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GRAHAM   November 16, 2007
I would like to find any info on John GRAHAM, that was in Cumberland County, N.C. when he enlisted in the 
Revolutionary War. He was just a young man abt 14 years old. When he was discharged he returned to Cumberland 
County and remained there untill abt 1797 when he moved to Montgomery Co. (now Stewart Co.), TN. I really would 
like to find the names of his parents and spouse, also would like to know if he had a daughter, Catherine Etheny 
born there. I would really appreciate any info anyone has on him. Betty Davis

REDDING / MURDOCK / HAILE   October 30, 2007
There is a will in Christian Co., Kentucky for a William REDDING, probated March 1, 1819.  
Listed in the will is widow Martha REDDING, half bro-in-law Lewis MURDOCK, nephew Willis MURDOCK, 
full bro-in-law  William TEDDER, William TEDDER'S children, Elizabeth, Littleton, Nancy and Benjamin, 
half sister's children Timothy OWSLEY, Polly, Laban, James and Robert.  Witnesses were Joseph ALLISON 
and Coleman GRIFFIN.  Executors were Daniel HAILE Sr and Abner ROBINSON.

The REDDINGS, MURDOCKS and HAILE'S all came to Christian Co., Kentucky together.  Timothy REDDING deeded 
land to Daniel HAILE'S daughter Nancy in Cumberland County referring to her as his grandaughter.  Does 
anyone have info on these families?  I am trying to connect them all together and identify the name of 
Daniel HAILE'S wife. Thank you for any help, Debbie Hammonds

HOBSON   October 23, 2007
My Grandfather was Hugh Dugal HOBSON, he married my grandmother Dollie Suggs in Alabama. 
Until just a few years ago we did not know where Hugh Dugal HOBSON came from. The 1880 United 
States Census for Cumberland County, Flea Hill Township District shows Hugh Dugal HOBSON as a 
6 year old son of R. (possibly Richard) HOBSON and his wife Luviler (Mason) HOBSON. Hugh Dugal 
HOBSON's sisters were Pharby C. born about 1867 or 1869, and Mary I. born about 1870. Hugh Dugal 
HOBSON's brothers Uriah born about 1875 and Elias born about 1879. We would appreciate any 
information about Hugh Dugal HOBSON's siblings, descendants and ancestors. We have very little 
information and could use anything we could get. Thank you in advance, Linda HOBSON Bullock

McKAY / BLUE   October 16, 2007
I am in search of the parents of Mary McKAY (1737-1833 N.C.) married to John BLUE (1745-October 22, 1781 N.C.). 
Some say she was the daughter of Archibald McKay (I think he died before she was born?) ... or at least one 
Archibald McKay did? Thank you, Kathy C. Henning, Mississippi

ATKINSON   October 10, 2007
I am searching for a Cemetery and grave marker for William E. ATKINSON.  I want to try and get 
a marker from the VA acknowledging his Civil War military service.  However, we have to find the 
cemetery where the soldier is buried.
I found in a Book at the Archives in Raleigh, NC entitled,  "Civil War NC Troops 1861-1865 Infantry 
(Vol VI)" with the following.
"Co K 18th Regiment NC Troops
Atkinson, William E. Private
Born in Bladen County and was by occupation an artist prior to enlisting in Bladen County at age, 
24 April 26, 1861.  Present or accounted for until wounded at Hanover Court House, Virginia, 
May 27, 1862.  Returned to duty on an unspecified date.  Caputured at or near Manassas, Virginia, 
on or about August 29, 1862.  Confined at Fort Monroe, Virginia, until exchanged at Aiken's Landing, 
James River, Virginia, September 21, 1862.  Reported absent without leave through February, 1863.  
No further records."  
Other information we have on this soldier includes;
William E. Atkinson, b. 10/30/1837 at White Lake, Bladen Co, NC, d. (no date) Fayetteville, Cumberland 
Co, NC and buried in  Fayetteville, Cumberland Co, NC. Wayne Atkinson

Seek the names of the children of 1769-1774, Solomon JAMES, Sr., of Jacob's Swamp, Drowning Creek. Did 
he have a son, Capt. John James, killed age 16 by Tories whilst crossing the Lumber River (1st or 2nd Battle 
of Drowning Creek?). Did John wed Martha PUGH (sister of Ens. WHITMEL PUGH?), who widowed, wed 2nd, Ephraim 
SHOLAR? Were her parents James and Mary WHITMEL PUGH, Sr., of 1750's, now eastern Cumberland County? 
J. A. L. Miller, Jr., 4978 N. Hampton Dr., Southport, N.C. 28461-7420.
BATTLES of DROWNING CREEK, 1st and 2nd Revolutionary War battles (these are not the Battle of Drowning Creek 
in the North Carolina mountains), which took place just outside the boundry of today's Fort Bragg militarty 
reservation; likely within the new Drowning Creek Wildlife Preserve. Seek someone informed about these battles? 
James A Miller Jr. 4978 N. Hampton Dr., Southport, N.C. 28461-7420.

