Only the four pages of family records of this Bible survive. These pages were in the possession of Dobbin Holmes, Jr., Dunn Road, Fayetteville, NC. Since Dobbin Holmes, Jr.'s death in 1997, the pages have been in the possession of Ray Oliver Holmes of Dunn Road, Fayetteville, NC.

Grateful thanks for these wonderful Armstrong Bible Records go to Jo Grasso of Denver, Colorado. We appreciate your help, Jo! Myrtle Bridges


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Ferq. C. Armstrong was married to Hannah Buchanan 20th of Febuary --16? (page torn)

John C. Armstrong departed this life July 17, 1864 at Winder Hospital Virginia

Farq. C. Armstrong Died Nov 13th 1866

Jannet Armstrong was married April 18th 1839

Hannah Eliza Armstrong was married 13th March 1851

Mary Armstrong was married April 27th 1853

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Ferq. C. Armstrong was Born Sept. 25th 1793

Hannah Armstrong his wife was Born April 16th 1799

Jannet, Holms consort of John Holmes Daughter of F. C. Armstrong and Hannah Armstrong Departed this life Oct. 8th 1861

Jannet Armstrong Daughter of Ferq. C. Armstrong & Hannah Armstrong was born May 23rd 1817

Hannah Eliza. Armstrong was Born Oct 10th

Wm Thomas Armstrong was Born Oct 4th 1824

Isabell Armstrong was Born January 16th 1821

Ferq. C. Armstrong was born March 25th 1825/6 (write over)

Mary Armstrong was born October 19th 1828

John Crump Armstrong was born Sept 23rd 1831


Fanney Hetty¹s daughter was born Novb 1828

Feribee was born August 1827 Silveys Daughter

Patseys Daughter May 27th 1830

Maria was born January 11th 1832

Jack patseys son was born 11 Febuary 1832

Robbin Patseys son was born August 1st 1834

George Ferrebee son born July 4th 1849

Benjamin Fanklin Fanny son born 28th May 1846(?)

Dublin Patience son born July 20th 1849

Roxanna born July 3rd 1846 (Patence)

Feriby child Isabell was Born Oct 12th 1853

Virgel was Born in the year of our Lord 1780

Dublin was Born 1794 July (D)ied Oct 17th 1820

Sandy was Born Sept 1799

Silvy was Born in the year 1800

Henry was Born July 1816 the 15th Sept

Jacob Was Born Oct 19th 1820

Aprile 11th 1819 then was Spencer Born

Patan was Born Deceb 24th 1820

Sarah was born March the 2nd 1824

Peggy was born March 29th 1817

Patsey was born May 1800

Sandy her Son was born April 1825

Soloman was born July 8th 1826

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Thomas Armstrong brother Departed this life January the 6th 1825 2 Oclock A. M. at Nathan Kings Senr

Brother John Armstrong departed this Life July the 30th 1827 twenty five minutes past three A. M. at his ... (illegible)

Hannah Armstrong consort of F C Armstrong departed this life July 12th 1835 twenty minutes after 9 oclock AM

Jannet Armstrong (Mother) Departed this Life Aprile 27th 1842 Half past 10 oclock at night

Isabell Armstrong Daughter of F C Armstrong & Hannah Armstrong Departed this Life Aprile 19th 1843 wanting twenty minutes of 5 oclock in the evening

Farqd C Armstrong Departed this Life August 8th 1853 Son of Farqd C Armstrong and Hannah Armstrong aged 27 Years 4 Month and Days 13

Wm T Armstrong Departed this Life May 9th 1854 Son of F C A & Hannah Armstrong aged 32 years 5 months In Alabama


Dublin died Oct 17th 1820 aged 26 years

Spencer Departed this Life July 27, 1827 aged eight years three Months and Sixteen Days

Sarah Departed this Life May 15th 1834

Mariah Died August 21st 1834

Sanday Died September 19 1834

Patsey Departed this Life March 29, 1837

Died February 12th 1838 Sollomon Patsey son

[Editor's note. This Bible record has been recorded as literally as possible as the hand written version.]


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