Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, N.C.), April 29, 1896
Posted January 23, 2010 by Myrtle Bridges

Little Henry BLAND, with his father and older brother, Charlie, work in the Fayetteville Wooden Ware Factory. 
He has been missing since yesterday. Henry was one of a party, composed of the Bucket Factory hands that went fishing 
yesterday up the Cape Fear to the railroad bridge. While Charlie returned to town for a new hook Henry got separated 
from the others.

A search was made for the little fellow, but he could not be found. This morning thirty men marching through the streets 
created much excitement, and upon inquiry, it was learned that they were hands of the Bucket Factory, going in search of 
their lost friend and favorite. Dr. McNeill and Mr. C.L. Taylor, had ordered the Factory closed for today, so that proper 
search could be made.

Some think that he has met with foul play, while others are of the opinion that he fell in the river and was drowned.

Fayetteville Observer, April 30, 1896
There is great rejoicing at the Bucket Factory today. A message came over the telephone from Spout Springs yesterday 
evening that a boy giving his name as Henry Bland from Fayetteville had been found wandering about in a dazed condition 
near there.

The Mayor telephoned back to send him home on the first train.

Meantime the searching party were still scouring the vicinity of the boy's disappearance.

The only clue they got was from a colored man who said that a boy answering young Bland's description had passed there 
early Tuesday evening. They found no-one else who had seen the boy, and at dark they returned, giving him up as lost.

They marched into town with heavy steps, and still heavier hearts, but when they learned that the boy had been found a 
mighty shout went up.

Henry reached here on the freight last night, and in consequence there was great joy in the Bland family.

He was badly lacerated about the legs and mentally he was in a bad fix, being unable to give intelligent description of 
his wanderings.

This morning his reason is returning and the doctors say that he will be himself again in a few days.

His wanderings must have covered many miles as it is fully 20 miles in a straight line from where he disappeared to where 
he was found.

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