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JACKSON / BLEDSOE    December 25, 2009
I am looking for any information about Menus JACKSON who married Jane Webb in 1840.  In the 1850 Cumberland County Census, 
Menus is shown living with his 2nd wife, Martha and their children.  I descend from Menus and Martha's daughter, Fanny Jackson. 
Fanny married James Calvin "Calton (Cotton)" BLEDSOE in Cumberland County in 1865.  Both Fanny and Calton Bledsoe settled 
in Johnston County, NC. Respectfully, Jason M. Holder  Early, Texas

CORBEX / CORBET    December 17, 2009
Hello, Please could you tell me if someone could make some research for me, abour AFBEON A AUTY death 
in CUMBERLAND ( North Carolina ) on 1925, his mother was Jony CORBEX, I would like to be sure it is CORBEX Jony 
and may be find some children of this mariage. Thanks for your help. Laurent Corbex.

McNEILL    November 06, 2009
Researching Elijah Brazier found in Cumberland County in the 1790 & 1800 census.  Who were his children besides 
Elijah born about 1776.  Did he have a son named Isaac born about 1771?  Did Elijah serve in the Revolutionary 
War? Isaac was my Great-great-great-grandfather.

McNEILL    October 21, 2009
Sarah Rapalje 1st European born in New York (1625); 
Captain John R Grant fought in the French and Indian War; 
Jenny Bahn McNeill friend of Benjamin Franklin; 
Captain Daniel McNeill, Colonel "One-Eyed" Hector McNeill Jr, Colonel Hector McNeill Sr fought in the American Revolutionary War; 
"Cunning" John McNeill Murderer (Massacre at Piney Bottom); 
MacCallum Grant Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (1916-1925); 
Humphrey Bogart Actor; Harry Weir Parker killed in the Halifax Explosion (1917); 
Harold Grant Captain, cruiser HMS Enterprise was awarded the Bronze Star by the US Army during the invasion of Normandy in 1944
Search for all these people and more in the family trees at McNeill Family Tree 
I'd love to share this with fellow McNeill researchers. Thank you, Walter Wells.

MAULTSBY / BOONE / TOLAR    October 9, 2009
I am trying to find out who the parents are of my gggrandfather John Selph MAULTSBY b. November 1, 1825 in 
Cumberland County NC, d November 29, 1885 in Cumberland County NC.  He married Caroline Frances BOONE, daughter 
of Sampson BOONE and Anne TOLAR, October 27, 1847. Please contact Sue Howland. Thank you. In God We Trust. Proverbs 3: 5 & 6

PATTERSON    September 28, 2009
Searching for information of "Raft Swamp Daniel" PATTERSON, OR any info on a Daniel PATTERSON who had children named: 
Archibald PATTERSON 
Malcolm PATTERSON (died about 1837 or 38 and from whose estate record this info is derived)
Flora PATTERSON McRAE (wife of Angus McRAE of Cumberland Co., NC)
Sarah PATTERSON MURPHY (wife of James MURPHY of Georgia)
Elizabeth PATTERSON GIBSON (wife of Shockley GIBSON of Georgia who was related to GIBSONS of Richmond Co., NC)
Loveday PATTERSON HARRELL (wife of John S. HARRELL of Mississippi).

The children listed above are stated in the estate papers of Malcolm PATTERSON in Cumberland County to have 
been the children and heirs of the lands of "Raft Swamp Daniel" PATTERSON. These lands are stated to have been 
on Beaverdam in Cumberland County in the far western corner of the county which is now part of Hoke County. It 
is my understanding that the children listed above are not the children known to have been Raft Swamp Daniel's 
children. What is true?

I also have read that "Raft Swamp Daniel" and his wife lived in the eastern part of Richmond County. Did they 
always live there? Thank you for any assistance. Steve Edgerton

PICKETT    September 04, 2009
I am looking for Jonathan J. and Catherine M. PICKETT.  They were listed in the 1880 Census as 
living in Rockfish Community of Cumberland County with their daughter Susan and granddaughter 
Sarah.  Jonathan was born 2/13/1810 and Catherine was born 1/18/1815. They had nine children: 
1) Isaac Dalton Pickett b)9/10/1833, 
2) Anney Jane Pickett b)12/22/1836 – Anney later married Benjamin F. Sikes and moved to Robeson Cty. 
3) Isaiah Pickett b)9/7/1839 
4) Joseph Pickett b) 9/7/1839 
5) Samuel Hugh Pickett b)6/11/1842 
6) Alexander Rura Pickett b)11/26/1845 
7) Winfield Lucas Pickett b)4/19/1847 d)4/14/1864 
8) Oscar Pickett b) 11/3/1849 I believe Oscar married Flora Jane Wilkes and was later divorced, and 
9) Susan M. Pickett b)9/30/1845 d)5/18/1930 – she is buried in Cross Creek Cemetery in Fayetteville.

