Cumberland County Queries
July - August, 1999

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Searching for information on the GARDNER family of Cumberland Co. NC. James Gardner is listed in the 1767 census. please reply e mail to: Nancy Pattullo   Posted Aug. 30, 1999


Looking for information on Lydia Muse who lived in Fayetteville, Cumberland County near Woody's Dry Cleaners in a small block house in the 50's. She was my great grand mother, and her daughter, Novela McLeod lived in Lake Dale near Center St. Ruby Ann Taylor (d. 1961) was my grandmother on my mother's side of the family. Any information would be helpful. Dewey S. McLeod   Posted Aug. 30, 1999


I am looking for the sisters of Wiley O'QUINN who was born May 29, 1799 in Cumberland County, NC. Wiley was married to Mattie Elizabeth DUNFORD. Their father ws Patrick O'Quinn who died in Cumberland County.I have seen the surname O'Quinn also listed as GUINN. Gloria Jean Jackson   Posted Aug. 30, 1999


Am looking for more information on Jesse RACHLEY and family who are listed in the 1820 Cumberland County Census. Are there any church records which would list his wife and children's names, or is there anyone out there in Cumberland County with the surname Rachley or RICHLEY, who might have more information.Julie Noble   Posted Aug. 30, 1999


Looking for information about a Robert Gilden who was in the 1st. Michigan Eng. & Mech. Co. A and died near Fayetteville N.C. March 17, 1865 of chronic diarrhea. Are there records of burial sites for these Civil War soldiers ? Donna   Posted Aug. 29, 1999


Can anyone tell me were William Duncan JOHNSON b. 1/28/ and his wife Sarah Jane McNeill are buried. I believe it to be in Aberdeen, Cumberland County or Hoke County. Also John (Jack) McNEILL b. 1806 d. ? and his wife Martha Eliza OATS(or Oates) b ? d. c.1833 (4). All were in Cumberland County at one time. Thanks. Ruth Edens   Posted Aug. 29, 1999


Looking for information on Cullen GAINEY, b. 1800 in Fayettville, Cumberland County. He married Susanah MAXWELL. Trying to determine who Cullen's parents were and names of his siblings. Many thanks. Mollie Gainey-Stanley   Posted Aug. 29, 1999


Christopher BUTLER Jr. was awarded a land grant of 300 acres, entered 16 May 1772, in Cumberland County. Wish to correspond with anyone with information on this Christopher BUTLER.
Charlie Weaver, Winston-Salem, NC   Posted Aug. 28, 1999


I recently came across a referance to letters from the CLARK family of Jura Scotland to Cumberland c. NC. in Kelly's Carolina Scots. He said they were to be found in "Argyll Colony Plus" vol. 3 no. 4 fall 1988 pgs 131,132. If anyone has these and has them scanned I would really appreciate a copy.
David Davis   Posted Aug. 28, 1999


I am researching the descendants of Archibald McKAY (1720-1797) born Scotland, died Cumberland Co. Has anybody determined whether Archibald was the son of Alexander? I've read evidence for and against. Any information on James (son of John Sr., Gson of Archibald)? Any information of where, specifically, in Scotland Archibald was from? Most of the Longstreet Highlanders were apparently from Jura and Islay. Were the McKays part of the Islay branch of the clan? J.W.McKay   Posted Aug. 28, 1999


Hello, I am looking to find out information on Archibald BLACK (1739 - 1792 AFN:10SN-FF6) who must have lived on the border of Robeson and Cumberland Counties. I got a copy of his will that was filed in Cumberland in 1792 from North Carolina State Archives. He had a brother named Hugh which probably lived in Moore County. His sons were Malcom, Donald, Angus and John. Malcom (1765 - 1831 AFN:10SN-FHL) moved to Mississippi some time between 1800 and 1831. Any information on any of them would be appreciated. Thanks, Richard Black. Visit the Richard Hughie Black Homepage Posted Aug. 28, 1999


