Transcribed from Cumberland Estates Records 1758 - 1930 by Diane Cox, Atlanta GA
Submitted by Emma Lou Weldon, Emma Lou Weldon Gainesville, FL
Posted by Myrtle Bridges April 07, 2005

State of North Carolina. Know all men by these presents that we Nancy Wilkinson Angus Wilkinson, 
Dougald McMillan, Neil Monroe and Neill Buie are held and firmly bound unto John Hay & John Beck Esq. 
two of the Justices of the Court of Cumberland and the rest of the Trustees of said County in the sum 
of one hundred pounds to which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs Encl  
and ??? family by these presents make with our seals and value(?) the 9th day of October 1804.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bounden Nancy Wilkinson and 
Angus Wilkinson and Dougald McMillan are appointed adms of Archd Wilkinson decd)  Now if the said 
adms shall well and truly make a cause to be made a new and perfect inventory of said estate and 
one attested copy thereof to whom unto this Court within ninety days from the date hereof and in 
all things well and truly to do and perform as adm (abbr) aforesaid agreeable to acts of assembly ? 
in such cases made and provided this the above obligation to the basic else to be and remain in full 
force and virtue


Nancy signs a mark
[Angus hand writing is large, forward slanted and harsh, with broken lines and heavy bearing down  
Dugald's writing is with a fine pen and slightly slanted forward, sort of shaky  
Neill Buie's writing is a mix between the two with large, heavy letters of a more ornate style, however 
looks as though the owner might be older
Neill Munroe's is by far the most presentable, firm with broad strokes]

2nd page

State of North Carolina		We the subscribers being appointed by the
Cumberland County			County Court of Cumberland at the pre-
sent sitting term to allot to and lay off to Nancy Wilkinson and her two children one years support out 
of the Estate of her deceased husband Archibald Wilkinson, and being first sworn to do impartial Justice, 
agreeable to the direction of the Act of Assembly in that case made and provided.  Do Report, that it 
appears that the Estate of the said Archibald Wilkinson in the hands of his Administrators, Nancy Wilkinson, 
Angus Wilkinson and Dugald McMillan, consists of money and some debts due to the Estate for articles sold 
by the ssid Admrs. And that there is no Estaete of the dec but money & debts as above stated and therefore 
we have allotted to the said Nancy Wilkinson & her two children for one years support the sum of twenty 
pounds in cash.  Given under our hands and Seals this Sixteenth day of January 1805.

								John Dickson JP
								Dunn McIntyre
								? Matthews
								Wm Carver
Acct of Sales of Archd Wilkinson
Jany 15th 1805				Pounds

Angus Wilkinson	One great coat	1.40
"	Coat, waistcoat, breeches & stockings	4.80
	Foot adds?	.12/6
"	Coat, waistcoat breeches & stockings	.15/0
"	Ga(e)lic Bibles 2 volume	3.11/6
"	Shot gun	1.18/6
"	3 prs stockings	.2/6
"	1 Barrel	.2/6
Mrs. Wilkinson	2 books	.5/0
"	1 Boy??	.6/0
"	Sundry articles	1.11/0
"	2 blankets	3.1/0
"	? blankets	1.10/0
"	1 jug	.6/0
"	1 Hat 1 Chest	.6/0
"	1 box?	.8/0
Dugald McMillan	Coat vest & breeches	3.2/0
"	1 Book	.16/0
"	3 pair stockings	.2/0?
"	1 razor	.1/0
H. Brinkly?	1 coat vest and breeches	3.15/0
	Illegible	.12/6
"	Cooper adds (adze?)	.7/0
"	Smoothing plane	.10/6
John McMillan	1 book	.7/6
Donato Baker	1 book	?6
"	1 handsaw	.15/0
	Balance	L 32
Duncan Buie	2 augers, 1 gauge	.6/7
Robt Dyer	1 ax	.6/0
Jas McNeill	7 gimblets	3.2
Mrs. Wilkinson	1 blanket	2.2/6
"	Coverlet	1.10/0
"	2 yards cloth	.12/0
"	2 yards blanketing	.12/0
"	2	.8/0
"	1 teapot	.4/0
"	3 cups 3 saucers	.1/0
"	Canister	.3/0
"	1 pot	.3/0
"	1 tin pot	.7/6
"	1 tin skillet	.0/6
"	2 Bo?s	.7/0
"	8 shirts	2.10/6
"	 doz spoons	.2/6
Angus Wilkinson	3 prs stockings	.2/6
Duggald McMillan	"	.2/6
Angus Wilkinson	1 pr shoes	.2/0
Sworn to in open court January Ten 1805		
							Dugald McMillan
							Angus Wilkison
							His mark - 
							Nancy Wilkison

Inventory of the Goods and Chattles of the Estate of Archd  Wilkinson decd
4 Body Coats & six waistcoats - 2 pair trousers 3 pair breeches 9 shirts 9 pair stockings
2 pair shoes 5  pair blankets, 2 coverlets 2 sheets, 2 bags,  doz spoons - 4knives 2 pots - 1 hook, 
1 pot rack, a pair Tongs, 1 hand saw, a Jug, 2 weights 1 plane 1 hammer, 3 chizils, 2 gouges 1 file, 
7 Gimblets 1 axe, 1 gun, 2 hats, 1 barrel, 7 Bookes
1 Chest 1 Razor 2 bottles.  				January the 15th, 1805

20 guineas of the value of 46/8 cash		46.134

						48.178 pounds

Dugald McMillan Angus Wilkison Nancy Wilkison (mark)	Adm NB Twenty pounds of the money above has been 
allotted put aprt to the widow & children of the decd. For one years support agreeable to the Report 
of a Jury appointed for that purpose by the county at Jany Term 1805.

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