GILLIS / McLEOD   September 19, 2007
My research in Cumberland Co. is Gillis, McLeod. I have never found anyone who connects to my family 
of Donald and Catherine McLeod GILLIS who were in the area by 1803 from Scotland. They had 3 living children 
when they arrived, John, Malcom and my Margaret born May 30, 1800. She married Alexander GILLIS in Moore Co. 
1817. Alexander's family was from Richmond. (He has an unknown sister who married a Campbell)   
If you know anyone working on these lines please pass this on and tell them I will be happy to share. 
Velta Gillis Hord 
Astor, Florida
This is some of the family history I started my research from over 40 years ago and can not prove any 
thing before 1803.
Donald Gillis married Catharine McLeod. They were born,
reared and married in Scotland, were Highlanders, they spoke
Gaelic only except Donald spoke broken English, they had several
children all born in Scotland, all died young save, John, Malcolm,
and Mother (Margaret), she was born 30th (MAY) (torn) (l800) (torn). Her
family came to N.C. in 1803. She could remember a little of the
voyage on the ocean, They lived in Wilmington, N. C., Fayetteville, Cumberland Co. 
He was a tailor in early life and manhood, became a farmer
in Moore, NC. His farm still known as the Gillis Place. 
Margaret GILLIS was born May 30, 1800 in Scotland to Donald GILLIS and Catharine McLEOD who emigrated to 
Wilmington, North Carolina, Fayetteville in 1803 from Kingsdale, Scotland.
Alexander GILLIS was born June 10, 1792 in Richmond County, North Carolina to  Donald GILLIS and Dorcas 
McLEOD who emigrated from Scotland in about 1770.
Margaret and Alexander were married October 15, 1817 in Moore County, North John Patterson, JP.  
This her maiden name being the same as her married name. Donald and Catharine her parents along with Margaret 
and Alexander were in AL by 1822-23. Some family stayed in NC. Catharine died in AL and Donald went to MS 
with a son John and died. Thanks, Velta Gillis Hord

McNEILL / CAMPBELL   August 14, 2007
William McNEILL was married to Jane CAMPBELL.  Their son, Hector was married twice.  His second wife, Ayles 
and their 10 children are well documented.  I am interested in the first wife, Jane.  There is information on 
Family Search (internet) that Hector and Jane had a son in 1785 named Hector.  I have been trying to substantiate 
this birth.  Do you have any information on this old Cumberland County family?  Also, do you know what part of 
Scotland William and Jane came from and when? Many thanks for your help. Donald A. McNeill

BRANCH   August 11, 2007
I am looking for information on my g g Grandfather EDWARD KING BRANCH- born in l8l2. He was in 
Cumberland county in the l850 census with his wife - Tabitha- and children. His wife may have been 
a Johnson. They moved toTennessee in the early l860s due to the civil war. Left one son there.
They then moved to Arkansas. John

MCALISTER   August 05, 2007
Alexander MCALISTER is my great grandfather. 

I am looking for:
1. Alexander MCALISTER's parents names
2. The Maiden name of his wife, Rosa
3. Rosa's parents name 
4. Rosa's Native American tribe name

Alexander MCALISTER (b. 1902 Fayetteville, NC - d. 1991 Portsmouth, VA) had at least two siblings: Ethel and 
Lonnie(b. 1900), and perhaps also a sister, Viola (b. 1906). Alexander MCALISTER married Rosa (b1904, 
Fayetteville, NC? - d. 1950 Portsmouth, VA). They had at least 5 children (Helen, Annie-Viola, Callie, Alex, Edward). 
I believe Rosa's father was full blood Native American.  I also believe that Alexander's father's name might 
have also been Alexander McAlister. Thank you for your time and consideration. Nikki Byrd