Any one have any connection to a Lula Duncan or Oral Marshburn in Cumberland or Johnson County? Paulette   Posted Aug. 28, 1999


I am interested in learning more about one of my grandmothers, Asenath CARTER. She is buried at Cross Creek Cemetery in Fayetteville with the family of her daughter, Ruby Mears Carver. The Certificate of Death for Asenath Carter says that when upon her death on March 7, 1940 she was 92 years old. It shows Lunday Carter born in Sampson Co., NC to have been her father and Jane Lewis born in Robeson Co., NC to have been her mother. Asenath was the widow of John MEARS. None of Asenath's living great grandchildren recall ever hearing where their grandfather was buried. I would appreciate any information you could share with me about this line of family. Cathrine Cashwell   Posted Aug. 27, 1999


William H. PLUMMER of Lauderdale Co., MS received a letter in 1790 from his brother-in-law, Isaac HOLLINGSWORTH who lived in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co., NC. Isaac married Margaret "Maggie" Plummer, sister of William Plummer. Who were the parents of "Maggie" and William H. Plummer? This Plummer line was in Warren Co., NC earlier having come from VA. I would love to hear from researchers of these people! Jeanette Howell   Posted Aug. 27, 1999


I have been told that there are birth records of Daniel and John MOLLOY in the archives of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville. The above are ancestors of mine and I would like to contact someone who could help with this search. Both of the above moved to Giles County (Pulaski) Tennessee area and then to North Mississippi around 1812. From this movement on I have clear records and can identify grave sites. Please advise me if you have any information on this family unit. Robert Molloy, Amory, MS   Posted Aug. 27, 1999

Does anyone know whether or not the Cumberland County Courthouse kept a yearly drawing of the property diagrams in their record books. Some counties kept not only the deeds recorded but also had an "index" that laid out the land in the county. I have three old deeds from the county prior to 1850 that I would like to find the sites but they are written in the old style with boundaries like trees, springs and branches of rivers. Thanks. Mike Tutor   Posted Aug. 25, 1999


Ancestor Randolph LAWSON was born in Cumberland Co., NC in either 1752 or 1754, depending whomever you believe. Supposed to have been brother of John LAWSON, do not know if John was John Lawson, the surveyor or another. Do you have a web page, for postings? Darryl H. Lawson   Posted Aug. 25, 1999


Zachariah REAVIS is on 1820 Cumberland Co census, and in that year made application for his Rev War service pension. It said that he Zachariah REAVIS was born in 1757, wife's name was Deborah, and he had a dau Eliza 12 yrs old. He died there in 1836. In 1791 Bute Co Oath of Allegiance I find Zachariah and Nathaniel REAVIS listed; in 1793 Cumberland County there are estate papers for Nathaniel REEVES. Does anyone have access to these estate papers, that could provide abstracted data of names? This would be very much appreciated. Thanks Barbara Lucas Posted Aug. 23, 1999


Seeking information on the Wilson family: Mother: Ellen Wilson, Son: Henry Allen Wilson, Daughter: Martha Wilson-Fennell, Daughter: Mary Alice Wilson. Ellen Wilson may have migrated from Pine Level to a Cumberland County community called Baptist Union. She would have lived with her oldest married daughter Martha. May have had some connection to the Evans family in the area called Bethelem but specific connection not known. Any informtion on this family will be helpful.
Email Carla K. Wilson Posted Aug. 23, 1999


I'm seeking information on STEPHEN POPE who lived in Cumberland County in 1818 according a deed in book #18, page 301, dated December 13, 1818. According to the 1850 census he lived in Sampson County, Clinton, NC and records indicate he was born about 1785. If you find anything regarding STEPHEN POPE, I would appreciate your sending the information to me by e-mail or land mail. Thank you for your help. Charles E. Pope, 904 Raleigh Road, Clinton, NC 28328 Posted Aug. 23, 1999


