Alexander Worth McAllister, (son of A.C.McAllister and Addie
Worth, Paragraph LXXXIX)
, married Sarah R. Little; Their children
were Frank and John.


Sarah James McAllister, (daughter of A. C. McAllister and
Addie Worth, Paragraph LXXXIX)
, married James Edward Carson. Their
children were Adelaide Worth, James Edward, McAllister, Mary Williams,
and Maud Craig; Adelaide Worth, James and Edward died in infancy.


Mary McAllister, (sister of Alexander McAllister, mentioned at
the beginning of this genealogy)
, married Hector McNeill. Their
children were John, Jane, Margaret, (called Peggy), and Mary (called
Polly). John married Nancy McKethan; Jane married Duncan Buie;
(father of D. A. Buie); Margaret and Mary died unmarried.


John McNeill, (son of Hector McNeill and Mary McAllister,
Paragraph XCVIII)
married Nancy McKethan. Their children were
Mary, Hector, and Henrietta. Mary married Hector Stewart; Hector
married in Texas or in Florida; had two daughters; Henrietta mar-
ried Colonel Peter McKeller.


Jane McNeill, (daughter of Hector McNeill and Mary McAllister,
Paragraph XCVIII)
, married Duncan Buie (Dayfork). Their children
were Marion, Neill and Malcolm. Marion married John Armstrong (Jack).
Neill (M.D.) died unmarried; Malcolm married -----------.


Mary McNeill, (daughter of John McNeill and Nancy McKethan,
Paragraph XCIX)
, married Hector Stewart. Their children were Robert,
John McNeill, Thomas Dougald, Mary Jane and Ann Eliza. Robert
married Caroline Bain; John McNeill married Miss Cleaveland (Texas).
Thomas married Rebecca Shaw; Mary Jane married John Louis Atkins.
Hector Stewart afterwards married Mary Shaw as his second wife.
Their children were were Grizella, Neill Shaw, Annie Jane, Mary
Margaret, and Nedgelina. Grizella married Robert F.Murphy; Neill
Shaw married Eliza Armstrong; Annie Jane married E.B.Yarboro; Mary
Margaret married R.D.Atkinson, and Nedgelina married W.James Clements.

- l8 -


Henrietta McNeill, (daughter of John McNeill and Mary Mc-
Allister, Paragraph XCIX)
, married Colonel Peter McKeller. Their
children were Hector, Sarah Ann, Peter, John, McLaughlin, and
Anabella. Sarah Ann married William L.Williams; Anabella married
Malcolm McKay; John (Captain C.S.A.) dead.


Marion Buie, (daughter of Duncan Buie and Jane McNeill, Para-
graph C)
, married John Armstrong. Their children were Henry Clay,
Melinda, and Thomas (John Thomas). Melinda died unmarried in l893.


Grizella McAllister, (sister of Alexander McAllister, Paragraph
, never married.


Isabella McAllister, (sister of Alexander McAllister, Para-
graph XCVII
), married Farquhard Campbell. Their children were Janet,
Nancy, Elizabeth, Polly, Isabella, and Robert. Janet married Col.
Farquhard Armstrong; Nancy married Hector Buchannan; Elizabeth
married Malcolm McKay, Sr. (British Officer); Polly married Fother-
inghan (a British officer). Isabella married John Smith (Ferry);
Robert married Flora Rodgers.


Janet Campbell,(daughter of Farquhard Campbell and Isabella
McAllister, Paragraph CV)
, married Col.Thomas Armstrong. Their
children were, William, John, Isabella, Farquhard Campbell, and
Thomas. William married Mary Ann King; John married Marion Buie;
Isabella married Joel Williams; Farquhard Campbell married Hannah
Buchannan; Thomas died unmarried.


Nancy Campbell, (daughter of Farquhard Campbell and Isabella
McAllister, Paragraph CV,)
married Hector Buchannan; their children
were Alexander and Mary Ann. Alexander married Janet Turner. Mary
Ann married Ezekiel King.

- l9 -


Elizabeth Campbell, (daughter of Farquhard Campbell and
Isabella McAllister, Paragraph CV)
, married M.McKay (British
Captain). They had no children.


Polly Campbell, (daughter of Farquhard Campbell and Isabella
McAllister, Paragraph CV)
, married Fotheringham (a British Officer.)


