K.J. Borland-Mills once again shares her personal research. Please read about the descendants of Stephen Bethea of Cumberland County, North Carolina. If you recognize this family, please consider submitting any helpful information you may have. Thank you.    Posted by Myrtle Bridges 12/27/99


Generation No. 1

1. STEPHEN1 BETHEA was born 1810 in North Carolina, and died Unknown in North Carolina. He married MARGARET CAMERON Abt. 1830 in North Carolina.

2.      i. NORMAN GEORGE C.2 BETHEA, b. February 22, 1832, North Carolina; d. April 14, 1923, Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina.
        ii. MARY BETHEA, b. 1844, North Carolina; d. Unknown, North Carolina.
       iii. RACHEL BETHEA, b. 1846, North Carolina; d. Unknown, unknown.
       iv. SARA BETHEA, b. 1848, North Carolina; d. Unknown, unknown.
        v. CHRISTIAN BUSTAIN BETHEA, b. 1850, North Carolina; d. Unknown, unknown.

Generation No. 2

2. NORMAN GEORGE C.2 BETHEA (STEPHEN1) was born February 22, 1832 in North Carolina, and died April 14, 1923 in Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina. He married (1) ATTA ANN DAVIS Abt. 1860 in South Carolina. He married (2) MARGARET T. ADAMS Abt. 1892 in North Carolina.

Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemmoraging

Children of NORMAN BETHEA and ATTA DAVIS are:
         i. JOSEPHINE3 BETHEA, b. 1862, North Carolina; d. Pearces Mill, Fayetteville, Cumberland County, North Carolina; m. ANGUS ROBISON MCINTOSH, December 21, 1881, Presbyterian Church,71st District,Fayetteville,Cumberland County, North Carolina.

Cause of Death: unknown

3.     ii. JOHN STEPHEN BETHEA, b. 1863, North Carolina; d. Unknown, unknown.
       iii. NORMAN BETHEA, b. 1889, Cumberland County, North Carolina; d. Unknown, unknown; m. CLARA, 1910, Cumberland County, North Carolina.

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN STEPHEN3 BETHEA (NORMAN GEORGE C.2, STEPHEN1) was born 1863 in North Carolina, and died Unknown in unknown. He married NORA A. Abt. 1885 in unknown.

Children of JOHN BETHEA and NORA are:
         i. MARY A4 BETHEA, b. Abt. 1900, North Carolina; d. Unknown, unknown.
        ii. ALLEN P. BETHEA, b. 1902, North Carolina; d. Unknown, unknown.

Update May 6, 2001. Submitted by Tallie Stancil :
John Stephen Bethea married Nora A. and the children Mary and Allen These children are not Nora and John's children only John's and another wife. Nora was 18 yrs old in the 1910 census of culmberland county. I know he had 1 wife[ possiably 2] other wifes other than Nora Ann Skipper. They [John & Nora] had 3 sons Raymond, Allen and Tracy [my father]. They were put up for adoption some years later. Tracy was a very small child. He was adopted by a family named Martin. Raymond was killed- no children; Allen had 1-son, 1- girl; and Tracy had 2- boys, 3 girls

In the 1910 census it stated this:
Bethea, John S. head M W 47 M2 NC
Nora A [Skipper] Wife F W 18 M1 NC <so this was his 2nd wife, my grandmother>
Mary A . Dau F W 10 S NC
Allen P. Son M W 8 S NC
Reaves, Leawiza Aunt F W 55 Wd NC

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