I am looking for any info on John Daniel Campbell born in the mid 1800s who married Harriett Ann Cashwell of Fayetteville, NC. They had 7 children. Amy Long Posted Aug. 21, 1999


I would like info on the parents and siblings of SMITH McDONALD/McDANIEL and CHARLOTTE HALL (ENOCH AND LUCY HALL). They moved to Cumberland County between 1830 and 1840 from Bladen County. They lived above Parkton in 1850 in either Rockfish Township or Grey's Creek Township on the Cape Fear. SMITH is probably not his first name but rather a reference to his profession. He may have been named HENRY or DANIEL. He may at times have been referred to with a surname of SMITH. His children were REDDING, HENRY, HARRIETT, LUCY (RICHARD DAVIS), DANIEL MARSHALL, JOHN W., WILLIAM J., and other daughters. The first record of SMITH McDANIEL is a land grant in Bladen County in 1815. H.W. McDonald Posted Aug. 20, 1999


I am looking for the parents of SOLOMON LEWIS who according to his pension papers was born in Cumberland County, North Carolina in 1852. Barbara Buehrer Posted Aug. 20, 1999


Stephen GALES b abt 1841 married Jane RAYMOND ?? John Harrison GALES b June 1881 Cumberland County married Ida STAGNER or STOGNER then married Fannie MORRISON b 1882 Cumberland County. Thanks, Windy Gales Posted Aug. 19, 1999


Am seeking [in Cumberland County] any data on Donald MacDonald, Brig. General, who was a Loyalist during the Rev. War. Can find no information on him other than his military record. Many thanks. name? Posted Aug. 19, 1999


I am searching for information on Murdoch McLEAN, born either in 1792 or 1793 in Cumberland County (in the portion that is now Harnett County). He may have been married twice; his second wife was named Margaret DARROCH McLEAN, born around 1816. His children and their approximate birthdates: Mary, 1825; Christian, 1828; John, 1830; Flora, 1834; Malcom,1839; Catharine, 1844; Margaret, 1845; Neill,1849; Ann, 1851. I know that my great-great grandfather was a Malcom McLean born in 1839, thanks to a family bible. I am assuming Murdoch McLEAN is his father, by way of the 1850 Cumberland County census. Any information anyone has on Murdoch, to confirm his relationship with my great-great grandfather Malcom, and to trace this line back to Scotland, would be much appreciated. The only additional clue that I have is family lore that two M(a)cLean brothers arrived from Scotland and settled on opposite banks of the Cape Fear River. Thank you for your help. Please contact: Mickey McLean Greensboro, North Carolina Posted Aug. 19, 1999


About 1920 or so a man named J. McNeill Johnson of Aberdeen, North Carolina published or compiled a manuscript on the Graham family of North Carolina. It is referred to on page 242 of "Correspondence and Documents of Scottish Highland Families of North Carolina." It is also mentioned in a 1961 research summary done by Ruth Graham Barnes who was also looking at the Graham family.

I am trying to locate this manuscript as it relates to the Graham family of Cumberland and Richmond counties (plus others) in North Carolina. Has anyone ever heard of this publication? Can you suggest some way to locate a copy? The Graham family is connected to the McNeill, Smith, Purcell and McKay families of Cumberland (and later Robeson) County. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Thank you. Please contact: Doug Purcell Posted Aug. 18, 1999


I am looking for information on my g-grandfather John McQUEEN who came from Scotland and married Jennett (no last name). The 1850 census of Ga. lists her as Jennett McQueen 67, from NC. They did have two daughters Mary 40, and Sarah 30 NC. Any help you can give me I would appreciate. Joyous Todd Vincent, Tampa, Fl. Posted Aug. 18, 1999


Researching John Ingram UNDERWOOD, born about 1828, died Jan 1, 1863. He married Nancy GUY in Cumberland County June 6, 1851. Their children were Reddie Samson, Henry Alfred, Margaret, & Nancy. I would like to identify John's parents. Any hints or information that will be helpful in my search will be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Flo Posted Aug. 15, 1999