I'm especially interested in Oscar who may be my great grandfather.  I understand he was convicted 
of larceny in Robeson County and escaped jail.  Thanks for any help, Sid Pickett

FARLEY    August 07, 2009
I am hoping someone might have access to a 1982 obituary for an Ora Benson FARLEY, although I do not 
know her married name. ?  She was born 9 Jan 1915 to William and Ester Farley in Raleigh County, WV, and 
died 23 June, 1982 in Spring Lake, Cumberland, NC. Thank you very much, Carole Farley Eklund

FRANKS    August 07, 2009
I am looking to connect and speak with anyone researching Jacob & Flora FRANKS of Cumberland Counties. 
I am researching my Franks family line & I have been pointed in this direction. Thank you, Michelle Gregg

STEPHENS    July 25, 2009
Looking for connection between Redding Stephens (b. 1826), Mac Guire Stephens (b. 1825), James Stephens (b. 1818), 
Paschal Stephens (b. 1802), Anderson Stephens (b. 1800), James Stephens (1794), Roderick Stephens (b. 1782). All lived 
in Cumberland County (later Harnett Co) sometime during their lives.  Anderson, Paschal, and Mac Guire moved to Wake Co, 
N. C., Redding moved out of the state (I forget where at the moment). Naming patterns suggests there is a close link.  
DNA testing has shown that Mac Guire and Redding are closely related. Roderick had males in his household that were the 
same ages as Redding, Mac Guire, Paschal, and Anderson.  Any tidbit of help would be appreciated. Sylvia Stephens

CAMERON / STEWART    July 16, 2009
Have noticed the accounts that state that Allen CAMERON and his wife, Mary STEWART, came from the Isle of Skye.  
In my lifetime I have known elderly members of that family who definitely stated that their grandfather and great 
grandfather came from Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland in August 1790.  Huge D. CAMERON who wrote a history of his 
father and his own siblings stated this.  Allen/Allan CAMERON is a common name in Scotland.  Yes, there were 
Allen CAMERON'S on Skye, but not my ancestors.  Hugh D. CAMERON did not write about his grandparents.  However, 
it is possible that the Allan CAMERON and Janet ARCHIBALD who married in 1735 in Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland 
are his grandparents.  The oldest son of Allen/Allan CAMERON was Archibald CAMERON.  The STEWARTS have a long 
history in Fife.  Would welcome comments.  Thank you.  Marcella Cameron Aldridge

COPE / CALHOUN    June 20, 2009
Looking for any information on William Robert COPE who was married to Rebecca Mae CALHOUN on 6/20/1853.  
I cannot find birth or death dates for either of them, just the marriage date.  I also cannot locate parents/siblings 
for either of them.  (I was able to locate information regarding three known children of theirs: William, John and Mary)
Rhonda Cope Washburn

POLSTON / PARKER    June 20, 2009
Looking for any information on Ella Jane POLSTON b. 4/13/1873, d. 5/21/1928 in Cumberland, NC. Daughter of 
Henry POLSTON & Lizzie PARKER of Clio, SC. Thank you so much! Rhonda Cope Washburn

JOHNSON / WILDER    June 09, 2009
I am searching for information on Jeremiah JOHNSON, b. abt 1793 and d. 1871, and his wife Lucretia WILDER, 
b. abt 1796 and d. 1865.  They were married about 1817 and had several children: Aquilla, John Henry, Mary, 
Priscilla, Thad, Matthew, Lucretia, Rufus, and Sarah.  Both lived and died in Cumberland County and some 
of their descendents are found in the Rockfish area.  Any information on Jeremiah and Lucretia's parents 
would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time. Jonathan Underwood

I am a CARROLL researcher for the past 15 years.  Our CARROLLs came from Sampson County to the Gibson County, TN 
area in 1848.  My earliest ancestor, John W. CARROLL (1789-1867) "appeared&qiot; in NE Sampson County sometime before 1820 
and married Elizabeth Joiner (JOYNER) in the Newton Grove area.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert and Lelah JOINER, 
who owned land around Newton Grove.  My findings indicate that John W. and Elizabeth farmed the Joiner land until about 
1848 when they and their children moved to Gibson County, TN. One of John W. Carroll's sons, Charles C. Carroll, married 
Fanny A. MOBLEY, daughter of Ollen MOBLEY of Sampson County, and John W. Carroll's daughter, Eliza, married Hiram W. 
FLEMING, also of Sampson County, I think.
I have been unsuccessful in determining who John W. Carroll's parents were.  There were 10 Carroll families in southern 
Sampson County in 1790 but none of my research, including DNA analysis, connects John W. Carroll to any of these families.  
I suspect that he might have come into Sampson from a nearby county and/or might have been adopted or illigitimate.
If anyone knows of Carroll family histories that included a John (W.) Carroll or the names Charles C, William James, George W., 
or John R. Carroll, I would like to communicate with them.  These last four were the names of John W.'s sons. Thank you 
very much.  Frank Edwards Fairfield Glade, TN.

