Marriage Certificate of William L Allred & Mamie McLeod
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State of North Carolina                   Office of the Register of Deeds
Cumberland County                              Fayetteville, N.C
                                               June 20, 1921

To any Ordained Minister of any Religious Denomination, or any  Justice of the Peace of said County:
1.	Will L Allred, having applied to me for a LICENSE for the marriage of
2.	Himself
3.	Hope Mills, N.C
4.	 Aged 21 years
5.	Color-white
6.	The son of Walter Allred and
7.	Margaret Allred
8.	The father now dead
9.	The mother living, residents of
10.	Hope Mills N.C.
11.	And Mamie McLeod, of
12.	Hope Mills, N.C
13.	Aged 15 years
14.	Color-white
15.	Daughter of M.L. McLeod and
16.	 Mrs. McLeod
17.	The father living
18.	The mother dead
19.	Residents of Hope Mills, N.C
...and the written consent of M.L. McLeod------,the father of the said Mamie McLeod, to the proposed 
marriage having been filed with me:

                                                                          F.R. Hall  Register of Deeds
W. L. Allred, being duly sworn, says: That the parties applying for LICENSE are of lawful age, and so 
far as he is informed and believes, there is no lawful cause or impediment forbidding said marriage. 
                                                                           --Signed: Will Allred

State of North Carolina
Cumberland County

I  John Smith, a Justice of the Peace united in matrimony Will L Allred and Mamie McLeod the parties 
licensed above on the 23 day of June, 1912 at residence in Rockfish Township in said County, according
to law.
                                                                            John Smith
                                                                            Officiating Officer

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