I am looking for a Jim Perry that lived in Cumberland County at one time maybe around 1980-1925. He married Mattie Stanwick. I don't know what county she came from. They then moved to Robeson County. Connie Posted Aug. 11, 1999


I have the need of being pointed in the proper direction in looking for the family of Dugald Campbell of Saddell, Kintyre, Scotland whose eldest daughter Ann married Hector McNeill of Losset in 1693 and begat one Dugald McNeill, an emigre' to NC aboard the Thistle in 1739. Dugald as you might know met an unfortunate and early end and died with no heirs. Judge Stewart in ACP relates that Archibald McNeill's mother and Ann Campbell McNeill were sisters thus making Archie a cousin of Dugald.

I have been having all sorts of trouble trying to find out just who Archibald's parents were. Some say Lauchlin McNeill and Margaret Johnstone, some say Daniel McNeill of Taynish but they cannot be the parents if his mother was a Campbell!

The information on Dugald Campbell's family with spouses and siblings would be most beneficial. Even if you do not have the answers perhaps you could point me in the right direction. Thank you,
John B. McNeill, Posted Aug. 11, 1999


Searching for any Cumberland Co records pertaining to Elijah BUTLER, wifeLincey, and/or Elijah's daughter, Mary Amanda HENDERSON, widow with 4 children. They are listed in the 1870 Cumberland Census in 71st District. They were all in Duplin Co in 1860, but I believe moved to Cumberland maybe as early as 1862 or 1863 [Mary Amanda's husband Jesse R. died in VA in March 1863]. Are there any Cumberland records of soldiers' wives/widows assistance? Have minutes of Cumberland Court of P& QS been abstracted/indexed for the 1860-70 period? Believe Elijah/Lincey died in Cumberland prior to 1880 but have no record. Mary Amanda and at least 2 of her children had moved to Durham by then. Any communication on these subjects will be appreciated.
Charlie Weaver, Winston-Salem Posted Aug. 11, 1999


Looking for information regarding the family of William Erwin KINDLEY , Jr. born 5 Sep. 1905 in Fayetteville, NC and died according to Cross Creek Cemetery Records 1947. Son of William Erwin KINDLEY, Sr. born 1874 and died 1940 and wife Nancy died 1912. Attended UNC and graduated 1926, admitted to Bar 1929. Family looking for information. Nancy Pigott-Loughlin Posted Aug. 6, 1999


Dugald BAKER (C.1778-l850's) had two wives and resided near Old Bluff Presby. Church in Cumberland County. He had many children and is on 1850 census with youngest ones. Seeking information about his parents and wives. Was wife 2 Sarai Kelly? One of his daughters by wife 2, Sarah BAKER (1826-1901), married John Allen CAMERON (12 Nov 1824 - 12 Feb 1909), son of Archibald CAMERON and Christian Ann MCKEITHAN/MCKETHAN {Both parents buried with several children in McKeithan Cemetery one mile from Bluff Church}. This family moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1856 with sister of Sarah BAKER CAMERON, Mary Catherine BAKER. I still own Cameron Family Cemetery on St.Johns River in Jacksonville, FL. Sincerely, Marcella CAMERON ALDRIDGE
Posted August 5th, 1999
Note: Marcella's other e-mail address will be active beginning August 23, 1999.