Isabella Campbell, (daughter of Farquhard Campbell and Isabella
McAllister, Paragraph CV)
married John Smith (Ferry). Their children
were, Elizabeth, Alexander, Farquhard, Isabella, Mary, John, James,
William T. Robert, and James. Elizabeth married Jonathan Evans;
Alexander and Robert died unmarried; Farquhard married Sarah Grady;
Isabella married Henry Elliott; Mary married John Elliott; John
married Elizabeth Campbell, (a great grand-daughter of Farquhard
Campbell by his second wife), first; and after the death of his
first wife Elizabeth, John Smith married Eliza Blake; Jane married
Lalisted Mallett; James married Deall Andrews, and had one son
Captain James Smith.


William Armstrong,(son of Thomas Armstrong and Janet Campbell,
Paragraph CVI)
, married Mary Ann King. No children mentioned.


John Armstrong, (son of Thomas Armstrong and Janet Campbell,
Paragraph CVI)
, married Marion Buie, daughter of Duncan Buie and
Jane McNeill, (Paragraph C). The children of John Armstrong and
Marion Buie are mentioned in Paragraph CIII.


Isabella Armstrong, (daughter of Thomas Armstrong and Janet
Campbell, Paragraph CVI)
, married Joel Williams. No children men-


Farquhard Campbell Armstrong, (son of Thomas Armstrong and
Janet Campbell, Paragraph CVI)
married Hannah Buchanan. Their
children were, Janet, Eliza, William, Farquhard, Isabella, Mary
and John. William, Farquhard and Isabella all died in the bloom
of life; Janet married John Holmes; Eliza married Neill S.Stewart;

- 20 -

Mary married Duncan Buie; (no offspring). John died unmarried in
the trenches at Yorktown C.S.A.


Alexander Buchannan, (son of Hector Buchannan and Nancy Camp-
bell, Paragraph CVII)
married Janey Turner. Their children were
Alexander and William James. Alexander died unmarried; William
James married Mary Ann Murphy; they went to Texas and raised five
sons; one married and left one son who also married and left one
son, and they have all since passed away.


Mary Ann Buchanan (daughter of Hector Buchanan and Nancy
Campbell, Paragraph CVII)
, married Ezekiel King. They had one
daughter, Sarah Amanda Mary Louisa Shackelford Buchanan King. I
heard Cousin Charles McAllister call her this. She married Rev.
Dunckley, of Dunckford,M.E.C.


Elizabeth Smith, (daughter of John Smith and Isabella Camp-
bell, Paragraph CX)
married Jonathan Evans. Their children were
Erasmus, Augustus, Jonathan, Isabella, David, Robert, John, Henry,
Mary, Jane Smith, Emily, Mary Isabella, and James Smith. David,
Robert, John, Hendry, Mary, and Mary Isabella died unmarried.
Erasmus married Sue Murphy, Jonathan married Elizabeth Wright;
Isabella married Henry Beattie; Jane married Col.Alexander Elliott;
Emily married James Robinson; and James Smith married ------------.


Farquhard C.Smith, (son of John Smith and Isabella Campbell
Paragraph CX
) married Sarah Grady; Their children were Susan, John,
Durham, Alexander Rufus, William Curtis, James, Mary, Isabella, W.
Douglas, Farquhard, Elizabeth Elliott, Henry Elliott, Edward, Sarah,
Jane, and Jesse Slocum. Susan married Robert Silar August lst, l870.
John Durham died unmarried in Texas. Alexander Rufus married Margaret
B.Smith; Dr.William Curtis Smith married Laura -------, in Arkansas;
James married Miss Seals in Texas; Mary married George Elliott;
Isabella died unmarried; W.Douglas married Elizabeth Pearsall; Farqu-
hard married Elizabeth Saunders; Elizabeth E.married Dr.R.R.Robeson.
Henry E.married, ------. Henry's twin brother died in infancy.
Edward married Clara Pearsall; Sarah married John Wesley Purdie of
Bladen County; Jane married Dr.R.R.Robeson. Jesse Slocum married
Ida Hodges.


Isabella Smith, (daughter of John Smith and Isabella Campbell,
Paragraph CX)
married Henry Elliott. No children.

- 2l -



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