BRAFFORD-HALL CEMETERY Submitted by Mary Lee Boyer   Posted April 13, 2001
I surveyed this cemetery back in the winter. It has no name it's back 
up in the woods about a 1/4 of a mile on Public Works land. Very woody and 
overgrown with briars. Location is Old Wilmington Hwy or Hwy 87. It goes 
by both names. Coming from Fayetteville turn left onto P.W.C. road and go about a 1/4 
mile. Turn right onto Tracy Hall road. Go to end of dirt and stones are at 
the dead end. There are more stones up into the woods on the left of the dead 
end. It seems to me it might be two small family gravesites. Or maybe there 
were more stones in the bushes buried under leaves and dead trees.  Some of 
the stones are dated into the early 1800's and a couple were in the late 
1700's. The later ones I could not make out too well.  Mary Lee.
This section is the one that is deep into the wooded area.
Brafford--Hall grave site
Donald A. Brafford 4-5-1884/4-4-1926
Jennie B. Williams w/o D.A. Brafford 6-4-1889/12-28-1973
Donald"Jimmie" s/o D.A. & Jennie Brafford 1-30-1923/5-12-1940
Eli Brafford Co. H 30 NC INF CSA 5-15-1845/6-?-1906.    See Eli Brafford family photos here
Emma w/o Eli Brafford 9-28-1856/11-28-1927
Nathan Bennie "Beloved Uncle" 7-10-1929/10-9-1888
Wyonna Dell Brafford 10-14-1937/8-6-1987
Nathan Hall Brafford 2-4-1879/10-24-1952 (Photo)

Mary Alma Williams w/o Nathan Hall B. 10-21-1893/ 10-19-1945 Woodrow s/o N.H. & M.A.Brafford 6-3-1918/3-22-1930 Charles s/o N.H. & M.A. Brafford Nathan Hall --died 187? w/o Nathan, Catherine died 12-2-1883, 70 yrs. old Haywood Hall"Father" 12-26-1849/10-17-1918 Sallie Hall "Mother" 1-10-1861/ 10-15-1908 June Hall "Brother" 6-6-1888/3-21-1941 Next is the smaller section at the dead end of Tracy Hall road. Ganiey grave site. Joseph D. Fisher 12-1-1911/7-20-1972 Margarat w/o J.D. Fisher 8-12-1913/12-31-1988 Elizabeth VanLandingham 2-29-1940/9-27-1940 Annie Pauline Ganiey 4-10-1829/4-18-1888 Walter Ervin Ganiey s/o J.A. & M.L. Ganiey died 6-17-1877 aged 14 days James A. Ganiey 6-18-18??/ 7-6-1890 James Allen Ganiey ?-17-1830/?-24-1909 W. S. Evans s/o Theophilus & Margarat Ganiey 2-28-1844/4-22-1919 "Conferate War Veteran " Ella Langford w/o W.S. Evans 10-14-1843/6-28-1929 Laura Ellen d/o W.S. & Ella Ganiey 6-4-1877/9-18-1878 Theophilus E. Evans 10-8-1811/8-1-1903 Walter Jackson Evans 6-12-1883/12-15-1919 Sallie Hodges Byrne w/o Walter J. Evans 11-26-1882/6-18-1917 Walter J., Jr. s/o W.J. & S.H.B. Evans 7-18-1914/2-?8-1916

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