I'm stuck on GATLIN DAVIS, b. circa 1802 in Cumberland or Anson Co. and SUSANNAH SMITH DAVIS, b. 1811 in GA. They married in Fayetteville Apr. 11, 1832. He died in 1847 and she in 1872, both in Cumberland County. These are my g-g-g-grandparents. One of their children, SUSANNAH, married JOHN JAMES REGISTER. Email responses to Patty Register Coleman Posted August 3, 1999


Need info on JAMES MCNEILL, who was the father of NANCY MCNEILL. NANCY m. ARCHIBALD MCFADYEN 21 Aug 1806, d. 1 AUG 1825 and is buried at longstreet church.
Email responses to E Riley   Posted August 3, 1999


Looking for any information on JOHN ARCHIBALD DEAL, born around 1846 in Fayetteville, NC, Cumberland County. Do not know who his parents were. Stayed in NC. and became an Episcopalian Minister and married CORNELIA ANN FITCH on April 15, 1873. In later years went to Gainesville, GA. If anyone has any information, I would appreciate the help. Francine Civita   Posted July 31st, 1999


Can someone lookup an obituary for me in Fayetteville, Cumberland County for OSKAR ERIKSSON b; June 11, 1910 Died; May 1980

The mystery deepens as I do more genealogical research on kindred from Indiana. For me my family roots start in England, but several generation settled in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, with distant cousins in Sweden and Norway. What really is strange that a relative married an Erickson from Sweden and another kindred on the maternal side of my family, married yet another, but different Erickson (so I believe) from Norway. Hoping there is a pretty enlightening published announcement, so that it gives the whereabouts of any elusive cousins that have remained unknown till now.

My forte is assisting people locate adoption records or birthparents, the only charge out of pocket expenses. Incidently, if anyone needs assistance in Monroe County, Indiana. You have my name and EMail?

Would appreciate any assistance identifying the abovementioned information and any relevant records. Will of course pay for photocopying, etc.,
Dave Cullen Bloomington, IN 47401 Posted July 31st, 1999


I have recently received a License for Marriage for Vincent JOHNSON to Susanna FISHER from Cumberland County, NC 1807 with Elijah FISHER'S mark. Would greatly appreciate information on any of these people. The Vincent JOHNSON or JOHNSTON I am looking for married Apeecha LEAVELL in Franklin ? Co GA in 1840. According to the 1850 Chattooga County, GA census there were already children in the household, and Vincent was born in North Carolina. Have been told that Vincent married first Susanna FISCHER, then Esther MAJORS, then Apeecha LEAVELL.
Doris Mayer Reece Posted July 31st, 1999


I'm looking for info on Daniel SOUTHERLAND b. Oct. 26, 1803 and Mary Jane MURCHISON b. Nov. 23, 1805. They were married on May 12, 1823 in Cumberland Co. and later moved to Ga. They had at least three children, Mary Ann b. 1825, John H., b. 1830 and James Russell b. 1832. Thank you.
Lexie Tomas Posted July 31st, 1999


I'm looking for a connection which had been very illusive for me. I pick up my known Hewitt in Marion County, SC in the 1850 census. It stated that my known Thomas N. Hewitt was born about 1806 in North Carolina. I have searched several adjacent NC counties to no avail. The 1800 NC census stated that a Thomas Hewett, with three sons, was in Cumberland County and it may be that this Thomas Hewett could be the father of my Thomas Hewitt. Let's hope. Thank you for your interest.
David Jackson Posted July 30th, 1999


REVELS, Hiram R., born Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina September 22,1822. Who were his parents and siblings? Thank you. Dr. Harry Revels III, MD Posted July 28th, 1999


Searching for information on Archibald McLEAN, born 1820 or 1822 in North Carolina - believe Cumberland County. He died in 1889 in Cumberland County. He married Sarah (Sallie) J. McDONALD in 1844. He was a Captain in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Trying to determine who his parents and siblings were. Any help would be appreciated. Thomas W. Bennion     Posted: July 27th, 1999


I am in search of information on Catherine Buie. She was born 1805 on the Isle of Jura Scotland, married William Alexander McDougald in Jura in 1831. They left Jura in 1839, landed in Charleston and moved on to Cumberland County, North Carolina. They had ten children, three of which were born in NC. I have no information about her parents or siblings. Any information that you might have on Catherine Buie will be appreciated. Gayle Cutrer LeBlanc     Posted: July 26th, 1999


