Son of Archibald Black and Margaret
b. September 8, 1802 Cumberland Co., NC, d. Gadsden Co., FL
Submitted by Chris &Liz Frano


James Black, born September 8th 1802
Archibald Campbell Black, son to above , born 26th June 1828
William James Black, born 24th March 1830
Alexander Black, born 10th April 1832
John Thomas Black, born Oct 25th 1833
Hugh Black, born June 28, 1835
Neill Graeme Black, born Aug 9, 1837
James Wesley Black, born January 29th 1840
Calvin Watterberry Black, born January the 30th 1842
Elenden Black, born April 3rd 1849


Susan Black, wife to James Black, died May 20th, 1832
William Jas. Black, son to above died July 30, 1832
Alexander Black, son to above died September 10th 1840
James Black, died June 18th(?) 1876
John Black, died July 10, 1854
Elizabeth Black, died December the 30th 1857
Elenden Black(?), died Aug 11, 1885
Calvin W. Black was killed in battle at Chickamauga, Ga. Sept 20th, 1863


James Black married to Susan Campbell, Oct 11th 1827 and to Elizabeth Thomas January 15th 1833

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