MASSEY / BROOM   August 05, 2007
In Jan. of 1779, John MASSEY enters 300 Acres on Great Br. and Luke BROOM  Jan. 23, 1779 enters 
100 acres on Long Branch, both in Cumberland Co. Can anyone give me the location of Great Br. and 
Long Branch. I assume they are  both rivers or creeks. Thanks Juanita McClintick

BULLARD / ELKINS   August 05, 2007
 In the Gilmont Cemetery in Hope Mills NC there are the BULLARDS, which are Annie Ruth Bullard and 
Larion C. BULLARD Sr. Then Bessie ELKINS. Next to her (on a plot she owned is buried a gentleman if I 
could find out his name too)

How would I find a copy of the obituary or the funeral home that they were buried out of to see if they 
have one?  No one seems to know the name of Larion C. Bullard Sr.'s father.  All we know is his initials 
are L. C. and that is not much to go on.  I know that the courthouse is usually the one who has copies 
of the death certificates or would they be microfiche by now?  Any help you could give me in this direction 
I would appreciate it.  Just one of those family enigmas. Thank You again Pat

DWYER / CHASTEEN   July 25, 2007
Can you tell me if NC has a death index? I am looking for a death in 1980 of a DWYER. His wife was Ora 
Jean Dwyer maiden name was CHASTEEN. He died in Fayetteville, NC. I am in CA and we do have a death index, I 
just did not know if your state did. Rose Adams

ASHLEY   June 19, 2007
Searching for my half brother, Nicholas A ASHLEY's, father. My brother is in PA. The last time 
he heard from his father was several years ago. I don't know where to begin my search, hopefully you 
can help me. My brother is 22 years old and I believe his father, Richard A Ashley, is around 42 and 
still living in Cumberland County. Please help! Thank you so much! Laura Sinclair - 910-818-7883

McLAUGHLIN / NORRIS   June 07, 2007
Searching for any information of Keziah McLaughlin b late 1790's, Cumberland Co, NC and dau of 
Hugh McLaughlin, married James Norris possible 1812 also Cumberland Co, NC. supposedly migrated to 
Tn and first son Hugh Norris. Any info appreciated. Ray Norris

PUGH / WHITMEL   May 21, 2007
Seek c1750's land grants site (c500 acres each), on or near Cape Fear River, of Francis and James 
PUGH (Sr.?). Was James Pugh, Sr's wife Mary WHITMEL? Were their children Ens. Whitmel Pugh and Mrs. 
Martha Pugh JAMES; widow of Capt. John James, killed age 16 by Tories whilst crossing the Lumber River? 
Widowed, Mrs. Martha Pugh James wed Ephraim SHOLAR. James A. Miller, Jr., Southport, N.C.
James A. Miller, Jr., Southport, N.C.

c1750's Messrs. BRADLEY & SHARPLESS Inn at Choffington, Cumberland Co., N.C. Seek information 
and location of inn. Wilmington, N.C., Continental Line paymaster Capt. Richard Bradley, Sr., and 
his father-in-law, John Sharpless, III, both from Chester, Penn. were my ancestors. Richard's wife 
was Elizabeth ASHEBRIDGE Sharpless. James A. Miller, Jr., Southport, N.C.

EVANS / CARVER   May 04, 2007
Searching for children of Theophilus and Susan Carver EVANS of Cumberland County. He was born about 1746.  
Specifically want to know if Alexander born about 1780 who married Mary Polly Little, is a son. Denice Evans Patterson

BOON   April 21, 2007
Our family lived in Cumberland County in the 70's and 80's. Our children were playing in the 
woods behind our house and dug up an old bottle. It looks like a soda bottle. It has clear raised 
areas that looks like different sides of a dice. Above that in clear raised letters is S.T. BOON 
on each side. At the bottom edge it has CONTENTS 9 FL.OZS., also in clear letters. On the bottom, 
also in clear letters it says Fayetteville, N.C. I was looking at the Cumberland Cemetary list and 
found S.T. BOON. I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about the bottle and possibly
about S.T. BOON. Frances Morrison

GOINS / GOING / GUIN / GUION / GOEN   April 17, 2007
I am looking for information on Arthur GOINS. Arthur was 93 years old in the 1850 census and 
was born in VA.  Arthur shows up in Cumberland County in 1830 - 1850.  In 1820 Arthur was in 
Patrick County, VA.
My line starts with James GOINS born abt 1792.  James lived in Moore County.  James moved his 
family to Quewhiffle, Cumberland County and is living next door to another Arthur GOINS born 
about 1810 in the 1880 Cumberland County census. Any information would greatly be appreciated. 
Tracy Hutchison

RAY   March 21, 2007
I am looking for any information regarding my gggg-grandfather, John "Jack" RAY who was 
born about 1804 in North Carolina, I believe in the Cumberland County area.  He married Nancy Elizabeth 
McKnight of South Carolina in Alabama in 1828 and they settled in Choctaw County, Mississippi in the 1840s.  
I believe it is possible that his father was also a John RAY but don't know this for sure.