Is there anyone on the list researching the Cole family of Cumberland County, or just Cole's in NC? I am against a brick wall on my Cole family and have been for years. My Gr. Gr. Grandfather Samuel Cole was born somewhere in NC about 1790. All his children were born in TN, the oldest in 1821. Would like to compare notes. On the 1790 Census of Cumberland Co, I find a John Cole a single person and a Mark Cole with a family. Thanks, Oleen Pollard     Posted: July 26th, 1999


I would like to know something about Robert Lee McLeod. Married Mollie MacArthur in the 1880-1890's? Robert came over from Scotland when he was 14 or 16, he had one brother who came over with him and can't be found. They both were in Cumberland County. I believe he was buried at the Old MacPherson Presbyterian Church in Cumberland County. He had six children, Walter L., Elizabeth, William, Emma, Ola, Edward Lee, Walter was my grandfather, Elizabeth and William were twins, Edward Lee was a Dr. and died in the war around 1946. Any information on Robert and what happen to his brother or his brother's name would be great. Walter L. McLeod married Rosa E. Huggins. Daughter of Dock G. Huggins. Who was his mother? I believe they were living in Cheraw, S.C.
Please contact: Sue     Posted: July 25th, 1999


Trying to find the maiden name of Elizabeth, wife of Richard BULLARD. Richard was the son of James BULLARD and Sarah PITTMAN of Robeson County, NC. Richard was born in 1790, served in the War of 1812, married an Elizabeth (?) sometime around 1816-1818. She was born in Virginia, probably in 1799. Richard and Elizabeth lived in or around Cumberland County, NC until around 1824-1825, then settled permanently in Appling County, GA. They appear, with their children, on the 1850 Appling County, GA census, at age 60 (Richard) and 51 (Elizabeth). Would really appreciate any info whatsoever on this line, but particularly interested in finding the maiden name of Richard BULLARD's wife Elizabeth. Thank you. Contact: Michael Brown     Posted: July 25th, 1999


My g-g-great grandfather was Thomas R. KENNEDY born @1810 in Cumberland County. Thomas had one know brother, Neal KENNEDY born in 1816 in Cumberland County. I believe that his parents were William KENNEDY and Margaret DOBBINS who were married July 25, 1809. Thomas, Neal and their mother Margaret were listed in the 1840 census in Monroe County, Alabama without their father. I am looking for clues/information on his parents and grandparents. Please send any kind of info to
Vicki L. Arrington.  Thanks.   Posted: July 23rd, 1999


Seeking info on JOHN DUPREE born abt 1805, Baptist Minister, living in Cumberland Co in 1850, married Sally (Sarah?)??, children: Mary, Samuel, William, John & Eliza. Contact: Don Roberson   Posted: July 22nd, 1999


I seek information about Samuel HOLLINSWORTH who was married to Mary GARNER. They were in Cumberland Co., NC in the eary 1800s, I think.
Contact: Ken Trigleth   Posted: July 22nd, 1999


My grandfather was Troy Ransom SCOGGINS, Sr. married Mary Belle Powers NUNNERY from Fayetteville, NC (Cumberland County). His father was Joseph David SCOGGINS and was married to Aljohnnie BASS also from Fayetteville area. His father was James SCOGGINS married to Caroline MORRIS and later Sarah USSERY from Moore County area. Does anyone have any information beyond these people? I would appreciate anything.
Contact: Allison Scoggins Gray   Posted: July 20th, 1999


Does anyone own the Cross Creek Cemetery of Fayetteville volumes 1 & 2 compiled by Anna Sherman that they would be willing to look up familes for me? Her husband has increased the price of the set from $30.00 to $70.00. I have a list of Cumberland County names I'm interested in: ANDERSON, ASHE, BEATTY, ECCLES, HAIGH, HOLMES, CAMPBELL, TILLINGHAST and related lines...... Contact: Kate L. Stirk   Posted: July 20th, 1999


