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Auctioneer Bonds

This document is found at the NC State Archives
CR 029.103.2
Officials Bonds
1777-1954 (Broken Series)

Folder: Auctioneer Bonds
A typical bond is as follows:

Know all men by these presents that we _______, _______, ________ are held and severally bound unto the State of North Carolina the just and full sum of ___ Thousand Dollars to which payment well and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves our executors and administrators firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this __ day of ____, ____.
  The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above boundan ________ hath been appointed Auctioneer of the Town of Fayetteville and County of Cumberland by the Commissioners of the said town agreeably to an Act of the General Assembly in such cases made and approved,
Now if the Said __________ shall well and truly discharge and perform the duties of his office as Auctioneer by making due returns to the clerk of the County Court of Cumberland County as the law directs of the gross amounts of sales made by him, liable to duty and the amount of tax due thereon and also pay such sums of money as shall be due to the state upoin said sales then this bond to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Bonds issued for:
(second line names bondmen)

TB Hollingsworth - 2 March 1874
Joseph Hollingsworth

Isaac Hollingsworth - 6 March 1868
Neill A. Cameron
J. Davis

James R. McDonald - 5 December 1865
Hector McMillan
J.W. Baker

James W. Hoone - 17 April 1860
Archibald N. McDonald
Wm McLaurin

Jno H. Cook - 9 June 1858
Robert Mitchell

C.E. Leete - 7 June 1855
Robert Johnson

Robert M. Orrell -6 June 1855
Wm McLaurin

Samuel W. Tillinghast - 8 June 1854
John Waddell Jr.

C.E. Leete - 8 June 1853
Thos Lutterloh

Charles E. Leete - 8 June 1852
Philomen Taylor

A.J. OHanlon - 8 June 1852
Jesse T. Warden

S.W. Tillinghast - 7 June 1849
D.A. Ray

E.W. Wilkings - 7 June 1849
J. Whislow

Archibald M. Campbell - 2 June 1845
Henry McLean
Wm E. Kirkpatrick

Edmond W. Wilkings - 7 June 1845
C.P. Mallett

Jno M. Rose - 6 June 1848
George McNeill
Beverly Rose

"At a meeting of the Commissioners of Fayetteville in Town Hall April 1825, ordered that the following persons be and they are appointed acutioneers in the town of Fayetteville for the ensuing year - viz:
Lawrence Fitzharris
E.W. Wilkings
Henry W. Ayer"

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