John "Jack" RAY and Nancy McKnight's children were: Delilah I., William Smith, Andrew Patterson, 
Peggy, Martha C., Isabel, Sanford C., Mary C., Dempsey Edward, Amanda Emma, James William, and Elizabeth.

I am hoping that some of these names might be related to paternal/sibling names of John RAY and might be 
recognized by someone. Any information at all would be appreciated. Thank you,  Kay Broome Alderman

McKEITHAN / McNEILL   March 03, 2007
John MCKEITHAN Sr. left a will in Cumberland County in 1818.  He mentions Hector MCNEILL as nephew.  
Which brother or sister married a McNeill?  Donald A. McNeill

McINNIS / McDUFFIE   March 01, 2007
I am still trying to find info on a John MCINNIS and Mary Jane MCDUFFIE from Cumberland co., who 
were supposed to have been the parents of an Angus MCINNIS who married Catherine PITTMAN and were in 
the Montgomery co. 1840 census. 

There were a John MCINNIS and Mary Jane (MCDUFFIE) MCINNIS who were from NC and moved to Miss. but 
there is no record of a son, Angus. Are there any descendants of either family who might have knowledge 
of this couple?  Thanks. Sam Y. Perkins

HUBBARD   February 20, 2007
My Grandmother was Mary Jane Hubbard born 6 June 1898. She married my grandfather Lonnie Carter 
born 1 Sept. 1895. They married in Stedman, NC (Cumberland County) in 1916.
My ggrandfather was John E. Hubbard, also called "Coolidge", he was born 1 Oct. 1867. He married my 
ggrandmother Marry Ellen Bunce who was born 2 Sept 1869.
My question is, was John Harold Hubbard, born 25 December 1834 in Portland Maine, John E. Hubbards 
father?  I would like to make the connection. If he was then, his 3rd wife Mary Talbot would be my 
gggrandmother. Vance Carter from Connecticut.

MOORE   February 07, 2007
I would like to know how to find burial sites for William MOORE and Matthew MOORE in Cumberland 
County.  Moreover, I am trying to trace the line of William MOORE in Cumberland County (1735).  He is 
registered on the tax list for 1755.  I am his great, great, great, great grandson. I do not think he 
arrived via the Cape Fear or is a Highland Scot.  I believe he entered the county from the north and 
was a scot Irish line. Matthew Lived between Black River and Mingo creek (north east of the Cape Fear 
River. William settled North West of the Cape Fear River 1735-1750. Some say he was from Orange 
County, Va. Any help would be appreciated.  Glen Moore

COVINGTON BOOK   January 12, 2007
I am trying to locate a book about the Covington Family called "COVINGTONS REMEMBERED" 
and the author is D.E. Covington (Da Costa Euclid Covington) who in 1991 was taking orders for this 
book.  His address was Rt. 15, Box 325 A Fayetteville, NC.  Do you know how I can see if he is still 
alive and living in Fayetteville to see if he has any of these books left?  Thanks in advance for any 
advice, Marty Branch

I am researching my family which came over from Scotland and settled in Cumberland County, including 
some members who lived in what is now Harnett county. My great-grandmother and other family members 
are buried on land where my grandfather grew up but which has passed from family hands. My cousin and 
I would like to visit the graves. What is the law in NC concerning visiting family graves on private 
property? The current owner has not answered his phone. Thanks so much for your assistance. Emily Lees

GASTON / CAMPBELL   January 09, 2007
I am looking for information concerning a skirmish at Cross Creek in Cumberland County during  
March 1781. The Captain of the NC militia involved with the skirmish was Henry GASTON. Members of 
the militia included James CAMPBELL and Jacob GASTON. Some of the militia was taken prisoner by the 
British to Wilmington and imprisioned on a ship.
Is Cross Creek a town, creek or geographic area. Do the local historical group have information on 
battles in the area during the Revolutionary War. Captain Henry Gaston was a farmer from Moore Co but 
Jacob Gaston and James Campbell lived in the Cumberland County area. Thank you, Connie Schagunn

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