I need to know the location of the Naylor cemetery in or near Dunn, NC - I am assuming this is in Cumberland county. I am looking for the grave of my great grandmother Mrs. Florie HAWLEY. The obituary I have says she died at her home in Dunn, Route 1 and that burial was to be in the Naylor cemetery near the home. ... My grandmother Denative Irene Hawley was born 9-6-1902 and died 11-25-1979 and is buried at Antioch Baptist Church in Falcon, NC. Louise Florintine "FLorie" Naylor was her mother. I know she was married twice. Once to John Lee and then to Jonathan Hawley. I think Jonathan was a Civil war veteran. They had 5 children, but the only one I have info on is Girlie Hawley Matthews born 8-24-1896, died 5-10-1984 and buried in the Royal Family Cemtery, Cumberland County, NC. She was the postmistress of a small town for years, but I don't remember which one.
Thank you. Contact: Sidney Starling Beenken   Posted: July 20th, 1999


I am looking for a William T. FRIZELL of Cumberland County. He married a Mary WILSON?? around 1825. They had at least one daughter named Francis Rebecca. Francis married a Gurdon WEBSTER in 1849. I noticed on the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry web site that a W.T. FRIZELL was on the 50th anniversary muster roll. Could W.T. Firzell and William T. FRIZELL be the same man? I would appreciate any information at all. Thank you.
Contact: Gary Whitlow   Posted: July 15th, 1999


Seeking information on family of WILLIAM ERWIN KINDLEY, SR. born about 1875 married a woman of Fayetteville, NC, died 27 Sep 1940. Buried in Cross Creek Cemetery.
Contact: Loughlin   Posted: July 15th, 1999


I am looking for early records of my ancestor, Col. Peter McKellar, who I believe was born in North Carolina ~ 1775 and was certainly in the Fayetteville area in 1812 when he married Henrietta McNeill (dau. "Bluff" John McNeill).

I have done considerable research but am not able to find earlier information, ie. place of birth, parentage, military service?

If you have any insights on where I may continue my search, I would be much obliged to you for that information. Please do not incur any expense without contacting me first. Thank you for your attention to my inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Judith A. McKellar   Posted: July 13th, 1999


Am interested to see if anyone can help me find the parents of both John PATTERSON and Margaret BLACK. First, John Patterson was born 3-18-1766, not sure where. Family tradition unanimously states he was Scotch-Irish. Margaret Black was born circa 1766/67, most likely in SC, but not sure. Margaret had a sister named Susannah Black, who married a KINCAID. John Patterson married Margaret Black in 1788 in Pendleton District, SC. Their first child was Joseph Patterson born 1789. One researcher recently told me she had heard that John PATTERSON's parents (whoever they were) were from Cumberland County, NC, where Fort Bragg currently sits. Any help regarding the parents of either John Patterson or Margaret Black would be forever greatly appreciated. Some allied families that their children married into were DENTONS, CHASTAIN, WILSON, DUNKIN, PULASKY, HICKS, KINCAID. Thanks. Wes Patterson   Posted: July 13th, 1999


I am looking for any information on a Gurdon Saltonstall/Saltenstall of Cumberland County. He was in Fayetteville Town on the 1790 and 1820 census. Any information at all would be most helpful. Thank you Gary Whitlow   Posted: July 13th, 1999