REEVES    June 08, 2009
In the Cumberland County N.C. Census for 1790 I found five men named REEVES in a close proximity to each other.  
Nathaniel REEVES, John D. REEVES, and Darling REEVES are next door neighbors.  A few  dwellings down I found 
Jesse Reeves and nearby is George Reeves.   

I am thinking George Reeves may be a brother or relative to William Reeves 1680 who lived in Granville Co. N.C. 
I have studied other REEVES families extensively. My proven ancestor is Thompson REEVES b. 1799 in either S.C. or Ga.    
I would be glad to hear from any one working on these lines.  Thank you.  Tommie Reeves Smith from Texas

McNEILL / McLAUCHLIN    May 12, 2009
I am searching for any information regarding Archibald Alexander MCNEILL
who was married to Sarah Catherine MCLAUCHLIN. Their house site was
located on what is now Ft. Bragg lands. I am having trouble locating
information regarding the ancestors of Archibald. I believe his parents
were Alexander MCNEILL and Julia ROWAN, but need help tracing back
beyond that. Correspondence is appreciated. Jennifer Friend

I am searching for ancestors and descendants of Stephen HOLLINGSWORTH
who died c. 1840 and his daughter Susannah HOLLINGSWORTH, who was born
1801 and who married James THAGARD and then resided in Sampson Co. Any
help appreciated and will share my info on descendants. Thanks. 
Contact: Elaine Vincent Kantor

McDonald / Frazer   May 02, 2009
I am looking For Archibald Mcdonald Born 1768 Scotland Died in Cumberland county NC in 1818. 
His parents were Donald McDonald & Elspeth Frazer. Paul Dean McDonald Charlotte NC

We descend from Tapley Johnson (Johnston), Jr. (b. 1794) through his daughter Mary Anne Johnson. 
Mary Anne married William F. Blackwood (b. 1825). The Johnson family is well documented, but we are 
hoping that someone will have more information about William Blackwood. We find William and Mary in 
the 1850 census for Cumberland County, North Division. They are near Goodwin and Willis Johnson and 
Tapley is a few pages away. Any leads you can give us about the history of William F. will be greatly 
appreciated. C. Blackwood

SMITH / BLALOCK / BRAZIER    March 17, 2009
I would like to correspond with anyone interested in the family of David
SMITH who m Anne BLALOCK. They had children: Richard SMITH(1792), Elizabeth
SMITH and Hardy SMITH. Richard married 1813, Rebecca BRAZIER in Cumberland
County, NC. Richard and Rebecca along with father David and brother Hardy
migrated to Autauga co AL in c1820. Rebecca died in Alabama. In c1835,
they moved on to Tishomingo co MS where David died in c1845. Richard married
(2) Mary Hannah Walker. Richard Smith's Children: [with Rebecca Brazier]
Wesley Brazier Smith, Steven Smith, Ann Smith, William Richard Smith, [with
Mary Walker] John D Smith, Sarah Smith, Thomas Smith, William Hardy Smith,
Matilda Smith, Nancy Rebecca Smith, Lorenzo Benson Smith, Elias Archibald
Smith. Thanks, John E Cain 1211 Maritime Ln; Wylie, TX 75098

WORRELL / WEST    February 14, 2009
I am searching for info on ggfather Louis Lennon WORRELL and ggmother 
Drusilla/Cilla WEST who were married in Cumberland County on Aug. 7, l856.  
They had 8 children there and later moved to Mississippi after June l883.  
I do not have any information on either one as to where born, parents or 
brothers/sisters. Contact Ray Nell McCommon 

COBB / PARKER    February 02, 2009
Hello, Would appreciate any information re Creasy COBB m. Cader PARKER, Cumberland County. 
Thanks, C.W. Ellington, Raleigh, NC

ROUSE    January 16, 2009
Would like any information on Burrell ROUSE, born about 1780.  Father was probably John.  
Any information about John would be helpful, as I know nothing about him. Larry Rouse

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