. Thanks, Shannon

MCPHERSON   March 13, 2006
I am looking for any help on my Hugh Thomas MCPHERSON, who resided in Columbus Co. from 1840 on.  
Family legend says that he had  brother who lived in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. as well as one that 
moved to Alabama.   Obviously there is a pattern of Hugh MCPHERSON's in Cumberland, so if anyone knows 
of a Hugh born between 1807 - 1812 that disappeared from the county please let me know.  His sons names 
(for naming patterns) were: Edward, Coleman, John McDaniel, Joshua, Elisha, Hugh Thomas Jr., Archie 
Daniel, Jordan, Petter, and Paul.  Also, for those of you with MCPHERSON ancestors in Cumberland, how 
do you pronounce that name?  Does it sound like Mc-ferson or Mc-feerson? Thanks, Karen McPherson

TAMS / PURVIANCE   Feburary 23, 2006
William Henry TAMS was born December 8, 1824 in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, NC. His parents
were William TAMS and Mary Brownlow PURVIANCE. Apparently William Henry Tams so distinguished himself 
during his life, living in Augusta and Rockhingham Counties, VA that when he died in August 2, 1873, 
there was a lengthy obituary in the local paper in Fayetteville, NC. I would very much like to find a 
copy of that newspaper article. Thank you for any help you can give. Mary Sias

CANADY / EDWARDS / LANCASTER   Feburary 14, 2006
I am researching the CANADYS from Cumberland County. My GGGrandfather was Walter CANADY born 
Dec 3, 1884 and died Oct 16, 1950. He married Sophia. I do not know her maiden name. She was born on 
Sept 5, 1883 and died on May 22, 1941. I do not know their childrens names, but they did have a son 
named Frank CANADY SR. He was my GGrandfather. He was born on Feb 22, 1903 and died Mar 17, 1950. He 
married Ada EDWARDS. She was born Aug 19, 1899 and died May 12, 1981. Her parents were Catherine LANCASTER 
and William H EDWARDS. If anyone knows about any of these people please contact me. Thanks Tara McDonald

MCDONALD / NOBLES   Feburary 12, 2006
I am seeking information on John G MCDONALD who lived in Cumberland County. I don't know his wife's name,
but their children were James A MCDONALD b. Dec 1841, m. Sarah F NOBLES; John T MCDONALD b. Sept 1843 m. 
Cornelia CLARK; Edward MCDONALD born 1845; Hannah MCDONALD Born 1847; Margaret MCDONALD born 1848, and 
Charles MCDONALD born 1850. If anyone knows any information about these MCDONALDS please let me know.
Tara McDonald

KEY   Feburary 05, 2006
Searching for information on William Walker KEY who had a son, John Patrick born in NC about 1816. 
He also had a younger sister Elizabeth. His father later in 1830 is found in Jones Co, GA for about 
20-30 yrs and then nothing. No idea who his wife was. Any information is appreicated. Janie Thornley

DOZIER   Feburary 04, 2006
I am seeking information on James DOZIER who was enumerated in the 1810 census of Cumberland 
County, NC. Who were his parents? wife, children?  Any data on this family would be appreciated.  
Thanks, James O. King

STATZER   January 24, 2006
We are trying to locate the burial location for an ancestor - Edward K. STATZER, 48th Virginia 
Infantry, Confederate, Private. he may be buried in a Fayetteville, NC immediate area cemetery. 
If you can assist us in any way it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Leila Wadsworth 
P. O. Box 5961 Lakeland, Florida 33807

McPHERSON / BOWEN   January 21, 2006
Do you have any info on John McPHERSON, who m. Rebecca BOWEN?  Their children were Duncan 
McCall McPHERSON b. 1825 in Cumberland County, NC. and probably Alexander Bowen McPHERSON DOB 
unknown.  Both moved to Lowndes Co., Ala., married and died there.  I don't have the DOB for John 
or where born or who his parents were.  I would like to trace my family back to Scotland, if possible.  
Appreciate anything you have. Wayne McPherson 819 Hurricane Crk Rd  Chattanooga, TN. 37421

McLEAN / PATTERSON   January 15, 2006
I have been searching for the parents of my ggggrandmother for many years, but I have never been 
able to find them.  Her name is Margaret Ann Elizabeth MCLEAN, born 21 Apr 1817, died 28 Aug 1891.  
She was married on 14 Mar 1832 in Cumberland Co. to Neill PATTERSON, b. 12 Nov 1807, d. 16 Jul 1877.  
They are buried at Union Presbyterian Church in Moore Co.; however, from 1840-1880, they always 
appeared on the Cumberland Co. census records.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Amy Manina

JACKSON / McRAE   January 15, 2006
Alford JACKSON m. 24 April 1828 Isabella McRAE. Witness, Jesse Jackson & McDiarmid, Clk.
Alford Jackson is my husband's great grandfather.   Is there any further information on Isabella?   
We haven't been able to find anything other than this marriage date. Did they have children? What 
is her death date? Alford came to Mississippi and married twice more, with 21 children in all.   
Robert's grandfather is the 21st child. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks so 
much. Bettye Jackson in Oxford, Mississippi.

POPE   December 12, 2005
One of my great grandmothers was Jenny Kelly POPE. Born about 1796 in Mississippi. Stephen 
POPE April 19, 1813 in Duplin, NC. Had a child in Averasborough, Cumberland, NC. Died bef. 1830 
in Cumberland, NC. Any info you can give me would so be appreciated. Thanks, Vicky Rodriguez

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