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Hello Researchers, Please read the following query and respond with your thoughts 
to either Sam West or Myrtle Bridges. Thanks!

Four years ago I was the chairman of the committee which compiled the book "Our Heritage Robeson County 
North Carolina 1747-2002".  Since that time Scotland and Moore Counties have published their own heritage 
books, and I am thinking that it is time that Cumberland County publish one of her own.

I have been in contact with Josten's Publishing Company and they are supportive in starting a heritage book 
project in Cumberland County.  My question to you is:  What are your thoughts on a Cumberland County Heritage 
Book; and, if I were to take the lead in the organization and help with the monthly meetings, do you think 
that there is enough interest to do a book of this caliber in Cumberland County?

I certainly would appreciate your thoughts on this subject.

With kindest regards,

Sam West
Lumberton, Robeson Co NC

SAWYER / HOOKER   June 07, 2008
I am looking for information about my grandfather, William Franklin SAWYER.  His WWI draft card 
is from Fayetteville, NC and has Cumberland County as the place of issue. The card is dated June 5, 1917. 
My grandfather was born on Nov. 20, 1887 in Columbia, NC (Tyrrell county).  Until I found the draft card 
I had no idea that he had ever lived in Cumberland county.  I can't find a marriage license for him and 
was hoping that perhaps he married while in Cumberland County.  His wife would be Mary Caroline HOOKER.   
Any information about him would be helpful. Thank you for your assistance. Lynn Carpenter

JACKSON   June 07, 2008
I am looking for any information on James & Nancy (Mercy) JACKSON and  their offspring. 
James and Nancy died in Cumberland Co NC 1810 & 1816 respectfully. They had several children 
- Mary King, Ann Legeth, Martha Newberry, Elizabeth McCloud, sons - John, William, Thomas, and 
Jesse.  Thank you  C. Grace

DAVIS / EVERETT   May 01, 2008
I am looking for information on my grandfather John Sampson DAVIS (May 22, 1903 – Feb. 1948).
He was married to Ada EVERETT and they had 7 children, one of them being my dad. John S. Davis is 
buried in Cumberland Cemetary in Cumberland Mills, NC. I would like to learn more about his parents 
and brothers and sisters. Mothers name was Jenie. Sisters are Virginia, Winnie & Nellie. Brothers 
are Isaac, Isadore, David & Jeff. I do not have a name for his father. Sarah Rebecca Davis-Espinosa

HALE   April 19, 2008
I'm researching information on the wife of Daniel HALE (son of Joel Hale (Haile), born abt 1775 
in Cumberland County, NC. Daniel's son Anderson Hale born abt 1790 Cumberland, married Cassandra Moore 
July 5,1813 Christian, Ky. Cassandra Moore was daughter of Austin Moore and Mary Garrett-Laurens Co. Sc
Thank you, Marti Hale

McNEILL / BARKSDALE   April 16, 2008
Looking for the names of the children of "Leather Eye" Hector MCNEILL and Susanna BARKSDALE.  
"Leather Eye" Hector was born about 1754 in Cumberland County and was the son of "Scrubbin Archie" 
and Janet SMITH (Jennie Bahn) MCNEILL. Donald A. McNeill

My husband and some of his friends do a lot of hiking. Today they were close to the Cape Fear River behind 
Goodyear Tire Co. formerly Kelly Springfield near Fayetteville (Cumberland County, NC).  They came up on an old 
cemetery that was grown up and in bad need of work.  Some of the stones had the name KING on them and some of 
the dates were in the 1700's.  One of the guys in the group said that he had been there before and that there 
used to be an old gate that was lying on the ground but they could not find it.  There were other stones that 
they could not make out the name if it was KING or not. Also, someone said that a man that had owned the property 
at one time said that there was a slave cemetery close by but there were stones for them. If you know of someone 
that could work on this place it sounds really worth saving.

Turn at the stop light at Kelly Springfield (Goodyear on 401 S. toward Fayetteville) and go until you reach the 
barrier.  There is a path off to the left of that to follow until you reach the cemetery.  If you wait until the 
leaves and grass is out you may not be able to find it.  Do you know of anyone that would be willing to clean it 
up?  Thank you. Marie Bull
Notice: If you are interested in visiting or cleaning this old cemetery, please remember to ask permission from the land owner.
Do not trespass. If you get any legible listings I would be happy to post them on this site. Thanks!

WILSON   February 26, 2008
I am looking for information of the family of gggggrandfather  David WILSON born in Cumberland Co. SC in 
1745. By the 1770's his family had moved to Green Co., Tennesse, from there they moved to Whitley Co., Ky. 
Thank you. Deborah Geiger

CRAWFORD / McNEILL   February 26, 2008
Searching for information about parents of my 3rd Great Grandfather Charles Henry CRAWFORD(Crafford?)  
Crafford shows on the North Carolina marriage record per Born 1787 Cumberland County, NC
12/30/1809  Married Lucy Margaret McNEILL  (McNeill?) in Cumberland County  D 1853 Robertson Cty, TN
First Child  Mary Crawford, born 1811 Rockingham County 

Charles' brother William CRAWFORD married Catharine McNEILL 1/26/1808 in Cumberland (Catharine is sister 
to Lucy) I appreciate any assistance that you may be able to provide James Crawford

McNEILL   February 12, 2008
Looking for John MCNEILL who lived in the Captain Gibson's District on Cumberland County in 1800.  This area is near 
Old Bluff Presbyterian Church. John had three sons in the 10 to 16 age group on the 1800 census. Donald A. McNeill

SURLES   January 07, 2008
I am looking for parents and/or siblings of Harry SURLES born abt 1835 in North Carolina.  
During the 1870 census, he resided in Carver Creek, Cumberland County with this family.  
His wife name was Emilia and children were Frances, Becky, Catheran, Wright, Cisero, Emerline, 
Nealy, and Louise.  Any information would be help, even the name of the plantation where they 
might have resided. Thank you. Cheryl Prater

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