1893 Estate Settlement of Walter B Allred
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State of North Carolina~ In Justice Court, Cumberland County - February 28, 1893.

Upon the filed petition of Margaret Allred, widow of W.B. Allred deceased to have allotted to her 
the years allowance to which she is entitled by law. Wm Waller and H. Thames, two persons qualified 
to act as jurors having been by me summoned to assist in ascertaining and allotting to Margaret Allred 
her year's allowance. We proceeded to the late resident of W.B. Allred deceased and having been duly 
sworn at once proceeded to ascertain and allot to Margaret Allred, widow of W.B. Allred, her years 
allowance. We found the family to consist of Margaret Allred, widow and Mary Martin Hales age 13 years 
and Nammie Hales age 9 years, Children of Margaret Allred and William Lendo Allred age 2 years, child 
of W.B. and Margaret Allred and that Margaret Allred is entitled to a years allowance amounting to six 
hundred dollars to be allotted out of the personal property of the late W.B. Allred. We found no crops 
and proceeded to value the other property as follows

One Bycicle   ( Bicycle)    Valued at           $ 75.00
One Organ                                       50.00
One Singer Sewing Machine                       35.00
One Cow and Calf                                10.00
2 Hogs                                          3.00
1 Door                                          3.00
Lot of Lumber and Tin                           10.00
Steam Buggy                                     50.00
One Clock                                       11.00
10 Chickens                                     1.35
Bedstead, Mattress and Springs                  6.50
Mattress and Springs                            3.00
2 Pistols                                       2.00
1 Baby Carriage                                 5.00
Balance Household and Kitchen Furniture         25.00
Silver Watch                                    15.00
Amount Forwarded                          
Farming Tools                                   5.00
Carpenter Tools & Chest                         21.00
Machine Tools                                   60.00
                   Total-----------             $390.85                        
All of which is respectfully submitted 
 T.J. Gardner
William Waller
H.F. Thames

Witness  ?B. Newton

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