In February 1866 North Carolina Governor Johathan Worth sent out a request to all sheriffs to compile a list of veterans who had lost limbs. The General Assembly passed a resolution to provide artificial legs at no charge or to give $75.00 to amputees who wished to buy their own prostheses or live without one.

If you see a veteran here that you would like to tell us about, please do. Thank you, Myrtle Bridges.
    Feb. 9th, 2000


W. Autry, lost leg
R. J. Baker, lost leg
George J. Byrd, lost leg
Alexander R. Carver, lost use of arm (See Article)
Edward J. Edwards, lost arm

Edward J. Edwards lost an arm at the battle of Chancellorsville, May 1863. He recuperated at Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond VA for several months, and was ultimately discharged and returned home to the Fayetteville area. He became a Baptist Minister, and died in 1906. His daughter, Julia Edwards, married Thomas Bruton in Turkey Creek, Cumberland, Cunty in the 1880's.    February 10th, 2000

William H. Fowler, lost arm
Daniel Matthews, lost hand
N. W. Ray, lost left foot

"We were marched over to Richmond and northward towards Fredericksburg, and next formed in line of battle a little to the north of Hanover Junction. ... Our line was along the Totapotamoi. On Sunday evening, May 29th 1864, My company and two other companies on the skirmish line quite hotly engaged until after dark. After nightfall everything was quiet, and early in the morning, before light, we had orders to fall back to the main line. But hardly had we gotten back to the regiment when orders were brought to me to take the same men back to the same skirmish line and hold it until heavily pressed by the enemy; and as they pressed us, to fall back to the main line. We were soon in our place, and it was not long before the enemy came up in force in our front and as far as we could see to our right and to our left, We were on the north side of the creek, along the brow of the hill. ... The skirmishing soon became furious all along the line, In falling back our part of the line had to traverse the cleared ground until we began to ascend the slope on the south side of the creek, and the enemy, who rushed to the brow of the hill poured a destructive fire into us. After we had gotten on the south side of the creek I, in passing from the left to the right along the line, received a shot in the ankle which disabled me entirely. Fearing capture, I, without waiting for the litter-bearers, called on my men to carry me back. Oh! How true and good and faithful those men had, under all circumstances, been to me. Promptly when the call was made, three or four good soldiers of my company lifted me and carried me to the ambulance station and thence to the hospital. When my turn came I was placed on the operating-table, and when I awoke, my left foot was gone. The surgeons said amputation was necessary."

Neill W. Ray retired to the Invalid Corps on Dec. 22nd, 1864. It is not known if he applied for assistance. Please read MESSAGES FROM A HIDDEN PAST A collection of 36 love letters written by Miss Laura Pearson to Captain Neill W. Ray. Transcribed by Myrtle N. Bridges     Link added April 5th 2001

Joseph Salmon, lost arm
Henry E. Sikes, lost arm
Nathan Spence, lost leg
Haywood Strickland, lost arm
Abram James Taylor, lost leg
William T. Taylor, lost leg
Alexander Thagard, lost arm


David Allen, lost leg
Col. David Bethune, lost leg
Stephen Cobb, disabled hand
Frank Conoly, disabled leg
J. D. Currie, lost leg
Richard Faulk, lost arm
Neill A. Graham, disabled arm
Thomas Hedgpeth, lost leg
Matthew Malson, lost leg
Duncan McBryde, disabled hand
Randal McCurrie, lost leg
B. J. McLaughlin, lost leg
Roderick McMillan, disabled arm
A. E. McNeill, lost right hand (See Article)
Miles Mercer, lost arm
John Rup, lost leg
Jacob Sparkman, lost leg
Spivey, lost leg
B. Stancil, lost leg
B. Stansel, lost leg
Fuller Townsend, lost arm
Malcom Wilkinson, lost leg


Oney Jackson, lost arm
R. W. Matthews, lost arm
Hector McNeill, lost leg
D. A. McPhail, lost arm


Nathan Barefoot, lost arm
J. M. Bass, lost hand
James N. Fields, lost arm
John T. Gregory, lost leg
James L. Hall, lost arm
William H. Hinson, lost leg
Josiah Hudson, lost leg
John R. Jackson, lost leg
Robinson James, lost leg
John M. Lockerman, lost arm
W. A. Matthis, lost arm
N. J. McArthur, lost arm
F. M. Merritt, lost arm
Lewis Moore, lost leg
J. T. Myers, lost leg
Joseph Naylor, lost arm
Joseph Naylor Enlisted as a Private on 15 July 1862 at the age of 34. Enlisted in company E, 2nd infantry Regiment North Carolina and was POW on 02 October 1862 at Leesburg, VA and Paroled on 02 October 1862 at Leesburg, VA. He was wounded on 03 May 1863 at Chancellorsville, VA (Arm amputated) and returned on 15 October 1864 (Estimated day). He had many children and three wives. Durin Naylor   August 2005
Josiah Pope, lost arm
Eleazar Rich, lost arm
Josiah Robinson, lost leg
H. S. Royal,lost leg
Lieutenant S. Royal, lost leg
John A. Stephens, lost arm
W. T. Sutton, lost arm

David Bryan, lost arm
Leonard Edge, lost arm
James W. Gause, lost leg
Henry H. Kelly, lost leg
Marshal Merrit, lost arm
William Salmons, lost leg
Alexander Simmons, lost arm
Joseph W. Tyson, lost leg


John A. Campbell, lost arm
H. B. Cox, lost leg
Philip Delinger, lost leg
Archibald Dowdy, lost arm
Timothy Goodwin, lost arm
Benjamin Knight, lost hand
Lauchlin McNeill, lost arm
George A. McRae, lost leg
M. E. Myrick, lost arm
D. F. Sinclair, lost arm
Eli. P. Sowell, lost leg
John L. Stewart, lost leg
Jackson Taylor, lost arm
J. M. B. Thomas, lost foot
B. F. Wicker, lost arm

Company K - Thirty-Eighth Regiment North Carolina State Troops   1861-1865
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