I am seeking information on the ancestors of James Duncan Johnson and Sarah Jane McNeill who were married about 1856, Family tradition says that James Duncan's father was Daniel Johnson who married three times: first to a McNeill, second to a McDougald, and third to Sallie McBride. Daniel was supposedly a grandson of Peter Johnson who migrated from Kintyre Scotland to North Carolina about 1760 and settled about 5 miles from the present town of Raeford on the North side of Rockfish Creek. Sarah Jane McNeill Johnson was the oldest daughter of John McNeill (Squire Jack) and Patsey Oates McNeill. John McNeill father was Neil McNeill (Big Neill) who was married to Polly Matthew's (Margaret?) daughter of Revolutionary Co. Thomas Matthews of Cranes Creek. Neill McNeill's father, Daniel McNeill came to North Carolina about 1759 and settled about 12 miles up the Cape Fear River from Campbellton (Fayettville) at a settlement with his brother, Neill, who had come over some years earlier. Daniel supposedly remained there for a year, then moved up lower Little River some 30 miles and acquired lands in peninsula between James Creek and Little River. Daniel McNeill was married to Sarah McKay, the daughter of Alexander McKay. Their sons were Neill, John and Alexander. I am a ggrand of James Duncan Johnson and Sarah Jane McNeill. My grandfather, Henry Thomas Johnson moved to South Carolina in the late 1880s. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows of this family. I plan to be in the Fayettville area later and would like to know more before I come. Thanks, Ruth J. Edens   Posted: July 13th, 1999


I am trying to find some genealogical information about my husbands family. They come from NC and his aunt mentioned Cumberland County as a starting point. Fernan Tart (unsure of first name) m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Rachel? had dau. Elizabeth "Betty" Tart married Thomas Henry Williams -these two were my husbands grandparents (ET and THW) THW's parents were J. Robert Williams married Florintine Dawson (unsure of that name, too. Could you give me any idea where to start looking? We live in SC and I wouldn't mind making a trip up there to do research but hate to start out blind and waste time in the wrong place. Should I start out in this county or somewhere else? Where should I look in this county? Should I go where the state records are kept? I really don't know much about NC so welcome any advice. Thank you. Reply to Cathy B. Heckle   Posted: July 12th, 1999


Malcom BLACK married Jannet McNEILL in 1849 in Cumberland Co. Was he the son of Archibald/Christian (Brodie) BLACK who married 1820 in N Knapdale Scotland? A Malcom BLACK son of Archibald/Christian BLACK was christened 18 Aug 1826 in Jura Scotland. Same one? Does anyone know? Will exchange info. Reply to Elaine McNeill Carr in Delaware   Posted: July 11th, 1999


I am looking for info on the family of James Attison Haywood born abt. 1870 in Cumberland Co. Married Lillian King Everett on Jan 1 1896. They lived in the Fayetteville area and were married at Cedar Creek. Any info would be appreciated. Reply to Sender   Posted: July 7th, 1999


Looking for information on Archibald McLean. He died 1889 in Cumberland County. Believe to be born 1820 or 1822. Served in the Confederate Army. Buried in the Memory Cemetery off the Chicken Foot Road.
Contact Thomas W. Bennion   Posted: July 6th, 1999


Interested in the ancestry of Hugh Ochiltree (1745-1807). Private in the NC militia. Born and died in Cumberland County. I am related, and have established lineage downward, but would like info linking his past.
Reply to Bruce Lea   Posted: July 5th, 1999


I am searching for the parents of William Wade who married Bethana Stone on April 25,1844 at Rockfish Church in Cumberland Co NC. Thanks for any help.
Contact: Patricia Henderson London   Posted: July 5th, 1999


I am searching for the parents of Bethana Stone who married William Wade at Rockfish Church in Cumberland county on April 25,1844. She was born around 1817. Any help is appreciated.Contact: Patricia Henderson London   Posted: July 5th, 1999


I am researching the KELLAM family of Cumberalnd Co. NC
Contact: Brenda Kellam Schilling   Posted: July 5th, 1999


I am looking for information about the family of Donald/Daniel CAMPBELL and Margaret FULLERTON who lived in Cumberland Co before the Revolutionary War. The Campbell's had 500 acres of land in Cumberland Co which was confiscated because they were Loyalists during the war. Contact: Karen Stowe
  Posted: July 1st, 1999

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